Wisconsin : An Annotated Bibliography

Books by Wisconsin Authors and Books about Wisconsin: its Ecology, History & People

Adult Fiction

Akins, Ellen. Public Life. A videographer is hired to refine a political candidate's media image. RC 37884.

Allis, Sarah. Nightwind. Beautiful Elizabeth Remington leaves New York after an unhappy love affair with a married man and returns to a woodsy cottage in Wisconsin to write a novel. When two young women are murdered nearby, she realizes she is being stalked by a crazy killer. Some strong language. RC 10263.

Ambrose, Stephen E. This vast land: a young man's journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition : a novel. Fictionalized diary of eighteen-year-old George Shannon, the youngest member of the exploration crew. During the journey to the Pacific Northwest Shannon records becoming lost for two weeks and falling in love with a Native American woman. Some descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. BR 15180.

Anderson, Kevin J. Champions of the force. In this Star Wars novel, Luke Skywalker lies comatose, fighting for survival on the spirit plane. BR 10104/RC 40279.

Anderson, Kevin J. Dark apprentice. In this Star Wars novel, one of Luke's Jedi students is seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. BR 09872/RC 40266.

Anderson, Kevin J. Darksaber. Luke and Han Solo return to Tatooine. BR 10460/RC 42038.

Anderson, Kevin J. Jedi search. This Star Wars novel opens as Luke Skywalker searches for Jedi descendants. BR 09768/RC 38884.

Ansay, A. Manette. Midnight champagne: a novel. Valentine's Day at the Great Lakes Chapel overlooking Lake Michigan. Elmer Liesgang is horrified that his daughter is marrying a man she barely knows and that the wedding is in a former whorehouse. While the guests (including the bride's former fiancé) contemplate love, a marriage ends abruptly in the nearby lodge. Some strong language. BR 13259.

Ansay, A. Manette. River Angel: a novel. A rural legend--of an angel watching over a river--provides the framework for this resonant novel about faith and its power to transform individuals and a community. When odd, overweight Gabriel Carpenter comes to Ambient, Wisconsin, he's taunted by other children and instantly disliked by his fifth-grade teacher. One night, teenagers, drinking and up to no good, take Gabriel to the bridge, where he somehow jumps, slips, or is pushed into the river; then his body is found, warm and fragrant, lying in a distant barn, presumably delivered there by the river angel. The legend is reborn, the barn becomes a shrine, and a small town struggling with progress is given new life. RCW 168.

Ansay, A. Manette. Sister: a novel. Abigail's seeming normal Catholic girlhood in Wisconsin is shattered by her brother's disappearance. RCW 126.

Ansay, A. Manette. Vinegar Hill. When James Grier loses his job, he takes his family home to Wisconsin to live with his parents. But the situation becomes stifling for his wife, Ellen, who suddenly finds herself running the household of a bitter and narrow-minded mother-in-law. Yet, Ellen finds the strength to endure. Some violence. Bestseller. Oprah Book Club selection. RC 49824.

Barr, Nevada. A Superior death. Recently assigned to Lake Superior, forty-year-old park ranger Anna Pigeon is trying to get used to "so much water all in a row" and the odd group of people she's working with. When one couple confides to Anna that they suspect another ranger has eaten his wife, Donna, she laughs them off. But when the body of a newly married diver is found among the corpses of an old shipwreck, Anna becomes suspicious of everyone. Strong language and some violence. RC 39506.

Barrett, Kathleen A. Milwaukee autumns can be lethal. Amateur sleuth Beth Hartley feels compelled to find the killer of an old law school crony. RCW 453.

Barrett, Kathleen A. Milwaukee summers can be deadly. Milwaukee attorney Beth Hartley stumbles across a dead body during a hot, humid summer. RCW 454.

Barrett, Kathleen A. Milwaukee winters can be murder. Snow, ice, and a frozen corpse complicate the life of Milwaukee attorney Beth Hartley. RCW 455.

Bebris, Carrie. Pride and prescience, or, A Truth universally acknowledged: a Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mystery. Mr. & Mrs. Darcy, the joyous newlyweds from "Pride and Prejudice", have not even left for their honeymoon when they find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving one of their wedding guests. RCW 625.

Berg, Elizabeth. Open house: a novel. Abandoned at forty-two, Samantha must make a new life for herself and her eleven-year-old son. After a shopping spree--at her husband's expense--she decides to take in boarders for income. King, who helps Samantha's first tenant move in, becomes a friend and encourages her independence. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. Bestseller. RC 50525.

Bloch, Robert. American Gothic. G. Gordon Gregg was a respected citizen when he built his castle-like hotel for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. His guests were attractive young women who always left mysteriously. An attractive woman reporter investigates and reveals a world of terror. Based on a true case. RC 07406.

Bloch, Robert. Bitter ends: the complete stories of Robert Bloch, v. 2. 31 stories published in the 1950s, in which Bloch explores the monsters living within humans. RC 38509.

Bloch, Robert. Final reckonings: the complete stories of Robert Bloch, v. 1. 27 suspense tales by Wisconsin's master of horror. RC 38508.

Bloch, Robert. The king of terrors: tales of madness and death. A collection of 14 horror stories dealing with the twin terrors of madness and death, sprinkled with elements of gallows humor. RC 15520.

Bloch, Robert. Last rites: the complete stories of Robert Bloch, v. 3. 39 stories, mostly horror and suspense, in which Bloch takes ordinary situations and adds a twist. RC 39522.

Bloch, Robert. The night of the Ripper. A suspenseful recreation of the Jack the Ripper crimes of the 1880s. The many suspects in the gory murder cases include a lecherous surgeon, a woman-hating barrister, and Queen Victoria's kinky grandson Eddy. RC 22889.

Bloch, Robert. Once around the Bloch: an unauthorized autobiography. Milwaukee-born SF writer Bloch provides a tongue-in-cheek account of his life. RC 39377.

Bloch, Robert. Out of the mouths of graves. A collection of 16 macabre mystery stories, ranging from the comical to the chilling. RC 15463.

Bloch, Robert. Psycho. The classic thriller that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name. A young woman who has just stolen a lot of money has the bad luck to stay at a secluded motel run by a painfully shy manager with a fatal mother fixation. RC 19378.

Bloch, Robert. Psycho II. Norman Bates, murderer and former motel owner, is at large again after breaking free from a psycho ward. He cuts a wide swath of blood all the way to Hollywood, where, as it happens, they are making a movie about his life and crimes. RC 19431.

Bloch, Robert. Psycho House. The sequel to "Psycho" and "Psycho II" continues the story of Norman Bates. When the Bates Motel and house are rebuilt as a tourist attraction, the murders begin again. Determined to write a book on Bates, Amy Haines finds Fairvale uncooperative when she visits the town during this latest murder epidemic. Everyone seems a likely suspect, even Amy, whose research is leading her closer to the killer. RC 34353.

Bloch, Robert. Screams: three novels of suspense. Contains "The Will to Kill", "Firebug", and "The Star Stalker". RC 31106.

Bloch, Robert. Twilight Zone, the movie: a novel. Four-part fantasy novel based on the movie. RC 21398.

Blom, Suzanne A. Inca: the scarlet fringe. This historical fantasy by a Milwaukee author tells the story of Atahualpa, last of the Inca emperors, who was killed by conquistadors in 1533. RCW 376.

Bowen, Michael A. Can't miss: a novel. When a college senior hits .643, baseball scouts notice--even when it's a woman! RC 26622

Bowen, Michael A. Washington deceased: a mystery. A romp which combines politics (the art of the possible) with a locked-room murder (the art of the impossible). RCW 5273/RC 34951.

Bringle, Mary. The Footpath Murder. Almost everyone in town had a motive for killing John Belford with a bizarre 19th century weapon. Inspector Davis must decide which one did it. BR 03345.

Bringle, Mary. The Man in the Moss-Colored Trousers. A half-dozen kids of Gilligan's Crescent, a working-class street in the village of Balgriffin near Dublin, discover the body of a stranger in an abandoned race track. Kindly middle-aged detective Sean Lynch has his work cut for him in identifying both the corpse and the murderer. RC 25357.

Bringle, Mary. Open Heart. Rafaella Leone, a beautiful young Italian widow, arrives at the famed Houston Med Center for cardiovascular surgery by world-reknowned Dr. Lassiter. Before the operation she meets documentary film maker Steven Morrissey, who befriends her and becomes her lover. RC 18884.

Bristow, Gwen. Tomorrow is forever. Happily married to her second husband, Elizabeth feels a tremor of recognition when a bearded fugitive writer from Germany comes into her life. RC 28289.

Brown, Fredric. The Deep End. Newsman investigates a high school girl's death on a rollercoaster. RC 24187.

Brown, Fredric. Paradox lost, and twelve other great science fiction stories. Twelve entertaining science fiction tales including "Aelurophobe," an unusual time machine; a man whose morbid fear of cats is cured with disastrous consequences; and "Double Standard," an intriguing look at censorship from the inside of a television set. BR 03146.

Browning, Pamela. Fly away. When Tim Vogel's old family farm in Curtisville, Kansas, is sold at auction, he unhappily sets out for parts unknown flying a Cessna plane into the Everglades. Then his buddy offers him a job as a crop duster in Wisconsin, where he falls in love with a young woman and is convinced that he has a new life ahead. RC 28761.

Buckley, William F. The Redhunter: a novel based on the life of Senator Joe McCarthy. The Wisconsin senator's life and anticommunist crusade are sympathetically recalled. RC 50333.

Canin, Ethan. Blue River. Two brothers discover they need each other's forgiveness. RC 34758.

Canin, Ethan. Carry me across the water: a novel. At seventy-eight, "in his decline but not yet down," wealthy Jewish widower August Kleinman recalls meaningful events of his life. In a series of vignettes, he examines unresolved issues from his World War II experiences in the Pacific and his communication problems with his children, especially his son Jimmy. BR 13906.

Canin, Ethan. Emperor of the air: stories. This 1st short story collection won the Houghton Mifflin literary fellowship. RC 28224.

Canin, Ethan. For kings and planets: a novel. A look at the dark side of an eastern seaboard family. RC 47086.

Canin, Ethan. The palace thief. The title story tells of the conflict between a history teacher in a private boys' school and one of his students. The "dullard" son of a senator, Sedgewick Bell cheats at an oral exam, only to be foiled by a trick question. Years later, Bell demands another chance. In other selections, men reflect on the past, one character wondering why, "of all the lives that might have been mine, I have led the one I have just described." Some strong language. BR 09819.

Carrier, Warren Pendleton. Death of a chancellor. For Silvertown, Wisconsin, the murder of Bill Train, a popular university chancellor, is a big event. And when the local sheriff starts treating Train's widow as a suspect, she turns to family friend Sean Fogarty for help. RCW 536.

Chang, Lan Samantha. Hunger: a novella and stories. A novella and five short stories revealing stresses within the family when Chinese immigrants confront cultural difficulties in America. Banta Award winner. BR 12051/RC 47737.

Cherry, Kelly. Augusta played: a novel. When Norman Gold, Jewish son of a Brooklyn judge, is getting his doctorate in musicology at Columbia University, he meets and marries a lovely blonde flutist. Judge Gold, displeased at his son's choice of a non-Jewish bride, disinherits Norman, and a comedy of errors unfolds. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. BR 04098.

Cherry, Kelly. Sick and full of burning. Unattached Tennessee Settleworth from Knoxville, studying to be a gynecologist, moves into a neurotic Park Avenue household with Lulu Carlisle and her lame teenage daughter Cammie. The arrival of a blond poet forces Tennessee in choosing between her own happiness and the survival of the Carlisles. RD 07640.

Chester, Laura. The story of a lake: a novel. At the turn of the century, Nogowogotoc Lake was considered the Newport of the Midwest, where some of the most affluent families from Milwaukee and Chicago spent their summers in luxurious "cottages" at the water's edge. "The Story of the Lake" weaves the tale of four of these families over the course of generations. With each decade another net of history, prejudice, love and intrigue is cast over the surface of the water, creating a more and more intricate pattern. RCW 486.

Churchill, Josie. Dirt Roads. An evocative collection of short stories about growing up in the Kickapoo hill country at the start of the 20th century. RCW 1089.

Clarkson, Ewan. The many-forked branch. Because his father is laid up after being wounded in battle with Dakota Indians, Broken Knife, an Ojibway youth, embarks on his first solo hunt for game to provide his family with food for the long winter. When he spots a magnificent buck deer, he becomes obsessed with the idea of bringing it down. RD 15653.

Corbett, Elizabeth. In Miss Armstrong's room. The life and loves of a schoolteacher in 1890s Milwaukee. RCW 5009.

Craft, Michael. Body Language: a Mark Manning mystery. When gay journalist Mark Manning buys the rural Wisconsin family estate and the local newspaper, his prestigeous family reunites for Christmas for the first time in more than 30 years. With the house, Mark also receives childhood memories of early homoerotica, decades of secrets, and 67-year-old Hazel, a blind family retainer who doesn't miss much. And then Cousin Suzanne, head of the family printing company, is bludgeoned to death moments before Christmas dinner. A long, frustrating investigation ensues. RCW 325.

Daly, Maureen. Acts of love. As Retta and her parents fight a superhighway project, Retta is falling in love with Dallas Dobson, a transfer student whose family recently moved back to town. Retta finds a short story her mother wrote about a romance with Dallas' father, Danny. For high school and adult readers. BR 07776.

Daly, Maureen. Seventeenth Summer. A woman recalls the leisurely summer before World War II when she was seventeen and falling in love for the very first time. For high school and adult readers. BRW 245/RC 25758.

Daly, Maureen. Sixteen, and other stories. Nine short stories, some dealing with adolescence, a few with the author's travels in Spain, one with an overprotective stepmother. For high school and adult readers. BRA 09115.

Derleth, August W. Bright journey. This first novel in Derleth's Sac Prairie saga tells the adventures of Hercules L. Dousman [1800-1868] and Joseph Rollette [1781-1842]. Followed by "The House on the Mound" (RCW 346). RCW 347.

Derleth, August W. Evening in spring. A historical romance of pioneer Wisconsin. RCW 5253.

Derleth, August W. The house on the mound. This historical novel, second volume of Derleth's Sac Prairie saga, continues the story of early Wisconsin settler Hercules Louis Dousman [1800-1868], builder of Prairie du Chien's Villa Louis, and Jane Fisher Roulette Dousman. Preceded by "Bright journey" [RCW 347]. RCW 346.

Derleth, August W. Restless is the river. A historical novel of the Wisconsin River settlements. BRW 2193.

Derleth, August W. The shadow in the glass: a novel based on the life of the first governor of Wisconsin. A biographical novel of Wisconsin agricultural pioneer Nelson Dewey. RCW 5299.

Derleth, August W. The wind leans West. A novel of Alexander Mitchell (1817-1887) and Milwaukee's first bank. RCW 178.

Derleth, August W. Wind over Wisconsin. A historical romance of Wisconsin, set during 1832's Black Hawk War. BRW 2103.

Derleth, August W. Wisconsin in their bones. A collection of 17 of August Derleth's favorite short stories, including the prize-winning "The tail of the dog". RCW 177.

De Weese, Gene. The backhoe gothic. A young Milwaukee backhoe operator investigates her father's death. BRW 23.

De Weese, Gene. Chain of attack: a Star trek novel. While on a mapping expedition, the starship Enterprise is hurled into a distant galaxy of lifeless worlds, and the middle of an interstellar war. The starship finds itself under attack by both warring factions, and Captain Kirk must risk everything to stop the war. RC 26694.

De Weese, Gene. The doll with opal eyes. A young librarian's return to her childhood home stirs up interest in both her oddly-shaped opal ring and a long-ago death. RC 10032.

De Weese, Gene. The final nexus: a Star trek novel. Centuries ago an unknown race from beyond our galaxy created a series of interstellar gates but left no clue as to how they worked. Those gates are now breaking down, and it is up to Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to solve the mystery of how they operate. RC 30281.

De Weese, Gene. Into the Nebula: Star Trek The Next Generation, No. 36. Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise discover a planet on which all life is dying. RC 44646.

Dintenfass, Mark L. Figure 8: a novel. This Wisconsin novel won a Banta Award in 1974. RCW 1045.

Dintenfass, Mark L. A loving place: a novel. A retired toy store owner waits in Florida for a visit from his son and family. RC 24153.

Dintenfass, Mark L. Old world, new world: a novel. 20th century family saga follows the descendants of a Jewish couple who emigrate to New York City from Russia before World War One. BRA 17587/RC 18063.

Dopp, Peggy H. Tomorrow is a river. A pioneer chronicle of exciting events set in Wisconsin's Tomorrow River country. Rev. Adam Quimby and his wife Caroline survive many personal misfortunes with a tragic culmination in the great Peshtigo fire of 1871. RCW 5001.

Dorner, Marjorie. Family closets. A skeleton is found in the cistern of Barbara Mullins' former family home. When it proves to be her father's brother, missing since World War II, she is determined to solve the mystery. RC 31198.

Ellis, Mary R. The turtle warrior. The story of the two Lucas brothers, their parents, and their neighbors, who farm in northern Wisconsin in the 1960s. RCW 580.

Ellis, Melvin R. Sad song of the coyote. An adolescent boy who hunts coyotes for bounty money to use for college decides he would rather give up hunting them and care for helpless animals instead, which means he has to figure out some other way to make money. BR 00697.

Ellis, Melvin R. This mysterious river. A novel about a 13-year-old hellion living in a small Wisconsin town during the Great Depression, where he steals, gets drunk on moonshine, kills birds, and sets the scene for his own drowning. RD 06174.

Engberg, Susan. Pastorale: stories. "Pastorale", a collection of eight short stories, speaks to all men and women. Banta Award. RCW 133.

Enright, Elizabeth. The riddle of the fly, & other stories. Sixteen short stories, half set in a long-established New England seaside village. Along with the author's wry, sad, comic sense of life is a delicate awareness of water, flowers, clouds, trees, sunlight, mountains, and deserts. BRA 16517.

Ferber, Edna. American beauty. The Oakes estate, once the showplace of the Connecticut River valley, is in 1890 a starved, barren land. Spinster Judith, last of the Oakes, teams up with Polish immigrant Ondia Olszak in a struggle to save the farm. RC 18597.

Ferber, Edna. Cimarron. Oklahoma during the great land rush of 1889 is the background for the story of Yancey Cravat, dreamer, adventurer and gunman, and his wife Sabra, who makes herself into a sturdy pioneer woman and a member of Congress. RC 35647.

Ferber, Edna. Come and get it! Rise and fall of the lumber industry in Wisconsin and Michigan from 1850 to the 1930s. BRA 08787/RCW 197.

Ferber, Edna. Dawn O'Hara: the girl who laughed. Love story set just before World War One. BRJ 01536/RCW 5006.

Ferber, Edna. Giant. An elegant young Virginia woman, married to a rich Texas rancher, adjusts with difficulty to the brash frontier lifestyle. RC 51155.

Ferber, Edna. Great son. A heartwarming novel about Seattle, the rich Alaskan gold fields, and four generations of the remarkable Melandy family. BRJ 01305.

Ferber, Edna. Ice Palace. In Baranof, Alaska, a young Eskimo-Norwegian girl, reared by both grandfathers, must decide between a Seattle politician and an Eskimo pilot. RC 28439.

Ferber, Edna. Mother knows best; a fiction book. Collection of 8 short stories. BRJ 02101.

Ferber, Edna. One basket: thirty-one short stories. Thirty-one short stories which present a panorama of America and Americans. BRX 00657.

Ferber, Edna. A peculiar treasure. First volume of Miss Ferber's autobiography. BRJ 00768.

Ferber, Edna. Saratoga trunk. A married pair of adventurers set out to win their own railroad in 1880s Saratoga. RC 09491.

Ferber, Edna. Showboat: a novel. Account of a family that lived on a Mississippi River showboat in the late 1800s and early 1900s. BRA 01848/RC 45882.

Ferber, Edna. Showboat/The Gay Old Dog. Excerpts from Edna Ferber's novel about life on a Mississippi showboat and one of her short stories are read. RCW 5262.

Ferber, Edna. So Big. A farm woman's indomitable spirit and love of beauty are unquenched by the years of hardship she endures for her son's sake. BR 11869/RC 44189.

Ferber, Edna. That's marriage: the frog and the puddle. Short stories. BRA 08857.

Ferber, Edna. They brought their women: a book of short stories. A collection of 8 short stories written between 1927 and 1933. BRJ 01402/RC 35696.

Finney, Jack. Assault on a queen. Modern pirates raise a WWI German submarine to rob an ocean liner. BRJ 01671.

Finney, Jack. From time to time. In this sequel to "Time and Again" Simon Morley attempts to prevent the "Titanic's" sinking. RC 40463.

Finney, Jack. Time and again. A classic time-travel mystery: Simon Morley travels to the 1880s and is trapped in the arson-fire that destroys "The New York World" building. RC 23888.

Finney, Jack. I love Galesburg in the springtime. Fantastic tales, many dealing with people whose nostalgic love of the past enables them to return to it. The final story concerns an exchange of love letters between a young man of the 1960s and a woman from the nineteenth century. BRA 05414.

Finney, Jack. Marion's wall; a novel. Newlyweds Nick and Jan find an inscription on their apartment walls which provides a key to the world beyond. As a result, Marion Marsh, a rising silent screen starlet whose career ended early in a violent death, comes back to haunt the young people. BR 02430.

Fromm, Pete. Dry rain: stories. 16 brief, credible stories set in the contemporary West show ordinary men struggling with decisions about heroism, commitment, family, and isolation. RCW 215.

Gaiman, Neil. American gods. On his way to his wife's funeral, ex-convict Shadow meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who has an uncanny knowledge of Shadow's life. Accepting Wednesday's job offer throws Shadow into a supernatural world where ancient gods abound. Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. Bestseller 2001. RC 52917.

Gaiman, Neil. Neverwhere. En route to a formal dinner, London businessman Richard Mayhew spots a young woman lying wounded in the street. He takes the victim to his home and awakes the next day to find that he has lost his identity in the real world. Mayhew joins the now-healed woman in a perilous quest through an eerie subterranean realm. BR 11353.

Gaiman, Neil. Stardust. The town of Wall in rural England borders on a bewitched meadow inhabited by Faeries. At a festival, Dunstan Thorn, of Wall, mates with a Faerie lass and produces a son, Tristran. Years later, Tristran promises his intended to retrieve a fallen star and embarks on an arduous quest. Some violence. RC 49777.

Gard, Robert E. The Deacon. A historical novel about Grace Episcopal Church in Madison, Wisconsin. RCW 1049.

Garland, Hamlin. Main-travelled roads: six Mississippi Valley stories. Stories of 19th-century pioneer life. BRW 78/RCW 124.

Garland, Hamlin. Other main-travelled roads. Eleven stories of early prairie life. BRX 00828.

Garlock, Dorothy. Larkspur. Wisconsin spinster inherits a Montana ranch in 1883. RC 45933.

George, Margaret. The autobiography of Henry VIII: with notes by his fool, Will Somers: a novel. Combines history, dramatic narrative, and an account of the pleasures and perils of power. RC 24919.

George, Margaret. Mary, called Magdalene. On her first pilgrimage to Jerusalem, young Mary of Magdala unearths a beautiful idol that she keeps hidden from everyone. By the time she is married, the demonic idol is the first of six that will possess Mary, who finds relief and salvation through Jesus. RC 56687.

George, Margaret. Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles: a novel. This dramatic historical narrative reminds us that Mary was twice-widowed and thrice-married before the age of 21. RC 36369.

George, Margaret. The Memoirs of Cleopatra: a novel. A fictionalized autobiography of the Graeco-Egyptian queen. RC 45481.

Greenhalgh, Zohra. Contrarywise. In this delightful fantasy, the Milwaukee author chronicles the escapades of Rimble, the trickster god of Speakinghast. RCW 138.

Gunn, Robin Jones. As you wish: Christy and Todd, the college years; 2. Christy Miller starts college in California and continues to date Todd. When Matthew, someone she knew in Wisconsin, arrives on campus, Christy trusts that God will help her make the right decisions in her relationships. Sequel to Until Tomorrow (RC 55037/BR 14443). For senior high and older readers. BR 14444/RC 55038.

Gunn, Robin Jones. I promise: Christy and Todd, the college years; 3. College students Christy Miller and Todd Spencer become engaged. When family and friends offer conflicting advice on the upcoming wedding, Christy starts having doubts--but trusts that God will provide. Sequel to As You Wish (RC 55038, BR 14444). For senior high and older readers. BR 14445/RC 55039.

Gunn, Robin Jones. Until tomorrow: Christy and Todd, the college years; 1. Nineteen-year-old college student Christy Miller has been studying in Switzerland when her friends Katie and Todd join her for a vacation. Christy is jealous and unsure of her relationship with Todd--but puts her trust in God. For senior high and older readers. BR 14443/RC 55037.

Hamilton, Jane. The book of Ruth. Banta-Award-winning novel of an Illinois farm wife. RC 29464.

Hamilton, Jane. Disobedience: a novel. High school senior Henry describes how he accidentally opens his mother's e-mail and discovers that she is having an affair. RC 52026.

Hamilton, Jane. A map of the world. School nurse is suspected in a child's drowning. RC 39001.

Hamilton, Jane. The short history of a prince: a novel. Walter McCloud is a teenager in the 1970s when his life changes: He realizes he will never be a renowned ballet dancer, he accepts his homosexuality, and his brother dies of cancer. RC 48456.

Handeland, Lori. Blue moon. When the wolf population of Miniwa, Wisconsin begins to stalk human prey, officer Jessie McQuade enlists Professor Will Cadotte, a Native American activist, to help in her investigation. Something very strange is going on and as Jessie follows the trail to the shocking truth, she'll have to decide who she can trust when the moon is full. RCW 624.

Handeland, Lori. D.J.'s angel. Officer D.J. Halloran is assigned to protect a writer who's become the target of some gunrunners. Josie is the ditsy guardian angel who also happens to be D.J.'s mother, who died in childbirth. When writer Chris decides D.J.'s his soulmate, can Josie surreptitiously encourage her daughter to commit? RCW 466.

Handeland, Lori. Dreams of an eagle. In 1868 Bakerstown, Texas, both "schoolmarm" Genevieve McGuire and half-Comanche bounty hunter Keenan White Eagle suffer from precognitive dreams they'd rather ignore. When these 2 psychically gifted people fall in love, watch out! RCW 467.

Handeland, Lori. Mother of the Year. Evie Vaughn is a struggling but devoted single parent of 3 boys. When brawny but brainy ex-football hero Joe Scalotta moves to town with his teenage daughter, Evie gets his blood humming--but she's sworn "never again" where great-looking men are concerned! RCW 468.

Handeland, Lori. Second chance. A young widow, with the mortgage on her horse ranch coming due, takes responsibility for a condemned man to do ranch work--giving herself a second chance at love. Award winner. Descriptions of sex. RCW 480.

Harsch, Rick. Billy Verité. Wisconsin novelist relates the adventures of a LaCrosse motorcycle gang. Black humor. Banta Award. RCW 308.

Henley, Patricia. Hummingbird house. Feeling burned-out after eight years of nursing in Nicaragua, Kate breaks up with her gunrunner lover to return to the States. Stopping over in Guatemala, Kate finds romance with a Catholic priest and commits herself to supporting the human rights of homeless orphans and victimized indigenous people. Some strong language. RC 50804.

Henry, Gordon. The light people: a novel. This imaginative and entertaining novel is more precisely a progression of stories in which the young Anishinabe, Oskinaway, tries to learn the whereabouts of his mother, who had disappeared with a trader on the powwow trail some years earlier, leaving him with his grandparents. RCW 1000.

Hix, Willa. Then and now. Widowed Ginny Thurston falls asleep in 1899 and awakens in 1999, to find herself falling in love with her New York townhouse's current owner, Samuel Sutter--descendant of the man who drove her husband to bankruptcy and suicide! RCW 476.

Hoffmann, Kate. Sweet revenge? Tess Ryan must save Andrew Wyatt, the new love in her life, from her own sister's obsessive revenge plans. RCW 481.

Holmes, Mary Mayer. The Irish bride. Irish immigrant Molly Deacon finds love on the muddy streets of a lumbering town, where she must decide between the rugged woodsman Pierce and a handsome lumber baron. Explicit descriptions of sex. RCW 483

Holmes, Mary Mayer. The white raven. In 18th-century Devon, beautiful but cloistered Elizabeth St. Mary falls madly in love with the notorious thief-catcher, Cain. Descriptions of sex. RCW 482.

Houston, Victoria. Dead angler. In Loon Lake, Wisconsin, fishing is pursued with religious fervor and serious crime is virtually nonexistent--until Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris and her fly-fishing protege, retired dentist Paul Osborne, stumble over a dead body on a late night fishing trip. RCW 365.

Houston, Victoria. Dead Creek: a Loon Lake fishing mystery. Loon Lake Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris has her fly fishing interrupted by another death. Retired dentist Paul Osborne helps solve the case. RCW 456.

Houston, Victoria. Dead water: a Loon Lake fishing mystery. Once more death stalks the fly fishermen of Loon Lake, Wisconsin, and Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris must cease casting and catch the killer. RCW 457.

Hribal, C. J. American beauty. Tough, intelligent, uninhibited, and armed with only her stunning all-American beauty, young Dorie Keillor flees at age 17 from the midwestern farming community of her childhood and from her troubled family life. Her extraordinary beauty generates a power enabling her to survive, but does little to free Dorie from crushing but comforting small-town ties and entangling family ghosts. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. RC 27442.

Hunnicutt, Ellen. Suite for calliope: a novel of music and the circus. Picaresque novel of a handicapped street musician who comes to live at a circus' winter home. Banta Award. RC 26887.

Jerott, Michelle. All night long. Investigating the suspicious death of Lt. Lewis Hudson, shot as a deserter during the Black Hawk War, writer-photographer Annie Beckett finds herself falling in love with Rik Magnusson, who farms the land where Hudson died. RCW 477.

Justice, Ann. Twilight mist: a story of love on the Great Lakes. During the hot, dry summer of 1871 Katrina Bergeman, a brewer's daughter from Milwaukee, falls in love with a Civil War veteran from Chicago--but can their love protect them from the inferno of the Peshtigo Fire? Descriptions of sex. RCW 484.

King, Marjorie. A house eternal. Historical novel of John Bois [1560-1643], a Bible translator in the reign of England's King James I. RCW 200.

King, Stephen. Black House: a novel. Some 20 years after The Talisman (RC 21209), retired homicide detective Jack Sawyer tries to help rural Wisconsin police solve a series of brutal murders. Gradually Jack is drawn back to the parallel universe that he had forgotten. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. RC 52919.

Kirchoff, Mary L. Flint, the king. Attempting to avenge his brother's murder, hill dwarf Flint Fireforge runs afoul of the evil Pitrick and ends up facing certain death in the beast pit. Rescued by gully dwarves, he is proclaimed, with much reluctance on his part, King Flint of Mudhole. But can his new subjects help him thwart Pitrick's evil plans? Sequel to Riverwind the Plainsman (RC 37189). RC 37198.

Kirchoff, Mary L. Kendermore. Charged with breaking his marriage promise to his betrothed, the dwarf Tasslehoff Burrfoot is taken into custody and hauled back to his native Kendermore to face the council of elders. Trying to extricate himself from this predicament, he runs afoul of an evil wizard and an assassin. Can the light-fingered escape artist win the day? Sequel to Darkness and Light (RC 37714). RC 37715.

Kopp, Nancy. With intent to kill. In a small Wisconsin town, a county D.A., fleeing memories of a painful marriage, finds herself immersed in the investigation of the brutal murder of a four year-old boy--the son of a prominent community member. RCW 619.

Lamar, Jake. If 6 were 9. African American professor Clay Robinette comes to the aid of fellow teacher Reggie Brogus, a former black militant, who has found a white student dead in his office. Violence and strong language. RC 55248.

Lamar, Jake. The last integrationist. Political tale set in a racially divided America. RC 42965.

Lamar, Jake. Rendezvous eighteenth. Ricky Jenks, an African American expatriate in Paris, agrees to help his hated cousin Cash, a doctor, find his runaway wife. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. RC 58521.

Lamm, Richard D. 1988. A fast-moving novel about a man who turns politics into show business. RC 24471.

Leigh, Ana. The Mackenzies: Jared. Young twin girls decide to play matchmaker between their rancher father and their governess, Kitty Mackenzie. Contains explicit descriptions of sex. RCW 464.

Leigh, Ana. The Mackenzies: Josh. Emily Lawrence flees an unwanted marriage on 1890 Long Island to become a Harvey Girl for the Santa Fe Railroad. Hiram Lawrence sends Pinkerton agent Josh MacKenzie after Emily--but how can Josh return her to another man's arms after he falls in love with her? RCW 479.

Leigh, Ana. The Mackenzies: Luke. Honey Behr is a con woman on the run after witnessing a murder on a Mississippi riverboat. Disguising herself as a mail order bride, she journeys west in a covered wagon--only to discover her intended groom to be the sheriff of Stockton, California! RCW 478.

Leigh, Ana. A question of honor. As the bloodshed of King Philip's War sweeps the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1675, pregnant Lady Raven Kirkland is separated from her soldier lover, Matthew Elliot, and must birth their child in the wilderness. Descriptions of sex. RCW 465.

Lemery, Alysse. Winter's end. When Eric McLean returns to Platteville, Wisconsin, to attend his father's funeral, he plans to close forever the unhappy chapter of his childhood as the son of a powerful politician. His feelings change when he sees Chrys Morrissey, his college sweetheart, whom he left because of his father's disapproval. Some explicit descriptions of sex. RC 26834.

Levin, Meyer. The architect. A biographical novel about Frank Lloyd Wright. RC 19062.

Levinson, Deirdre. Modus vivendi. A mother copes with the loss of her infant son in this unsparing narrative. RC 22771.

Logue, Mary. Blood country: a Claire Watkins mystery. Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins, widow of a murdered Minneapolis police officer, is shocked when her 10-year-old daughter reports she saw the killer. When Claire informs the Minneapolis police, the killer comes after the child. First in the series. RCW 458.

Logue, Mary. Dark coulee: a Claire Watkins mystery. While on a date at a Little Rock, Wisconsin, street festival with pheasant farmer Rich Haggard, Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins witness a fatal knifing. Violence. RCW 460.

Logue, Mary. Glare ice: a Claire Watkins mystery. Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins tries to solve a murder case that revolves around a beaten woman, while battling a Wisconsin winter. RCW 459.

Maxwell, William. Over by the river, and other stories. Twelve short stories set in New York City, the Middle West, and France, reveal the cross currents of memory and love. RC 26436.

Maxwell, William. So long, see you tomorrow. The narrator looks back over fifty years to his childhood in a small Wisconsin town where in lonely confusion he observed a sensational murder case in which the accused was a friend's father. BR 04396.

McAllister, Anne. Dream chasers. After much searching, Owain comes from California to find his natural child, born of an early love affair with a woman now dead. Astonished to discover he is actually the father of twins who have been adopted by an attractive woman, he knows he cannot reveal himself to the family, yet his heart will not let him leave the Wisconsin town. Some strong language. RC 27897.

McConnell, Frank D. Blood lake. Harry Garnish, fast-talking Chicago private investigator, follows a woman whose husband suspects adultery to a resort in the Wisconsin woods, where he finds the woman's body in the lake. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. RC 26830.

McPherson, William. Testing the current: a novel. A year in the life of a sensitive eight-year-old boy enjoying a privileged childhood in a loving family. His acute eye reveals tensions beneath the serene surface of family gatherings. RC 20991.

Medawar, Mardi O. Murder on the Red Cliff Rez. A successful Wisconsin ceramics artist is also a tracker who is asked by the Chippewa tribal police to help locate a suspected murderer fled to the reservation interior. RCW 537.

Milofsky, David. Playing from memory. The life of a highly successful, stubbornly independent violinist changes radically in the twenty years after he falls victim to multiple sclerosis. BR 4841/RC 16742.

Mitchard, Jacqueline. The deep end of the ocean. Bestselling novel of a kidnapping's repercussions by a Milwaukee native. RC 42874/RCW 1012.

Mitchard, Jacqueline. The most wanted. A prisoner's teenage bride and their attorney narrate his escape in alternating chapters. RC 46773.

Mitchard, Jacqueline. A Theory of Relativity. Tells the story of an ordinary family pushed to the edge over the guardianship of a baby girl. Abridged. RCW 1253.

Mitchard, Jacqueline. Twelve Times Blessed. Widowed mother True Dickinson celebrates her forty-third birthday at a Cape Cod bar, where she meets Hank Bannister, ten years her junior. RC 58414.

Monroe, Mary Alice. The book club. The sudden death of Eve Porter's husband causes the 5 members of her book club to re-examine their relationships. RCW 473.

Monroe, Mary Alice. The Girl In The Mirror. Charlotte Godowski was used to the horrified stares she received from strangers, until the surgery to correct her facial deformity changed her life forever. RCW 474.

Moore, Lorrie. Birds of America: stories. 12 short stories of vulnerable women who rue their lives. RC 47005.

Moore, Lorrie. Self-help: stories. Short stories of modern life. BR 06384.

Moore, Lorrie. Who will run the frog hospital? a novel. As she attempts to save her marriage, Berie recalls a teenage friendship. RC 40148.

Names, Larry D. Boomtown. A gold discovery turns a barren patch of desert into Carthage City almost overnight. First come other prospectors and merchants, then come the gamblers, the riff-raff, and the women. Finally comes trouble--some who want all of the gold and will stop at nothing to get it. RC 19771.

Names, Larry D. The cowboy conspiracy. A western detective story set in Arizona in the early 1900s. When Pinkerton detective Charlie Siringo and Wyatt Earp join forces to hunt down Marshall Phillips' killer, they stumble upon a crooked real estate scheme and a plot to kill the president. RC 26692.

Nicholes, Lorie H. Angels Round About: A Novel. Follows the adventures of a Mormon family on their journey from Austria through Wisconsin to Deseret. RCW 601.

Nunez, Elizabeth. Beyond the limbo silence. Sara is one of three young women from the West Indies integrating a white college in Wisconsin in 1963. Her love for Sam, an African-American involved in the civil rights movement, causes her to examine her beliefs and attitudes during that historic year. RC 50043.

Olsen, Theodore V. Arrow in the sun. Army private Honus Gant survives an Indian attack on his troop. With a former captive, he treks back toward the fort. Some violence and some strong language. RC 48785.

Olsen, Theodore V. Blood of the breed. When Ike Bonner wills half of his lands to his half-breed son, Nathan, his other sons are determined to see that Nathan will not be around to receive his inheritance. RC 19510.

Olsen, Theodore V. Day of the buzzard. Young Jason Drum accompanies the enraged Val Penmark through Apache territory in search of seven bank robbers who killed Penmark's wife. RC 10769.

Olsen, Theodore V. Starbuck's brand. An enterprising greenhorn decides to seize unbranded cattle and mark them as his own. He gets into trouble with a Spanish vaquero when he ignores Spanish land grants. RC 08257.

Olsen, Theodore V. Summer of the drums. In Wisconsin territory in 1830, a family tries to remain neutral in the war between the Sac tribe and the settlers. RC 06025.

Olsen, Theodore V. There was a season. While Jefferson Davis sits in a northern prison, the Confederate president thinks back 33 years, when he first got a taste of field action in the Black Hawk War. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. RC 40731.

Olsen, Theodore V. Track the man down. "Big" witnesses a brutal killing and forgets his ironclad rule about staying out of white affairs. RC 40474.

Olsen, Theodore V. Treasures of the sun: a South-Western story. Christopher Fallon is engaged as a field guide by Sir Wilbur Tennington to travel to Peru in search of secret Incan treasure. Some violence. RC 49674.

Packer, Ann. The dive from Clausen's pier. Carrie, raised in Wisconsin and engaged to her high school sweetheart, feels her life is all too predictable. Her fiancé's dive off a pier, leaving him a quadriplegic, precipitates her move to New York City and a lot of soul searching. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. RC 54324.

Palmer, Stuart. Cold poison: a Hildegarde Withers mystery. The indomitable Miss Withers solves a Valentine's Day murder. BRX 00458/RCW 218.

Palmer, Stuart. Nipped in the bud: A Hildegard Withers mystery story. An amusingly allusive detective story bringing Hildegard Withers back among the nation's sleuths. BRX 00452.

Palmer, Stuart. The Puzzle of the Unhappy Hooligan: a Hildegarde Withers mystery. An expanded version of the novella "The Murder Mask". RCW 222.

Parejko, Ken. Remember me dancing. A novel of a Polish-American farm family in Central Wisconsin in the 1920s, based on the family of the author's mother. RCW 379.

Patterson, James. Sam's letters to Jennifer: a novel. When grieving widow Jennifer returns to Lake Geneva, the resort town where her grandmother Samantha, "Sam," is in a coma, Jennifer finds letters addressed to her from Sam detailing the love of Sam's life, someone not her husband. RC 58826.

Paulos, Sheila. Champagne and red roses. An ambitious young cartoonist for the "Milwaukee Post" makes a name for herself satirizing the city's bachelor mayor--until she meets him in the flesh. RC 21700.

Peterson, Ann Voss. Accessory to marriage. Psychologist Rita Madsen and FBI profiler Trent Burnell were engaged--until his investigation of a serial killer drove them apart. In a terrible twist of fate, Rita joins Trent's pursuit of this monster when he snatches Rita's sister. Working side-by-side, they discover their passion still flames, but they must end the nightmare before securing their future. RCW 475.

Powers, Martha. Bleeding heart. Maggie Collier joins a search for a serial killer in an idyllic Wisconsin town. RCW 538.

Powers, Martha. Sunflower: a novel. A River Oaks, Wisconsin, police detective must find a serial killer before her own daughter becomes his next victim. RCW 539.

Quindlen, Anna. Black and blue: a novel. After yet another beating, emergency room nurse Fran Benedetto finally leaves her policeman husband, Bobby. She takes their ten-year-old son and flees to Florida through an underground organization. There, they begin quite different lives while they wait to see if Bobby can find them. Strong language and violence. RC 45715.

Quindlen, Anna. Blessings: a novel. Skip Cuddy, caretaker of elderly Lydia Blessing's country estate, discovers an abandoned newborn baby on the doorstep and, naming her Faith, is encouraged by his employer to keep her. Some strong language. BR 14393/RC 54938.

Quindlen, Anna. Object lessons. It's summer in the 1960s and Maggie Scanlon turns 13. In this summer of changes, Maggie discovers illicit sex, romance, arson, power shifts, and new alliances, and begins to see the relationships among her relatives. Some strong language. RC 33059.

Quindlen, Anna. One true thing. Ellen's father demands her return from a fledgling journalism career to care for her terminally ill mother. Strong language. RC 40750.

Ridley, John. Everybody smokes in hell. When a black convenience store clerk comes into possession of the last studio tapes of a suicided rock star, he is pursued by druglords and Hollywood agents--and who's to say who is the more dangerous? Sex, violence, and strong language. RCW 288.

Ridley, John. Love is a racket: a novel. Two Hollywood wannabes meet and fall in love on the tarnished streets of Tinseltown. Sex, violence, and strong language. RCW 287.

Ridley, John. Stray dogs. In this noir thriller set in the Nevada desert, a gambler meets and plots a crime with a beautiful, seductive woman. Sex, violence, and strong language. RCW 286.

Riggs, John R. Haunt of the nightingale. Garth Ryland discovers a blond stranger, hiding in his barn. She doesn't speak, just sings like a nightingale. Could she be Annie Lawson who vanished years ago? When two townsfolk disappear, the songbird's tune hits a sour note. For high school and adult readers. RCW 328.

Riggs, John R. The last laugh: a mystery. Garth Ryland, newspaper editor in the very small Wisconsin town of Oakalla, writes a running feature based on the diaries of the town's biggest practical joker, now dead of an apparent heart attack. The diaries reveal a grisly chain of events that began years before with a "harmless" childhood prank and that climaxes with terror and murder and what appears to be the resurrection of the dead man. Some strong language. RC 21576.

Riggs, John R. Let sleeping dogs lie: a mystery. Trouble starts for small-town newspaper publisher and editor Garth Ryland when he finds an abandoned 1936 Cadillac in a barn in Oakalla, Wisconsin, and tries to have it restored for his housekeeper. But misfortunes plague the mechanics who work on it--the first disappears, and the second has a suspicious fire in his garage. Garth finds himself torn between helping to solve the mysteries and putting out his newspaper. Sequel to "The Last Laugh" (RC 21576). Some strong language. RC 25010.

Roat, Ronald C. Highwalk: a Stuart Mallory mystery. P.I. Mallory must track an old Vietnam rival through the dense woods of northern Wisconsin. RCW 1008.

Ross, Dana Fuller. Wisconsin! Wagons West; 19. A continuing saga of adventure and romance that features famed roughrider and frontiersman Toby Holt, son of the legendary wagon master Whip Holt. He struggles to build his fledgling lumber operation in Wisconsin's forests despite the opposition of the established wealthy lumber barons. Sequel to Illinois. Bestseller 1987. RC 26013.

Rush, Mallory. Between The Sheets. Graham LeFarge's dating service promised Claire O'Hara the perfect man. Her beauty and intelligence usually intimidated men, she hadn't had a date in 2 years. So the dating services offer was too good to resist, and Daniel, their first candidate, was sensitive, caring, romantic and a great kisser. So why was she dreaming of Graham? RCW 485.

Rush, Mallory. Love game. Widow Chris Nicholson becomes reacquainted with her high school flame Greg Reynolds--now a twice-divorced marine with a teenager--on Christmas Eve. They agree only to a fling because Chris is looking for a father for her six-year-old. But Greg falls in love. Explicit descriptions of sex and strong language. RC 55363.

Rustand, Roxanne. Her sister's children. When Claire Worth inherits Pine Cliff, a resort on Lake Superior, from her late sister, she also inherits guardianship of her two 5 year old nieces and her 14 year old nephew. The resort she can handle; motherhood is something else, especially when her sister's first husband shows up with plans of his own. RCW 470.

Rustand, Roxanne. The house at Briar Lake. When lawyer Michael Wells, escaping the rat race, moves his practice from Chicago to rural Briar Lake, Wisconsin, he's startled to find himself falling in love with his aunt's pet sitter. RCW 471.

Rustand, Roxanne. Montana legacy. Minneapolis cop Kate Rawlins inherits half of her grandfather's ranch in Montana, and goes there to recuperate from a gunshot wound. There she finds herself attracted to her co-heir, single father Seth Howard, whom her grandfather fostered as a teen. RCW 472.

Salerno, Nan F. Shaman's daughter. At an early age, Supaya, an Ojibwa Indian woman, experiences a vision of the Great Bear, proving that she is worthy to be trained in the secret knowledge and rituals of her tribe. As the years go by, she sees the Indian culture disintegrate amid the changes of the 20th century, and she alone of her family refuses to abandon the old ways. RD 17230

Salter, Anna C. Fault lines. A convicted child molester stalks forensic psychiatrist Michael Stone. RCW 172

Salter, Anna C. Shiny water. A psychiatrist searches for the true murderer of two sexually abused children. RCW 1032

Sandburg, Carl A. Remembrance Rock. A novel which begins in 1943, travels back in time 300 years, and then chronicles America's story. RC 14265

Sandburg, Carl A. Remembrance Rock. Abridgement of Sandburg's novel, read by the poet himself. RCW 5261

Schulenburg, Marnie L. Murder off the record. A small-town Wisconsin newspaper defies a serial killer by refusing to publicize his murders. RCW 206

Schwandt, Stephen. Siren song: a suspense novel. JP Griffin buys a small cabin cruiser and plans a carefree summer of boating on the waters surrounding Wisconsin's Door County peninsula, to escape the pain of a failed marriage. He learns the boat he purchased previously was owned by a respected Green Bay cop who had just been killed in a car crash, and learns the boat is full of dark secrets. RCW 622

Schwarz, Christina. Drowning Ruth. In this Oprah selection set in March 1919, nurse Amanda Starkey, seeking refuge, returns to her family home to live with her younger sister Mathilda and Mathilda's 3-year-old child, Ruth. Within a year, Mathilda is dead and Amanda is raising Ruth as her own. But both Amanda and Ruth are hiding memories of the night Mathilda died. RC 50849

Shettle, Andrea. Flute song magic. A fantasy set in a world where magic is worked by music. RCW 5258

Shreve, Susan R. Daughters of the New World. Five generations of women inherit an independent spirit that sustains them. The story centers around Amanda, who grew up motherless among Wisconsin's Chippewa. She becomes a self-reliant young woman whose enterprise and love of photography take her around the world and fortify her as she raises her fatherless daughter and influences her granddaughter and great-granddaughters. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. RC 35234

Simak, Clifford D. Best science fiction stories of Clifford D. Simak. Seven stories of outer space including that of two robots who break away from slavery; a sentient spaceship named Lulu, who absorbs poetry; and an earthman sent to school by a planet of advanced beings. BRA 05018

Simak, Clifford D. Cemetery world. An artist of the far future, an archaeologist aided by robots, and a band of attractive ghosts search for treasure on an earth that has been turned into a well-kept cemetery by mercenary Mother Earth, Inc. BR 02425

Simak, Clifford D. A choice of gods. In the 22nd century, Earth has been abandoned except for a few hundred Native American immortals. Robots and an occasional teleporting alien are their only visitors. RC 26313

Simak, Clifford D. The civilization game: and other stories. Seven short stories written from 1939-1969 and compiled for the first time. RC 49651

Simak, Clifford D. Destiny doll: a science fiction novel. Four space travelers, on the trail of a legendary wanderer, land on a white planet that seems very dark to them. Discovering that they are trapped, their talisman, a doll, comforts them in their escape efforts. RCW 519

Simak, Clifford D. Enchanted pilgrimage. Gnomes, goblins, an ogre, a witch, hellhounds and harpies meet and/or accompany a young scholar and a tavern wench on a journey through an enchanted wasteland. RC 08519

Simak, Clifford D. The goblin reservation. Peter Maxwell, a professor of folklore, transports home from a strange crystal planet to discover that a duplicate already returned and was killed. Aided by a Neanderthal, a ghost, and a young woman with a pet sabertooth tiger, Maxwell attempts to unravel the mystery. BRW 50/RCW 238

Simak, Clifford D. Highway of eternity. A private investigator hunts a vanished client through time and space. BR 06729

Simak, Clifford D. Mastodonia. Discovering that his dog can dig tunnels to other eras, archaeologist Asa Steele sets up to guide time-tours for a living. RC 13439

Simak, Clifford D. Shakespeare's planet. Only one crewman survives in an earth vessel that lands on a remote planet after a thousand years in space. There he finds a bizarre creature warning him of danger. BRA 15880

Simak, Clifford D. Special deliverance. An English professor is transported to another world where he joins with an ill-assorted group to solve the riddle of existence. BR 06364

Simak, Clifford D. Time is the Simplest Thing. A Hugo-award-winning novel of time travel. RCW 5263

Simak, Clifford D. Way station. Enoch Wallace, an immortal Civil War veteran, keeps a secret intergalactic way station in southwest Wisconsin. BR 3570/BR 15514/RC 58565

Simak, Clifford D. The werewolf principle. Andrew Blake is found frozen in a space capsule and is brought back to earth after two hundred years. Strangely, his body houses two other creatures: one a wolf called Quester and the other a formless blob called Thinker. For high school and adult readers. BRA 04608/RCW 518

Simak, Clifford D. Why call them back from heaven? In the year 2148 people spend their entire lives in poverty to ensure their happiness and comfort in eternity. RC 19786

Simak, Clifford D. The Worlds of Clifford Simak. Contains the Hugo-Award-winning story "The Big Front Yard" and others. RCW 5266

Simpson, Mona. Anywhere but here. Adele August drives from Wisconsin to California to make her daughter a movie star. RC 25479

Simpson, Mona. The lost father. Ann Stevenson, the 12-year-old girl from Anywhere but Here, now a medical student, begins an obsessive search for her elusive Egyptian father. Some descriptions of sex. RC 34742

Simpson, Mona. Off Keck Road. A novella venturing into the hearts of three women--Bea, June, and Shelley--who have ties to Green Bay, Wisconsin. In the opening vignette, Bea drives her Christmas-present car to pick up the more-popular but less-wealthy June while both are home from college in 1956. Bestseller. RC 51410

Simpson, Mona. A regular guy: a novel. When Tom and Mary Owens decide to split, Mary takes daughter Jane to a commune, while Tom strikes it rich in biotechnology. Descriptions of sex and some strong language. RC 44127

Smith, Kay Nolte. Catching fire. When an Italian actor opens a small off-Broadway theatre, union troubles lead to murder. BR 05246

Smith, Kay Nolte. The watcher. One balmy evening in Manhattan, social scientist Dr. Martin Granger plunges from his townhouse terrace to his death on a sharp fence below. Did he fall or was he pushed? Some strong language. BRA 17233

Snyder, Midori. The flight of Michael McBride. Michael McBride is a sheltered young man from an Irish-American family in New York City until family secrets resurface and send him running for his life to the Texas frontier. A delightful fantasy set in the Wild West by a Milwaukee writer. RCW 140

Spencer, LaVyrle. Bitter sweet. Maggie Stern returns to her Wisconsin hometown for a wedding and meets her married first love. RC 31028

Spencer, Scott. Endless love. When David is forbidden to see Jade because their affair has become too torrid, he sets fire to the Butterfield house on an impulse, and is consequently sent to a mental institution. RC 15115

Stashower, Daniel M. The adventure of the ectoplasmic man. Sherlock Holmes sets out to clear Wisconsin magician Harry Houdini of espionage charges. RC 23441

Steubor, William. The landlooker: a novel. Emil, a 15-year-old harness peddler, is caught in the great Peshtigo fire of 1871. RCW 4005

Tax, Meredith. Rivington Street: a novel. A gutsy lower East Side saga centers on the lives of four strong women as it tells the story of the Jews who wanted to rise with their class, not from it. RC 18336

Tax, Meredith. Union Square: a novel. The author continues the story of the Levy family, begun in Rivington Street. RC 29542

Thayer, Steve. The wheat field: a novel. During the period of the McCarthy investigations, a deputy sheriff/returned Korean War vet investigates a politician's murder. RCW 487

Toland, John W. The gods of war. A wealthy Japanese family and an American diplomatic family are caught in the conflicts of World War II. BR 06223/RC 22876

Toland, John W. Occupation. The Tokyo war-crimes trials are the focus for a fictional account of the immediate post-war years in Japan. Sequel to The gods of war. BR 07297/RC 27478

Vinge, Joan D. Catspaw. Cat is kidnapped by a planetary government to prevent the assassination of Lady Elnear. RC 29141

Vinge, Joan D. Dreamfall. Cat visits the planet Refuge to uncover his Hydran heritage. RC 45330

Vinge, Joan D. Psion. In 2500 A.D., on a distant planet, Cat must serve his government as a psionic spy. RC 29149

Vinge, Joan D. The snow queen. Arienrhod, the ancient but beautiful Winter Queen of the planet Tiamant, creates a clone to rule after her. RC 45269

Vinge, Joan D. The summer queen. In this 3rd volume of the Snow Queen trilogy, Moon Dawntreader, the Summer Queen, must lead her people back to traditional ways if they are to survive. Sequel to World's End. RC 34560

Vinge, Joan D. World's End. BZ Gundhalinu is reassigned to World's End on planet Four and fears he will never see Moon Dawntreader again. However, his search for his brothers on Four will lead to many unexpected changes. Strong language and some violence. RC 53897

Watson, Larry. Justice. Saga of 50 years in a Montana family, 1899-1949. RC 42536

Watson, Larry. Montana 1948: a novel. A family is devastated by their uncle's rape trial. RC 37940

Watson, Larry. Orchard: a novel. In rural Wisconsin Sonja Skordahl, a Scandinavian immigrant, finds herself torn between two very different men--Henry House, her orchardist husband and father of their two children, and Ned Weaver, an internationally famous artist who uses her as a model, giving her a new sense of self-worth she had lost being a wife and mother. RCW 557

Watson, Larry. White crosses. A sheriff's cover-up leads to tragedy. RC 47181

Weaver, Gordon. The eight corners of the world: a novel. A comic history of Japan and Japanese-American relations from 1920 to 1945. RC 29925

Weaver, Gordon. Men who would be good: a novella and six stories. In each story, a man examines what has become of his life and asks "what's it all about?" Strong language and some violence. RC 37276

Weinbaum, Stanley G. The best of Stanley G. Weinbaum. 12 short stories from the 1930s published before the death of this talented young Milwaukee writer at age 33. RC 17626

Weis, Margaret. The cataclysm: tales II trilogy, v. 2. An epic poem and ten stories relate the adventures of different personalities in the fantasy world of Krynn during the time of the Cataclysm. RC 37233

Weis, Margaret. Doom of the Darksword. Joram, magicless, was denied the throne and supposedly killed. But he returns to claim it, bringing war in his wake. RC 38683

Weis, Margaret. Dragon wing. Ages ago the Sartan, powerful wizards, split the world into four parts--sky, fire, earth, and water--and imprisoned the Patryn in the Labyrinth, from which escape would take centuries. Should they succeed, great magical powers would be theirs. In Arianus, the Realm of Sky, Haplo tries to stir up trouble, and King Stephen wants the prince killed. RC 39361

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of a fallen sun. In this trilogy that follows Dragons of Summer Flame (RC 41425), many still remember the Chaos War. Now, for the heart and soul of the world itself, a new war begins. It will be guided by Mina, a mystic young woman who arrives out of a violent magical storm. RC 54880

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of a lost star. In this sequel to Dragons of a Fallen Sun (RC 54880), many have fallen prey to Mina and her army of knights as, guided by an unknown god, she sweeps across the land. However, one lone dragon vows to find the answer to the mystery of the One God before darkness engulfs them all. RC 54881

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of a vanished moon. In this sequel to Dragons of a Lost Star (RC 54881) the flames of war devour Ansalon, while Mina and her army of dead souls march on toward conquest. A small band of heroes, from which two unlikely protagonists emerge, leads a fight against Mina. RC 54882

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of autumn twilight. Dragons have returned to Krynn, and war threatens to engulf the land, but a barbarian woman, a knight, a warrior, a dwarf and an elf join on a quest for the lost Dragonlance. RC 29171

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of spring dawning. The people of Krynn, armed with their dragonlances, battle with the dragons. RC 29173

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of summer flame. Despite her previous defeat at the hands of the Solamnic knights, the Dark Queen has again grown powerful and now commands new minions dedicated to serving her. She again lays plans for the conquest of Krynn, until a young woman appears in Palanthas with knowledge of a magical race of beings known as the Irda. RC 41425

Weis, Margaret. Dragons of winter night. The land of Krynn is engulfed in war, but the band of heroes finds the Dragonlance with the 0rb's help. RC 29172

Weis, Margaret. Elven star. Haplo, on his mission of revenge, now moves to Pryan, the Realm of Fire. In this land of vast jungles, Haplo discovers that the resident humans, dwarves, and elves are already warring with each other, and thus he has little to do. But an elf, a human, and a dwarf will unite in an effort to save Pryan. Some violence. RC 39362

Weis, Margaret. Fire sea. Haplo and his enemy and traveling companion, Alfred, are now in Abarrach, the Realm of Stone. Here the humans, dwarves, and elves have almost died off because of the extremely cold, dark climate of the caves in which they live. Haplo's lord may have found a way for Haplo to leave Abarrach, but Haplo may have to risk more than his life. Violence. RC 39363

Weis, Margaret. Forging the dark sword. An emperor's son is condemned to die because he lacks magical powers. RC 27287

Weis, Margaret. The hand of chaos. Haplo and Bane, the human child, have been ordered to return to Arianus. They will not have Alfred's help as he has been cast into the Labyrinth. Because the dragon-snakes have escaped through the Death Gate, there are powerful new alliances at work throughout the universe. Should Haplo risk his life to follow his master's orders? Violence. RC 39365

Weis, Margaret. Into the labyrinth: a Death gate novel. Xar, lord of the Nexus and now lord of Abarrach, wants to control the Seventh Gate, which will give him the power to unite or destroy the worlds of air, fire, stone, and water. Only Haplo seems to know the location of the Seventh Gate, and yet he doesn't realize it. Xar must kill Haplo and then restore him to life to learn the secret. Violence. RC 39365

Weis, Margaret. Kender, gully dwarves, and gnomes. Nine short stories and a novella featuring the brothers Sturm, Tanin, and Palin, and the outlandish dwarf Dougan Redhammer. RC 36746

Weis, Margaret. Legacy of the darksword. In the conclusion of the Darksword legend, Joram must surrender it to save humanity. RC 46310

Weis, Margaret. Love and War. Ten stories featuring the heroes and villains of Krynn in love and/or war. RC 36771

Weis, Margaret. The magic of Krynn. Nine short stories and a novella set in the land of Krynn. RC 26633.

Weis, Margaret. Mistress of dragons. To locate a renegade, the Parliament of Dragons sends Draconas, in human form, to abduct the Mistress of Dragons. The mission goes horribly awry when her true identity is revealed. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. RC 58682.

Weis, Margaret. The reign of Istar: tales II trilogy, v. 1. Seven stories and a novella depict life in the legendary land of Krynn prior to the Cataclysm and during the time of the Kingpriest. Some violence. RC 3723.

Weis, Margaret. Serpent mage. Haplo and Alfred arrive in Chelestra, the Realm of the Sea. Here Alfred finds his own people, and Haplo's magical powers are rejuvenated. Though this is the one realm where humans, elves, and dwarves live in harmony, danger lurks in the form of powerful dragon-snakes. Some violence. RC 39364.

Weis, Margaret. The seventh gate: a Death Gate novel. With Haplo captured, it is up to Marit, his former lover, and Hugh the Hand to rescue him before Xar turns him into an undead. But first Marit and Hugh must go into the Labyrinth and liberate Alfred. Although they are aided by good dragons, and some Sartans, they may still have to enter the Seventh Gate to save Hugh. Violence. RC 39367.

Weis, Margaret. Test of the twins. Raistlin and Crysania have used their magical powers to reach the Portal that leads to the Abyss, where they will challenge the Queen of Darkness. Now they must again call upon their faculties to open the Portal. But just then, Raistlin's twin, Caramon, employs his ability to change time, leaving him and Tasslehoff to face the queen. Some violence. RC 39694.

Weis, Margaret. Time of the twins. The darkness was over in Krynn with the ending of the War of the Lance, but Raistlin Majere wants to see the darkness return. There are only two people who can prevent Raistlin from reaching his goal: Caramon, his twin brother, and Crysania of the House of Tarinius, who is a cleric of good. Some violence. RC 39671.

Weis, Margaret. Triumph of the darksword. Joram approaches the border Watcher holding the darksword, pulls it from its sheath, and in an act of mercy drives it into the stone heart. Some violence. RC 39237.

Weis, Margaret. The war of the Lance: tales II trilogy, v.3. The Heroes of the Lance continue their efforts to thwart the agents of evil who have risen to power in the war-torn fantasy world of Krynn. Ten stories, preceded by a stage-setting epic poem, chronicle the adventures of the magician Raistlin, Mara the Queen of Thieves, kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and others. RC 37243.

Weis, Margaret. War of the twins. One hundred years have passed since the Cataclysm struck Istar. The sky poured fire, the mountain toppled onto the city, and the sea rushed in, destroying the Temple. Raistlin, with renewed powers, had escaped, along with his twin, Caramon, and the cleric Crysania. Now Raistlin plans to challenge the Queen of Darkness. RC 39686.

Wescott, Glenway. Apartment in Athens. Story of the inhumanity of the Germans in occupation of defeated countries describes the influence of a German officer on a simple, middle-class Greek family. RC 11297.

Wescott, Glenway. The grandmothers: a family portrait. In this beautifully crafted historical novel, a group of old women reminisce about their Wisconsin pioneer youth. BRW 124/RC 46733.

Wescott, Glenway. The pilgrim hawk: a love story. Novel of an American's love affair gone wrong in a 1920s French village. RC 34839.

Whitehead, Colson. The intuitionist. In this allegorical mystery set in the 1940s, Lila Mae Watson, the city's first minority woman elevator inspector, works by psychic intuition. When an elevator fails on her watch and her empiricist rivals seek her undoing, Lila conducts a secret probe that yields a startling discovery. Some strong language. BR 13053/RC 50558.

Whitehead, Colson. John Henry Days: a novel. A cynical freelance African American journalist attends a festival in West Virginia commemorating black folk legend John Henry, who died pitting his strength against a machine. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. RC 53611.

Wick, Lori. A song for Silas. A rural romance set in 1889 Wisconsin. RC 41473.

Wilder, Thornton. The bridge of San Luis Rey. The lives of five people killed in a bridge collapse are explored in this Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel. BRW 16394/RC 41185.

Wilder, Thornton. The Cabala. An ironic novel concerning the decaying Italian nobility after World War I as seen through the eyes of a young New Englander who comes to Rome to study ancient ruins. RC 17679.

Wilder, Thornton. The Eighth Day. Set in Coaltown, Illinois, in 1902, the story begins with the murder of Breckenridge Lansing and the subsequent trial of John Ashley. BR 659.

Wilder, Thornton. Heaven's my destination. Humorous study of young George Brush, a successful Middle-west textbook salesman, who insists on everyone else being good. RC 16861.

Wilder, Thornton. Theophilus North. An old-fashioned tale set in 1926 in the plush summer resort of Newport, Rhode Island. RC 7159/RD 7159/BRW 2096.

Wilder, Thornton. The woman of Andros. A retelling of Terence's Greek comedy of the 2nd century B.C.--the story of Chrysis, who charms all the young men with her beauty and wisdom. RC 17887.

Zettel, Sarah A. A sorcerer's treason. Wisconsin's Lake Superior shore, 1899. Bridget Lederle, the tender of a lighthouse, foresees a shipwreck and then rescues its occupant, Valin Kalami. As lord sorcerer to the dowager empress of Isavalta, he transports Bridget with her gift for visions to his world in order to save his beleaguered monarch. RC 54461.

Zettel, Sarah A. The usurper's crown: a novel of Isavalta. Sorcerer Avanasy, banished mentor of princess Medeoan of Isavalta, falls in love with Ingrid Loftfield while exiled in Wisconsin. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. RC 56122.


Adult Non-Fiction

Aaron, Hank. I had a hammer: the Hank Aaron story. The former Milwaukee Braves player reveals his thoughts about setting baseball records and about his struggle to endure the abuse that African-Americans were subjected to in predominantly white leagues. RC 33003.

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem. Black profiles in courage: a legacy of African American achievement. Presents a historical gallery of heroes of African descent, recounting the stories of their contributions to the nation. The subjects include sixteenth-century explorer Estevanico, Crispus Attucks at the Boston Massacre, and Rosa Parks, who valiantly kept her seat on a segregated bus in 1955. RC 44030.

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem. Brothers in arms: the epic story of the 761st Tank Battalion, World War II's forgotten heroes. Basketball great Abdul-Jabbar and journalist Walton chronicle the training, battlefield, and postwar experiences of the first African American armored unit to fight in World War II alongside white troops. Authors describe the soldiers' 183 days on the French and German fronts and their struggles with racial prejudice. RC 58545.

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem. Giant steps. Candid, thoughtful discussion of the racial, political, and religious controversies that surrounded the basketball star's career. RC 20795.

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem. Kareem. The Milwaukee Bucks superstar tells his story. RC 31191.

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem. A season on the reservation: my sojourn with the White Mountain Apaches. Inspired by General Colin Powell, ex-basketball star Abdul-Jabbar volunteers to assist in coaching a high school team on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona. Over time he learns about the Native American culture and the problems facing many of the young people he encounters. For senior high and older readers. RC 50198.

Adams, John G. Without precedent: the story of the death of McCarthyism. The author, who served as Army Counsel during the bitter Army-McCarthy hearings of the early 1950s, tells of his role in the developments which finally precipitated the downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy. RC 19449.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Band of brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Story of a World War II combat rifle unit. RC 40283.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Citizen soldiers: the U.S. Army from the Normandy beaches to the Bulge to the surrender of Germany, June 7, 1944-May 7, 1945. An eleven-month World War II chronicle spanning the period from D-Day to Germany's surrender on May 7, 1945. Using first-hand accounts of combat soldiers, the author depicts the valor and determination of Allied forces who advanced and prevailed in the face of harsh adversities. Sequel to D-Day (RC 38858). Strong language and violence. RC 45003.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Comrades, brothers, fathers, heroes, sons, pals. Depiction of famous male friendships. RC 48827.

Ambrose, Stephen E. D-Day, June 6, 1944: the climactic battle of World War II. From an interview with Supreme Commander General Eisenhower in 1964 through the recollections of hundreds of Allied and German veterans, a military historian reconstructs the most decisive day of World War II. Some strong language. BR 09541/RC 38858.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Eisenhower: soldier, general of the army, President-elect, 1890-1952. The first volume of a definitive biography of the one 20th century leader to achieve his country's highest military and civilian ranks. RC 21174.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Eisenhower: the president. A balanced human portrait that covers Eisenhower's two terms, retirement, and his death in 1969. RC 22304.

Ambrose, Stephen E. The Mississippi and the making of a nation: from the Louisiana Purchase to today. Inspired by their 2,350-mile steamboat journey on the Mississippi, noted historians Ambrose and Brinkley present the watershed's regional history in a national context. Chronicling its exploration and settlement from the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, they discuss the river's influence on literary masters and jazz legends and its place in black history. RC 56583.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Nixon: the education of a politician, 1913-1962. The first volume of a three volume biography covers Nixon's life from his birth to his unsuccessful run for the California governorship. RC 26109.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Nixon, vol. 2: the triumph of a politician, 1962-1972. Covers Nixon from his defeat in the 1962 California gubernatorial race to his 1972 re-election as President of the United States. RC 31418.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Nixon, vol. 3: ruin and recovery, 1973-1990. Discusses Watergate and the former president's roles as author and elder statesman. Ambrose traces Nixon's struggle to extricate himself from the wrongdoings of his reelection campaign, and shows how--following his resignation-Nixon orchestrated his life in an attempt to regain respect in history. RC 35772.

Ambrose, Stephen E. No end save victory: perspectives on World War II. Historians and participants provide accounts of incidents from the war fought between 1939 and 1945. Includes the memoirs of Kanji Suzuki, a Japanese kamikaze pilot who survived a suicidal attack on an American ship. RC 51886.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Nothing like it in the world: the men who built the transcontinental railroad, 1863-1869. A look at the investors, politicians, engineers, surveyors, and laborers involved in the construction of America's first transcontinental railroad. Records the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroads' fierce competition, which ended in a team effort in 1869, to connect America's two coasts by rail. RC 50872.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Pegasus Bridge: June 6, 1944. A British glider-borne assault on a key bridge on D-Day. RC 23221.

Ambrose, Stephen E. To America: personal reflections of an historian. Historian intersperses his personal story with reflections on American history. His topics include the transcontinental railroad, World War II, Native Americans, Vietnam, civil rights, and women's rights. Also describes well-known persons such as Washington, Lincoln, Lewis and Clark, Nixon, and Eisenhower. BR 14637/RC 55747.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Undaunted courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American West. Why Captain Lewis was chosen by the President to explore the Louisiana Purchase. RC 43291.

Ambrose, Stephen E. The victors: Eisenhower and his boys: the men of World War II. A vivid account of the last year of the war. RC 47706.

Ambrose, Stephen E. The wild blue: the men and boys who flew the B-24s over Germany. A historian describes the B-24 bomber missions over Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II, recounting the training of the crews and celebrating their skill. RC 52895.

Ambrose, Stephen E. What if? : the world's foremost military historians imagine what might have been : essays. Twenty essays examine alternate outcomes in military history. Examples include the death of Alexander the Great in his first battle, the defeat of the thirteen colonies in the American Revolution, and a Confederate victory in the Civil War, among others. RC 49463.

Anderson, Rasmus Bjorn. The Life Story Of Rasmus B. Anderson, Written By Himself. The American author, scholar, editor, businessman, and diplomat intertwines his life story with the cultural and institutional history of the Norwegian-American community in Wisconsin. RCW 342.

Antekeier, Kristopher. Ringmaster!: my year on the road with "The Greatest Show on Earth". In 1986, Antekeier became the 27th ringmaster in the 115-year history of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. This account of his year under the big top relates tales of travels to 52 cities in 28 states in 47 weeks and tells of the glamour as well as the drudgery of life with the circus. RC 31680.

Antler. Antler: the selected poems. A collection of out-of-print work of a major poet from the Boomer/post-Beat era, and a Milwaukee Poet Laureate. BRW 212/RCW 615.

Austin, Harry R. The Milwaukee Story: the making of an American city. A history of Wisconsin's largest city. BRW 2105.

Austin, Harry R. The Wisconsin Story: the building of a vanguard state. This history of Wisconsin was first published in part as a daily serial in the Milwaukee Journal during February and March 1948. BRW 2098/RCW 5240.

Avella, Steven M. In the richness of the earth. A history of the Catholic Church in the Milwaukee area from 1843. RCW 523.

Bach, Marcus. Let life be like this! How to discover the hidden, adventurous side to your life. RC 08637.

Backes, David. A wilderness within: the life of Sigurd F. Olson. Authorized biography of the American environmental writer and activist based on his papers and diaries. RC 48148.

Badger Association of the Blind. The Dining with Duke Cookbook. The 75th Anniversary Celebration Badger Association of the Blind Cookbook includes recipes from celebrities, recipes popular in the 1920s, and recipes for dog treats. BRW 104/RCW 4999.

Baehr, Carl. Milwaukee Streets: The Stories Behind Their Names. A dictionary of Milwaukee street names, with their history. RCW 3003.

Baggott, Andrew. Robin Yount: the making of a Hall of Famer--the legend lives on. Short biography of the Milwaukee Brewers star for all ages. RCW 230.

Balian, Poppy. Humbug handbook: the Lorna Balian educational activity book. A creative activity book based on all of Lorna Balian's children's books, written by her daughters, Poppy Balian, Lecia Balian, Betty Balian and Kate Jeanson. RCW 544.

Balousek, Marvin W. 50 Wisconsin Crimes Of The Century. Case studies of 20th-century Wisconsin criminals and their crimes. RCW 296.

Barney, Maginel Wright. The valley of the God-almighty Joneses: [reminiscences of Frank Lloyd Wright's sister]. A memoir of the Jones family by the sister of Frank Lloyd Wright becomes a kind of local history of the Wisconsin River Valley, one of the most beautiful places on earth. RCW 5004.

Bates, John. A Northwoods Companion: Spring and Summer. Collection of columns from Minocqua's "Lakeland Times". RCW 251.

Bayley, Edwin R. Joe McCarthy and the press. Explores the role of the news media in the Wisconsin senator's rise and fall. RC 18100.

Beaudot, William J. K. An Irishman in the Iron Brigade: the Civil War memoirs of James P. Sullivan, Sergt., Company K, 6th Wisconsin Volunteers. by William J.K. Beaudot and Lance J. Herdegen. The war memoirs of Wisconsin's James P. Sullivan, who spent 4 years in the "Iron Brigade". RCW 142.

Becker, Bob. Hunting Stories: Tales Of Woods And Wildlife. Anecdotes of a Wisconsin sportsman. RCW 357.

Beilke, Dustin. WEAC: a history. History of the Wisconsin Education Council. RCW 528.

Benbow, Margaret. Stalking joy. Award-winning first book of poetry by a Wisconsin poet. RCW 217.

Benton-Banai, Edward. The Mishomis Book: The Voice Of The Ojibway. Oral history of the Ojibway nation is set down. RCW 5723.

Berliner, Don. Want a job? Get some experience. Want experience? Get a job. Practical tips for out-of-work job hunters. BRA 16291/RC 14267.

Berkow, Ira. Red: A Biography of Red Smith. A biography of the famous Wisconsin-born sportswriter. RC 24481.

Black Hawk [Sauk Chief], 1767-1838. Black Hawk: an Autobiography. The life story of the Sauk chief Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, which includes the massacre of Sauk Indians at Bad Axe, Wisconsin, in 1832, is edited by Donald Jackson. RCW 5287.

Blair, Clay. The forgotten war: America in Korea, 1950-1953. Blair attempts to capture the intensity of the Korean War, by describing troop movements and tactics, defeat and victories, and leaders in battle. He also puts the war into political perspective. RC 29153.

Blanchard, Louie. The lumberjack frontier: the life of a logger in the early days on the Chippeway. Autobiography of a pioneer logger on Wisconsin's Chippewa River. RCW 234.

Blei, Norbert. Door to Door. A description of the landscape, people, history, social life and customs of Door County, Wisconsin. RCW 1033.

Blei, Norbert. Door Way: the people in the landscape. A collective biography of residents of Door County, Wisconsin. RCW 1038.

Blum, Deborah. The Monkey Wars. Madison author examines the struggle between the animal-rights organizations and the scientific community over primate research. RC 42660.

Blum, Deborah. Sex on the brain: the biological differences between men and women. Synthesizes current research on the links between biology and behavior. RCW 235.

Bly, Nellie. Oprah! up close and down home. Profiles the former Milwaukee resident whose television talk show and movie roles have made her famous. RC 38894.

Bogue, Margaret B. Around the shores of Lake Michigan: a guide to historic sites. Guidebook to the historic sites of the Lake Michigan region. RCW 1053.

Boyer, Dwight. Driftless Spirits: Ghosts Of Southwest Wisconsin. Tales collected in the taverns, cafes, and bait shops of southwest Wisconsin by a Dodgeville resident. BRW 51/RCW 240.

Boyer, Dwight. Giants In The Land: Folktales And Legends Of Wisconsin. A short collection of Wisconsin folklore and "sense of place" ghost stories. BRW 52/RCW 241.

Boyer, Dwight. Northern Frights: A Supernatural Ecology Of The Wisconsin Headwaters. The headwaters of the Wisconsin River provide the setting for this collection of ghost stories from a Dodgeville conservation activist. BRW 53/RCW 242.

Boyer, Dwight. Ships and men of the Great Lakes. Tales about some of the ships and men that once plied the Great Lakes. RCW 5016.

Boyer, Paul S. Fallout: a scientist reflects on America's half century encounter with nuclear weapons. Offers the reflections and observations of noted historian Paul Boyer on the fascinating and complex impact of the bomb in American life from the special perspective of a person who experienced and participated in the events and movements about which he writes. Boyer provides us with a rich understanding of nuclear reality in American thought and culture after 1945. RCW 307.

Boyer, Paul S. When time shall be no more: prophecy belief in modern American culture. A U-W historian examines the belief that the course of history is foretold in the Bible. RC 37257.

Bradford, Mary D. Memoirs of Mary D. Bradford: autobiographical and historical reminiscences of education in Wisconsin, through progressive service from rural school teaching to city superintendent. Autobiography of the Kenosha County teacher who became the first woman city school superintendent. RCW 335.

Bradley, James. Flags of our fathers. Recounts the story of the six young marines who raised the flag at Iwo Jima during fierce combat on the obscure Japanese-held island in 1945. Wisconsin author Bradley, the son of one of the soldiers, recreates his father's experiences as well as those of the five men who fought beside him. Bestseller. BRW 139/RC 50264.

Bradley, James. Flyboys: a true story of courage. Wisconsin author of Flags of Our Fathers (RC 50264) recounts events that led to the bombing of Japanese communication towers on Chichi Jima by nine American airmen in 1945. Discusses Japanese-American relations and reveals the horrors endured by the men who died and by the one survivor, George H.W. Bush. Violence. Bestseller. RC 57005.

Brady, Frank. Citizen Welles: a biography of Orson Welles. Welles epitomizes the professions of writer, director, and actor in the 20th century. RC 30336.

Bremer, Arthur H. An Assassin's Diary. Writings of the 22-year-old unemployed Wisconsin busboy who tried to kill Alabama governor George Wallace. RC 07867.

Brickman, Jay R. Reflections In A Pumpkin Field. Rabbi Brickman offers meditations first shared with the congregation at his Wisconsin synagogue. RCW 244.

Brickman, Jay R. Reflections On A Lily Pond. Spiritual reflections by a Wisconsin rabbi. RCW 243.

Briggs, Hazel F. Papa always met us at the boat. A daughter's hilarious recollections of a stormy trans-Atlantic family life lived in Madison and Europe. RCW 5000.

Broad, William J. Star warriors: a penetrating look into the lives of the young scientists behind our space age weaponry. Whitefish Bay author examines the lives of scientists working on x-ray lasers at Lawrence Livermore Labs. RC 23720.

Broad, William J. Teller's war: the top-secret story behind the Star Wars deception. Pulitzer-Prize-winner examines Edward Teller's role in the United States Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars). RC 35578.

Broad, William J. The universe below: discovering the secrets of the deep sea. Traces the human quest to understand the sea from ancient times to today. RC 45122.

Brodsky, Louis D. You can't go back, exactly. Poems which recall youthful summers on Wisconsin lakes. RCW 5274.

Broker, Ignacia. Night flying woman: an Ojibway narrative. In the accounts of the lives of several generations of Ojibway people is much information about their history and culture. RCW 5285.

Brostoff, Phyllis M. Old Talk, New Conversations: A Planning Guide For Seniors And Their Families. 5 Milwaukee-area experts pull together information on financial planning, taxes, insurance, medical care, and retirement community options. Clear, non-technical language, worksheets, and checklists to help readers assess their own situation and that of their loved ones. RCW 369.

Brown, Dorothy M. Indian legends of historic and ccenic Wisconsin. This collection of Native American stories is part of the Wisconsin Folklore Booklets publications series. RCW 1047.

Brown, Jared. The fabulous Lunts: a biography of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. The Lunts are portrayed as devoted, generous, and disciplined performers, whose lives revolved around the theater during a period when most actors were turning to film. RC 26063.

Brown, Victoria B. Uncommon lives of common women: the missing half of Wisconsin history. Collective biography of Wisconsin women, from pioneer days to the present. RCW 620.

Bubholz, Gordon A. Once Upon A Time: Gordon A. Bubholz: His Life And Vision. Autobiography of a noted Wisconsin legislator, insurance executive, conservationist, and Christian layman. RCW 204.

Buck, Diane M. Outdoor sculpture in Milwaukee: a cultural and historical guidebook. A guidebook to public outdoor sculpture in Milwaukee. RCW 4117.

Buege, Bob. The Milwaukee Braves: a baseball eulogy. A local history of the Milwaukee Braves baseball team. RCW 229.

Buenker, John D. History of Wisconsin, Vol. 4: The Progressive Era, 1893-1914. Covers the era of LaFollette, when Wisconsin gained its reputation for progressive reform and enlightened public policy. RCW 271.

Butler, LeRoy. The LeRoy Butler story: from wheelchair to the Lambeau Leap. From a child with health problems, growing up in the projects of Jacksonville, Florida, Butler made it as a high school and college football All-American, and became a football hero with the Green Bay Packers, winning Superbowl XXXI. RCW 609.

Campbell, Sam. Bruno, Bear of Split Rock Island. Wisconsin's favorite nature writer tells a bear's life story. RCW 5250

Campbell, Sam. Mask, the Door County Coon. The story of a mischievous Wisconsin raccoon. RCW 5249

Campisi, Jack, ed. The Oneida Indian experience: two perspectives. An account of the history and culture of the Oneida people, with bibliography. RCW 5291

Carlson, Bernice Wells. Let's pretend it happened to you; a real-people and storybook-people approach to creative dramatics. A primer on creative dramatics for adults working with elementary school-age children. RC 07470

Cassidy, Frederic Gomes. Dane County place names. Recounts the origins of the place-names of Dane County, Wisconsin. RCW 573

Chapin, Earl. Tales of Wisconsin. The history, legends and myths of western Wisconsin as compiled by a St. Paul newspaper reporter. RCW 5243

Clement, Herbert. The Great Circus Parade. Describes Milwaukee's annual celebration of circus pageantry. BRW 36

Clifton, Lucille. Blessing the boats: new and selected poems, 1988-2000. A collection of poetry about the human condition personalized through the voice of an African American woman. RC 52339

Collins, Billy. Sailing alone around the room: new and selected poems. Selections of poetry from four previous collections with twenty new poems by the United States Poet Laureate. RC 53069

Commons, John R. Myself: the autobiography of John R. Commons. The Wisconsin economist tells his life story. RCW 340

Cowley, Betty. Stalag Wisconsin: inside World War II prisoner-of-war camps. An account of Wisconsin's World War II prisoner-of-war camps for German POWs. RCW 524

Current, Richard Nelson. History of Wisconsin: the Civil War era, 1848-1873. The story of an exciting period in Wisconsin history--the first generation of statehood. Includes a realistic, balanced account of Wisconsin in the Civil War. RCW 5245

Current, Richard Nelson. The Lincoln nobody knows. Concentrates upon selected, controversial aspects of Lincoln, viewing him as family man, politician, war leader and peacemaker. RC 12407

Current, Richard Nelson. Those terrible carpetbaggers. Carpetbaggers, or Northerners who came to the South to run the Reconstruction governments after the Civil War, have generally been dismissed as ignorant, greedy opportunists. In this reinterpretation, the author, a well-known Civil War historian, interweaves the stories of ten carpetbaggers who were unselfish, intelligent, admirable men. RC 27643

Current, Richard Nelson. Wisconsin: a Bicentennial history. The history and contributions of the state known as dairyman and brewer to the nation. Discusses the character of its people, including the strong German influence, and its culture and political system. RC 16216

Curtin, Jeremiah. Memoirs of Jeremiah Curtin. Autobiography of the pioneer Wisconsin folklorist. RCW 334

Curwood, James Oliver. The Great Lakes; the vessels that plough them: their owners, their sailors, and their cargoes. Together with a brief history of our inland seas. A history of shipping and inland navigation on the Great Lakes. RCW 596

Cutler, Richard W. Greater Milwaukee's growing pains, 1950-2000: an insider's view. Examines the social, political and economic history of Milwaukee County during the second half of the 20th century. RCW 554

Dahmer, Lionel. A father's story. Since learning of his son Jeffrey's killing and mutilation spree, chemist Lionel Dahmer has agonized over whether the compulsions that overwhelmed his son had their origins in things he might or might not have done with Jeffrey. RC 38774

Damasio, Antonio R. The feeling of what happens: body and emotion in the making of consciousness. A neurologist theorizes about the nature of consciousness and the construction of the self. Brings together findings in biological and emotional development to provide perspective on great unsolved problems of human psychology. RC 53230

Davidson, Bill. Spencer Tracy, tragic idol. Biography of the talented Hollywood actor, with sketches of his youth in Milwaukee. RC 28109

Davidson, Jean. Growing up Harley-Davidson: memoirs of a motorcycle dynasty. Jean Davidson reminisces about her childhood and youth as a member of Milwaukee's Davidson family, founders of Harley-Davidson Incorporated, the famed Motorcycle manufacturer, and relates some of the company history. Davidson family. CD 4

Del Vecchio, Mike. Railroads Across America: A Celebration of 150 Years of Railroading. A history of railroading in the United States from the 1840s to the present. RCW 355

Derleth, August W. August Derleth reads "Psyche". The Wisconsin poet reads a sequence of his love lyrics. 2-track cassette. RCW 5297

Derleth, August W. August Derleth reads "Sugar bush by moonlight". August Derleth reads "Sugar bush by moonlight" and 42 more of his poems of man and nature. 2-track cassette. RCW 5300

Derleth, August W. The only place we live. Brings together for the first time the work of three well-known regional writers, August Derleth, Jesse Stuart and Robert E. Gard. The most remarkable fact about these artists is that they interpret the lives we all live within the frame-work of their homeplaces: Derleth, until his death in 1971, in Wisconsin along with Gard and Stuart in Kentucky. RCW 5008

Derleth, August W. Return to Walden West. A collection of essays on Wisconsin. BRW 2186

Derleth, August W. Return to Walden West. Excerpts from the author's Return to Walden West, the 1970 sequel to Walden West [RCW 5301]. 2-track cassette. RCW 5298

Derleth, August W. Walden West. Selected excerpts from Derleth's autobiography. RCW 5302

Derleth, August W. Walden West. Derleth tells of his homes and haunts, of growing up in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin and of the social life and customs of the surrounding countryside. RCW 5301

DeVito, Carlo. D. Wayne: the high-rolling and fast times of America's premier horse trainer. Biography of D. Wayne Lukas, a poor kid from rural northern Wisconsin who set new records as a trainer of quarter horse and thoroughbred racehorses. RCW 568

Dewhurst, Colleen. Colleen Dewhurst: her autobiography. The actress died before completing the manuscript, so Viola talked to friends and colleagues to fill in the gaps. Some strong language. RC 45509

Dickerson, Nancy. Among those present: a reporter's view of twenty-five years in Washington. The Waukesha newswoman relates anecdotes about four presidents at work and play, as well as stories and insights appearing for the first time. RC 10108

Dikkers, Scott. Our dumb century: 100 years of headlines from America's finest news source. The editors offer headline articles from the satirical newspaper The Onion. Includes tongue-in-cheek commentaries on both world wars, movie stars, television, and presidents. Some strong language. Bestseller. RC 48431

Doran, Madeleine. Something About Swans; Essays. Seven essays by this noted Wisconsin writer. RCW 1048

Eckels, Jeffry. John Thulin And The Whad' Ya Know? Band. Music and comedy from the popular Wisconsin Public Radio show. RCW 4010

Eckert, Allan W. Twilight of empire: a narrative. Covering the period from 1801 to 1838, this is an account of the events surrounding the Black Hawk War of 1832 that was fought for possession of the upper Mississippi Valley. RC 29942

Eifert, Virginia S. Journeys in green places; the shores and woods of Wisconsin's Door Peninsula. A geologist and botanist shares her love of the shores and woods of the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin. BRA 08684/RCW 430

Eifert, Virginia S. Louis Jolliet, Explorer Of Rivers. Portrait of Louis Joliet [1645-1700], the explorer who, with Father Jacques Marquette in 1673 travelled down the Wisconsin River and found the Mississippi. Junior & senior high and older interested readers. RCW 604

Eisenberg, Arlene. What to expect the first year. Covers a wide range of questions asked by new parents, beginning with information on preparation for the baby's arrival, and then continuing on a month-by- month basis. RC 57900

Eisenberg, Arlene. What to expect: the toddler years. The authors of What to Expect When You're Expecting (RC 36978) and What to Expect the First Year (RC 31632) now tackle the second and third year. A month-by-month guide discusses common traits and possible concerns specific to each age, and the second portion of the book covers aspects of the care, health, and safety of toddlers. Also included are common home remedies and more "best-odds" recipes emphasizing nutrients for good health. Bestseller. RC 41162

Eisenberg, Arlene. What to eat while you're expecting. The authors expand their nutrition chapter from What to Expect When You're Expecting (RC 36978, BR 10238). They provide detailed instructions on formulating proper eating habits before, during, and after pregnancy. They include tips on setting up the kitchen, "best-odds" recipes, a quiz to evaluate your current diet, and nutritional information on food additives and junk food. BR 10401/RC 41851

Eisenberg, Arlene. What to expect when you're expecting. This expanded edition details the physical and emotional symptoms and medical tests and procedures pregnant women (including those with chronic conditions) are likely to experience before, during, and after pregnancy. The importance of avoiding harmful ingested or environmental substances is stressed and a Best-Odds Diet emphasizes the nutrients necessary for fetal health. Bestseller. BR 14234/RC 36978

Eisenschitz, Bernard. Nicholas Ray: an American journey. Biography of the Wisconsin-born film-maker. RCW 782

Eliot, Marc. Kato Kaelin, the whole truth: the real story of O.J., Nicole, and Kato. The Simpson murder trial, from the viewpoint of a Wisconsin participant. RC 40803

Ellis, Melvin R. Notes from Little Lakes: the story of a family and fifteen acres. Reminiscences by the beloved Wisconsin columnist about hunting and fishing from his lakeside country home. RCW 327

Ellis, Melvin R. Peg Leg Pete. How a mallard drake rescued from a muskrat trap survives and readjusts to the wild. RC 06347

Ellis, Melvin R. Run, Rainey, run. Story of a German short-haired pointer who refused to be a pet, but wanted life as a hunting dog on his own terms. BR 00485

Ellis, Melvin R. Top Dogs. Two classic stories of remarkable hunting dogs, as heard on Wisconsin Public Radio. RCW 1088

Ellis, Melvin R. Wild goose, brother goose. A story about a gander who stays behind on a marsh sanctuary with his mate who is unable to fly, remaining to protect their goslings after she dies. Then he travels alone, but returns when he guides an injured goose back to the haven. BRA 03822

Engelmann, Ruth. Leaf house: days of remembering: a memoir. Evocative reminiscence of growing up in a tiny Finnish community in rural Wisconsin during the 1920s and 1930s. RC 17592

Englund, Steven. Man slaughter. Examines the trial of abused wife Jennifer Patri for arson/murder in rural Wisconsin. RC 21676

Enright, Elizabeth. Doublefields; memories and stories. Each piece recalls a certain mood or time of life, with aging being a basic theme. BRA 01825

Esser, George. A pioneer life: memoirs of my life : an Autobiography. Autobiography of George Esser, founder and operator of the former Esser Brewery in Cross Plains, Dane County, Wisconsin, in the 19th century. RCW 232

Favre, Brett. Favre: For the record. Autobiography of the Green Bay Packers' Super-Bowl-winning quarterback. RCW 227

Featherstonhaugh, George William. A canoe voyage up the Minnay Sotor: with an account of the lead and copper deposits in Wisconsin: of the gold region in the Cherokee country, and sketches of popular manners. Describes an 1840s journey from the sources of the Minnesota River, in South Dakota, down through the Mississippi River Valley to the Cherokee homeland in the cental South. Includes a side trip to the lead and copper mines of Wisconsin. RCW 329

Fedo, Michael. The man from Lake Wobegon. A biography of radio storyteller and Wisconsin resident Garrison Keillor. RC 28783

Feraca, Jean. Crossing the great divide: poems. The Wisconsin poet and radio personality reads some of her poems. RCW 4003

Ferber, Edna. A kind of magic. The author's second autobiographical book, covering the years 1939 to 1963, includes accounts of the war, a tour of Buchenwald, and VJ Day in New York City. BRA 01094

Fine, Ralph Adam. Escape of the guilty. Wisconsin trial judge attacks the criminal court system. RC 25358

Finney, Jack. Forgotten news: the crime of the century and other lost stories. Former Milwaukee newsman recounts famous news stories of the 19th century. RC 19321

Flax, Marshall E. Coping with low vision. Information for everyone coping with visual impairment, including friends, family, and caregivers, compiled by a Wisconsin professional. RC 38113

Foster, Rory C. I never met an animal I didn't like. Lighthearted reminiscences about the years the author and his wife spent building a veterinary practice. Foster recounts his work with injured wild animals and ailing pets. He talks about treating a fawn hit by a car, a loon who mistook a puddle on an airport runway for a lake, and a kitten, whom he temporarily adopted, with a badly fractured leg. RC 33146

Fox, C.P. America's great circus parade: its roots, its revival, its revelry. Written to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the circus in America, this book recounts the history of Baraboo's Circus World Museum as well as Milwaukee's annual Great Circus Parade. RCW 5303

Fox, C.P. The Horse-drawn wagon collection at the Circus World Museum, Baraboo, Wisconsin. History and description of the world's largest collection of antique circus wagons. BRW 8

Fox, Stephen R. John Muir and his legacy: the American conservation movement. Biography of the Wisconsin-raised naturalist. RC 32116

Frazier, Patrick. The Mohicans of Stockbridge. After the Mohican Indians accepted Christianity in the Massachusetts community of Stockbridge, they became known as Stockbridge Indians and lost their identity as Mohicans. RC 39143

Gale, Zona. Miss Lulu Bett: an American comedy of manners. The 1920 Pulitzer-Prize-winning play. BRW 46/RCW 125

Gard, Robert E. Coming home to Wisconsin. The noted historian's autobiography. RCW 1054

Gard, Robert E. The romance of Wisconsin place names. A geographical history of the Badger state. RCW 167

Gard, Robert E. This is Wisconsin. The noted Badger State historian reflects on Wisconsin's social life and customs. RCW 612

Gard, Robert E. We were Children Then: Stories from The Yarns of Yesteryear Project. Elderly interviewees reminisce about their Wisconsin childhoods. BRW 156

Gard, Robert E. Wisconsin lore; antics and anecdotes of Wisconsin people and places. A harvest of lumberjack stories, ghost tales, Indian legends, circus yarns, home remedies, practical jokes, superstitions, proverbs, and sayings from the 19th-century Badger State. BRW 2071

Garland, Hamlin. Christmas in the Midwest. A collection of Garland's essays and stories about his past Christmas celebrations in Iowa and Wisconsin. RCW 664

Garland, Hamlin. A Daughter of the Middle Border. A continuation of the author's autobiography, A son of the middle border. RCW 345

Garland, Hamlin. A Son of the Middle Border. The Wisconsin native's autobiography. BRW 84/RCW 123

Gauer, Harold, ed. The History: Growing Up The Hard Way In The 1930s, Vol. 1. An oral history of Milwaukee. RCW 4019

Gilbert, Julie G. Ferber: A biography. Life of the Wisconsin-born Pulitzer-Prize winning author Edna Ferber. RC 15906

Gill, Brendan. Many masks: a life of Frank Lloyd Wright. The turbulent career of Wisconsin's most creative and cantankerous architect. RC 27227

Gilpatrick, Kristin. Famous Wisconsin film stars. Brief biographies of such Wisconsin-born film stars as Spencer Tracy, Agnes Moorehead, Orson Welles, Carole Landis, Jeffrey Hunter, Fred MacMurray, Don Ameche, Pat O'Brien, Frederic March, Colleen Dewhurst, Brian Donlevy & Gene Wilder. RCW 525

Glad, Paul W. History of Wisconsin, Vol. 5: War, a New Era, and Depression, 1914-1940. Describes Wisconsin's experience of World War I, the "roaring twenties," the Great Depression of the 1930s, and the start of World War II. RCW 272

Golde, Henry. Ragdolls. Henry, a Fox Cities resident, is a Holocaust survivor. This book is his story: how as an 11-year-old boy, he was sent to nine different concentration camps in five years. Henry lost his entire family, but survived and emigrated to the U.S. after the war. After living and working in Milwaukee and Merrill, he now lives in Appleton; his book tells his very moving story in straightforward, direct, very readable prose. Descriptions of violence. RCW 555

Gordon, Linda. The great Arizona orphan abduction. Wisconsin history professor describes how racial politics caused a social upheaval in 1904. The New York Catholic Foundling Hospital placed children with Mexican-American families in the Clifton-Morenci, Arizona, mining area. Infuriated, local Anglos took the fair Irish-American orphans from their new Hispanic homes. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the vigilantes. Banta Award. RC 51313

Graham, Loren R. A face in the rock: the tale of a Grand Island Chippewa. Story of the dispersal of the Chippewa who lived on Grand Island in Lake Superior. RCW 1007

Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. A Guide to understanding Chippewa treaty rights. This guide addresses common questions and misperceptions of Chippewa treaty rights, and provides background information on treaties and tribal sovereignty. BRW 3009/RCW 5278

Gregory, Horace. Collected poems. Poems by a 20th-century American poet and critic. BRA 02526

Gregory, Horace. The house on Jefferson Street: a cycle of memories. A literary memoir by the noted Wisconsin poet. RCW 1050

Guequierre, Nathan. City-smart: Milwaukee. A popular guidebook to the city of Milwaukee. RCW 546

Gurda, John. The Bradley legacy: Lynde and Harry Bradley, their company, and their foundation. A history of the Allen-Bradley Company of Milwaukee, focusing on founders Lynde and Harry Bradley, and their charitable foundation. RCW 406

Gurda, John. Centennial of faith: the basilica of Saint Josaphat, 1888-1988. A centennial corporate history of the Milwaukee church. RCW 407

Gurda, John. Discover Milwaukee: a great home town. A tour of Milwaukee's neighborhoods, with a brief history. RCW 409

Gurda, John. The Humphrey legacy. Biography of Glenn and Gert Humphrey, with a history of their foundation. RCW 413

Gurda, John. The Latin community on Milwaukee's near South Side. Sociological study of Milwaukee's Hispanic community. RCW 415

Gurda, John. The making of a good name in industry: a history of the Falk Corporation, 1892-1992. A centennial corporate history of the gear manufacturer. RCW 416

Gurda, John. The making of Milwaukee. History of Milwaukee from its origins as a Native American settlement to its present status as Wisconsin's largest city. RCW 300

Gurda, John. Path of a pioneer: a centennial history of the Wisconsin Electric Power Company. History of Milwaukee's Pioneer Wisconsin Electric Power Company, 1896-1996. RCW 418

Gurda, John. The quiet company: a modern history of Northwestern Mutual Life. Corporate history of the Milwaukee-based insurance company. RCW 419

Gurda, John. A sense of tradition: the centennial history of the Milwaukee Country Club. Recounts the first 100 years of the Milwaukee Country Club. RCW 420

Gurda, John. A separate settlement: a study of one section of Milwaukee's old South Side. A history of the ethnic groups who settled Milwaukee's old South Side, a neighborhood bordered by West Pierce Street and West Becher Street on the north and south, and South 23rd Street and South 38th Street on the east and west. RCW 421

Gurda, John. Silent city: a history of Forest Home Cemetery. History of Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery, published for St. Paul's Episcopal Church at its 150th year. RCW 422

Gurda, John. Sticking to it: a history of the W.H. Brady Co., 1914-1989. A history of the first 75 years of Milwaukee's W.H. Brady Company, a major adhesives manufacturer since 1914. RCW 423

Gurda, John. The West End, Merrill Park, Pigsville, Concordia: Milwaukee. Pictorial history and guide to Milwaukee's west side. RCW 424

Hachten, Harva. The flavor of Wisconsin: an informal history of food and eating in the Badger State, together with 400 Favorite recipes. Social history of cookery in Wisconsin, together with 400 favorite recipes. RC 7238

Hammarstrom, David. Big top boss: John Ringling North and the circus. Biography of the showman who moved the big top indoors. RC 47428

Harr, Jonathan. A civil action. An in-depth study of an 8-year legal battle over industrial pollution. RC 41279

Harrison, Gilbert A. The enthusiast: a life of Thornton Wilder. Full-length study of the man and writer, best known for "Our Town" (RC 12934) and winner of three Pulitzer Prizes. RC 21816

Harrison, Kit. America's favorite backyard birds. A popular guide to bird watching focuses on the ten most common species, offering a wealth of information on each: what they look like, what they eat, where they live, how they behave, when they nest, and how the young are raised. RC 20534

Harrison, Kit. America's favorite backyard wildlife. From personal observation and the research findings of numerous naturalists and biologists, the Harrisons describe the habits and lifestyles of fourteen animal species. Among them are raccoons, deer, mice, and skunks. BR 06342

Hatfield, Fred. North of the sun: a memoir of the Alaskan wilderness. With a desire for adventure and a love for the beauty of the wild, the author moved from Wisconsin to Alaska in the early 1930s. RC 33409

Havighurst, Walter. The long ships passing: the story of the Great lakes. Well-written tales of the men and ships who once sailed the Great Lakes. RCW 5015

Hayna, Lois B. A book of charms. 20th century American poetry by Lois Beebe Hayna and Angela Peckenpaugh. RCW 1055

Herdegen, Lance J. In the bloody railroad cut at Gettysburg. Exploits of the 6th Wisconsin Volunteers on July 1, 1863. RCW 143

Herdegen, Lance J. The men stood like iron: how the Iron Brigade won its name. The citizen volunteers of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin and 19th Indiana (and later the 24th Michigan) were first known as the Black Hat Brigade for their distinctive headgear, apparel that would make them favorite targets of Rebel fire. At South Mountain George McClellan called them "men of iron." Their story shows it was a reputation won and sustained at a terrible cost. For high school and adult readers. RCW 144

Herman, Arthur. Joseph McCarthy: reexamining the life and legacy of America's most hated senator. A sympathetic portrait of the 20th century Wisconsin senator and "single most despised man in American political memory." RC 49881

Herman, Woody. The woodchopper's ball: the autobiography of Woody Herman. The story of how a white kid from Milwaukee became the leader of "the band that plays the blues". RC 37380

Heyrman, Christine L. Southern cross: the beginnings of the Bible Belt. Brookfield author offers a historical account of the rise of evangelical religion in the US. RC 44695

Higham, Charles. Orson Welles, the rise and fall of an American genius. This biography tackles the life of the complex Wisconsin-born film-maker. RC 23855

Hildebrand, John. Mapping the farm: the chronicle of a family. This memoir of his wife's family farm earned UW-Eau Claire Professor Hildebrand the 1996 Banta Award for best book by a Wisconsin author. RC 41897

Hildebrand, John. Reading the river: a voyage down the Yukon. A memoir of travel in Canada and Alaska. BR 07734/RC 29300

Historic Milwaukee, Inc. Milwaukee footnotes: Juneautown, Kilbourntown, & Walker's Point. 3 self-guided walking tours of Milwaukee's original settlements. RCW 1009

Holand, Hjalmar R. Old peninsula days. Tales and sketches of the old days in Door County. RCW 5019

Holmes, Frederick. Old World Wisconsin: around Europe in the Badger State. Discusses Wisconsin ethnology and folk culture. RCW 5260

Holt, Mikel. Not Yet "Free At Last"! The Unfinished Business Of The Civil Rights Movement. Covers the battle for school choice in Milwaukee. RCW 301

Homme, Bob. The Bandwagon Correspondence School. Selections from the popular Wisconsin Public Radio show. RCW 4002

Howard, James H. The Plains-Ojibwa or Bungi: hunters and warriors of the northern Prairies, with special reference to the Turtle Mountain band. Moving out of the Woodland regions of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario in the late 18th century, the ancestors of [the Bungi] battled Plains Indian groups already established on the "tall grass prairie" and carved a territory for themselves and their descendants. RCW 493

Ingalls, Robert P. Point of order: a profile of Senator Joe McCarthy. A concise biography of the unknown first-term senator from Wisconsin who became world famous in the "nightmare" decade after World War II by charging that Communists had infiltrated the government. For junior and senior high and adult readers. RC 22187

Jackson, Hartley H. Mammals of Wisconsin. The most complete volume on Wisconsin's native animals. RCW 5255

Jackson, Jacqueline D. More stories from the round barn. Novelist Jackson tells more stories of growing up on her family's farm near Beloit. Broadcast on Wisconsin Public Radio's Chapter-a-Day in 2002. BRW 145/RCW 4145

Jackson, Jacqueline D. Stories from the round barn. Novelist Jackson tells stories of growing up on her family's farm near Beloit. Broadcast on Wisconsin Public Radio's Chapter-a-Day in 1998. BRW 144/RCW 4144

Jakubovich, Paul J. Good For Business: A Guide To Rehabilitating The Exteriors Of Older Commercial Buildings. The definitive guide for owners of older commercial buildings wishing to refurbish them without sacrificing the special features that make them appealing and inviting. RCW 4020

Jewell, William Sherman. Fifty years in law and politics: reminiscences of a Wisconsin country lawyer. Autobiography of a pioneering Wisconsin attorney. RCW 490

Jordan, Pat. A false spring. Though the author excelled as a Little Leaguer and high school pitcher, he failed to make it on a major league team. He left baseball at twenty-two and became a successful writer instead. Strong language. RC 08333

Kaese, Harold. The Milwaukee Braves. The first 24 chapters were published in 1948 under the title The Boston Braves; the remainder of the book chronicles the team's move to Milwaukee. RCW 289

Kanin, Garson. Tracy and Hepburn; an intimate memoir. Reminiscence about Milwaukee-born Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, his beloved co-star. RCW 4137

Keesing, Felix M. The Menomini Indians of Wisconsin: a study of three centuries of cultural contact and change. A study of the history and culture of the Menominee over three centuries of cultural contact, 1634-1939. RCW 5289

Kennan, George F. Around the cragged hill: a personal and political philosophy. Scholar, diplomat, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author reflects on domestic politics and foreign policy. RC 36383

Kennan, George F. Memoirs, 1925-1950. The author recalls his years as a scholar at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies. RCW 607

Kennan, George F. The nuclear delusion: Soviet-American relations in the atomic age. A former ambassador to Russia offers his perspective on the arms race. BR 05290

Kennan, George F. Sketches from a life. A collection of diary entries from more than sixty years as a career diplomat. RC 30994

Kercheval, Jesse Lee. Space: a memoir. Wisconsin author shares her memories of growing up in Florida near Cape Canaveral. Banta Award finalist. RCW 309

King, Norman. Everybody loves Oprah! her remarkable life story. Discusses the former Milwaukee resident who rose to prominence through her television talk show. RC 28285

Kinzie, Juliette A. Wau-bun, the "early day" in the North-west. Narrative of travel in Wisconsin and Illinois; life at Fort Winnebago (Portage) Wisconsin, 1830-1833; Chicago in 1831; Chicago massacre of 1812. RCW 131

Kirk, Joyce F. Making a Voice: African Resistance to Segregation in South Africa. Wisconsin historian traces the social conflicts brought about by apartheid in 20th century South Africa. RCW 207

Klein, Tom. Loon magic. Introduces the shy water bird famous for its mournful call. RCW 1051

Koethe, John. Falling water: poems. Koethe's poems reflect on, and even dialogue with, life in all its puzzling transformations. RCW 214

Koethe, John. The late Wisconsin spring. 23 poems of Wisconsin. RCW 323

Kolehmainen, John Ilmari. Haven in the woods: the story of the Finns in Wisconsin. George William Hill is the joint author of this history of Wisconsin's Finnish settlers. RCW 621

Koppelman, Kent L. The fall of a sparrow: of death and dreams and healing. UW-LaCrosse Professor writes of learning to cope with bereavement following the death of his young son in a car accident. RCW 175

Koppelman, Kent L. Values In The Key Of Life: Making Harmony In The Human Community. Presents substantive ideas on issues like values, ideals, diversity, and community, based on true stories. RCW 373

Korom, Joseph J. Milwaukee architecture: a guide to notable buildings. Descriptions of 150 notable Milwaukee buildings from Milwaukee's oldest to sleek new high-rises. RCW 4026

Kramer, Jerry. Distant replay. Whatever happened to the members of the 1967 World Champion Green Bay Packers? RC 24072

Kramer, Jerry. Farewell to football. The former Green Bay Packer says goodbye to football. BR 01242

Kraus, William M. Let the people decide. Discusses the Wisconsin gubernatorial election which the author managed for Lee Dreyfus. RCW 1046

Kubly, Herbert O. At large. A literary critic recounts his life and travels, from his birthplace, New Glarus, Wisconsin, to Elba, Rome, Pittsburgh and New Hampshire. RCW 1043

La Follette, Robert M. La Follette's autobiography: a personal narrative of political experiences. Autobiography of Wisconsin's most famous governor and political crusader "Fightin' Bob" La Follette. RCW 331

Lac Court Oreilles Powwow. Honor The Earth Powwow: Songs of the Great Lakes Indians. Powwow songs of the Ojibwa, Winnebago, and Menominee Indians, recorded in Wisconsin, July, 1990. RCW 5275

Lane, Kit. Lake Michigan Shipwrecks: South Haven To Grand Haven. Discusses shipwrecks that occurred on Lake Michigan between South Haven, Michigan and Grand Haven, Michigan. RCW 366

Larsen, Lawrence H. The president wore spats: a biography of Glenn Frank. This book covers the controversial career of Glen Frank, president of the University of Wisconsin from 1925 to 1936. Upon Frank's dismissal from the university, he turned to politics. RCW 5012

Leaming, Barbara. Orson Welles, a biography. A poignant chronicle of the public and private life of the Wisconsin-born actor-director who is known internationally for his contributions to American radio, film, and theater. RC 23991

Leary, James P. Wisconsin folklore. Covers Wisconsin's folklore, social life, and customs. RCW 295

Lenroot, Clara C. Long, long ago. Reminiscences of the author's pioneer Wisconsin childhood during the Civil War. RCW 233

Leopold, Aldo. Round River: from the journals of Aldo Leopold. Essays dating from 1922 to 1937 on Wisconsin's outdoors. RCW 322

Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County almanac, and Sketches here and there. Poses the question "whether a higher standard of living is worth the cost in things natural, wild, and free?" BR 01846/RC 52718/RCW 5244

Lerner, Gerda. A death of one's own. UW professor tells of her husband's death from a brain tumor. RC 15344

Lesy, Michael. The forbidden zone. How Americans deal with mortality. RC 26856

Lesy, Michael. Wisconsin death trip. A depressing discussion of the hard lives endured in rural Wisconsin in the 1890s. BRW 2084

Levine, Isaac D. Mitchell: pioneer of air power. A biography of the celebrated Wisconsinite, Gen. Billy Mitchell, pioneer of air power, who was court-martialed for his disagreements with his superiors. RCW 5010

Liberace, Wladzilas. Liberace; an autobiography. The autobiography of "Mr. Showmanship", whose candelabra, gaudy piano, jewel-encrusted wardrobe, and versatility made him a TV idol. RC 07129

Linderman, Gerald F. The world within war: America's combat experience in World War II. A highly original social history covering and capturing the full experience of combat in World War II. RCW 223

Lobo-Cobb, Angela. A Confluence Of Colors: The First Anthology Of Wisconsin Minority Poets. Poems presented are by Wisconsin Indian, African-American, and Asian-American authors. RCW 5292

Loew, Patty. Indian Nations Of Wisconsin: Histories Of Endurance And Renewal. Describes the history, social life, and customs of Wisconsin's Native American tribes. RCW 445

Logan, Ben. The land remembers: the story of a farm and its people. Nostalgic account of the author's boyhood on a Wisconsin farm. Banta Award. RC 08318

Lombardi, Vince. Run to daylight! The late fiery coach of the Green Bay Packers offers an insider's view of pro football. BRA 04902/RC 21456

Lovell, Jim. Lost moon: the perilous voyage of Apollo 13. Apollo 13 was to have been the 5th mission to the moon. But 2 days into the trip, on April 13, 1970, the oxygen tank exploded in the command module, placing the 3 astronauts in grave danger. Lovell describes those terrifying days as astronauts, contractors, and Mission Control struggled to bring Apollo 13 safely back to earth. RC 40691

Lucas, Mike. Five Golden Rings: the Saga of Wisconsin Hockey. An account of hockey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. RCW 294

Lyden, Jacki. Daughter of the Queen of Sheba. Memoir of growing up with a mentally ill mother. RC 45333

Lyford, Carrie. Ojibway crafts. An examination of the traditional tribal crafts of the western Great Lakes Ojibway (Chippewa). RCW 5277

Magee, Dick. Explore with me-Milwaukee. A guidebook designed to help companies and homebuyers to make effective relocation decisions, this tape offers 40 stories about what's fun, what's interesting, what's unique, and what's happening in Milwaukee. RCW 1229

Mann, Peggy. Golda; the life of Israel's Prime Minister. Biography of the Milwaukee woman who became one of the world's foremost political figures. RC 07262

Maraniss, David. First in his class: a biography of Bill Clinton. Pulitzer-prize winning Madison journalist looks sympathetically at the political development of President Clinton. RC 40458

Maraniss, David. They marched into sunlight: war and peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967. Interwoven accounts of two Vietnam war-related events in October 1967: the deadly jungle ambush of the Black Lions army battalion and a violent antiwar student protest in Wisconsin against recruiters for the Dow Chemical Company. RC 58193

Maraniss, David. When pride still mattered: a life of Vince Lombardi. The life and times of football giant Vince Lombardi are chronicled, including his humble beginnings in Brooklyn and his many years in school athletics, before he became head coach of the Green Bay Packers in 1959. BR 12471/RC 49258

Martin, Mary C. Coming Home To Door: Vignettes And Recipes Celebrating The 100th Anniversary of the Door County Literary Guild. 12 members of the Door County Literary Guild each created a member of a fictional book club, telling her story, with recipes from the monthly meetings. RCW 368

Martin, Philip. My Midwest: rural writings from the heartland. A wonderful collection of 26 stories. RCW 256

Martin, Ralph G. Golda: Golda Meir, the romantic years. Martin delineates the Milwaukee teacher's courage, strength, and brilliance, as well as her romantic side. BR 07685/RC 29234

Mason, Carol I. Introduction to Wisconsin Indians: prehistory to statehood. Provides a guide to history, archaeology, and customs. RCW 5290

Matson, Elizabeth. The Bookcase Ghost: A Storyteller's Collection of Wisconsin Ghost Stories. 18 ghost stories, with tips on telling. RCW 1027

Mazzuchelli, Samuel Charles. Memoirs, historical and edifying, of a missionary apostolic of the Order of Saint Dominic among various Indian tribes and among the Catholics and Protestants in the United States of America. Father Mazzuchelli, a Dominican missionary to the Indians of Wisconsin in the early 19th century, tells his story. RCW 333

McCall, Edith S. Sometimes we dance alone: your next years can be your best years. Believing that life is a gift of endless possibilities, 80-something writer McCall urges others not to drop out of the dance of life just because they live alone in their later years. RC 38967

McCann, Dennis. The Wisconsin Story: 150 Stories, 150 Years. 150 stories from Wisconsin history, collected by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist. RCW 198

McConnell, Malcolm. Into the mouth of the cat: the story of Lance Sijan, hero of Vietnam. Biography of a Milwaukee-born air force pilot captured in Laos. RC 21946

McDonald, Grace. The History of the Irish in Wisconsin in the 19th century. Reprint of the Wisconsin historian's doctoral thesis, originally published by Catholic University of America, on the Irish-American settlement of Wisconsin. RCW 425

McElvaine, Robert S. Down & out in the Great Depression: letters from the "forgotten man" A moving and revealing collection of letters by 173 men, women, and children who suffered through one of America's greatest hardships. Their letters, which capture the daily anguish of life in the 1930s, were written by desperate people seeking solace, help, and protection from Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and other officials. RC 19348

McGilligan, Patrick. Alfred Hitchcock: a life in darkness and light. Biography of English-born film director who dominated the first fifty years of cinema. RC 58501

McGilligan, Patrick. George Cukor: a double life. Cukor, who died in 1983, had a successful career as a director of over 50 films. RC 35555

McGilligan, Patrick. Jack's life: a biography of Jack Nicholson. In researching the life of this movie star with 40 years in show business, the Wisconsin author unearthed facts previously unknown even to the actor. RC 38281

McKenzie, Rusty. Never far from water: poems. Poems which arise from 70 years of living in Wisconsin. RCW 267

Mebane, Mary E. Mary. An autobiographical account of a young black woman born in the 1930s who struggles to free herself from oppression in the back country of North Carolina. BR 04845/RC 16756

Meine, Curt. Aldo Leopold: his life and work. In-depth biography of the Wisconsin naturalist. RC 29405

Meir, Golda. My Life. Memoirs of the Russian-born University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate who became Prime Minister of Israel. RC 09845

Meisner, Maurice J. Mao's China: a history of the People's Republic. A reinterpretation and summary of modern Chinese history from 1915 through the death of Mao. RD 11722

Miller, John E. Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder: the woman behind the legend. Biography of the woman who wrote the Little House on the Prairie series. RC 48844

Miller, Wesson Gage. Thirty years in the itinerancy. A Methodist minister tells of the 30 years he spent as a circuit rider in Wisconsin in the mid-19th century, going from one rural church to another. RCW 337

Mori, Kyoko. The dream of water: a memoir. UW professor tells how she fled Japan for America at age 20. RC 43518

Mori, Kyoko. Polite lies: on being a woman caught between cultures. Mori's life falls into two halves: childhood in Japan and adulthood in the American Midwest. RCW 236

Morleigh. A merry Briton in pioneer Wisconsin: a contemporary narrative. Contains the last five chapters of "Life in the West: backwood leaves and prairie flowers: rough sketches on the borders of the picturesque, the sublime, and ridiculous. Extracts from the notebooks of Morleigh in search of an estate" published in London in 1842. RCW 336

Muir, John. Muir among the animals: the wildlife writings of John Muir, 1838-1914. Collection of fragments written by the founder of the Sierra Club. BR 06776

Muir, John. My first summer in the Sierra. In this diary, Muir tells of his first trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains, where the seed was planted for his lifelong campaign to create a series of national parks. BR 08149/RC 30838

Muir, John. Nature writings: the story of my boyhood and youth, my first summer in the Sierra, the mountains of California, Stickeen, selected essays. A selection of four books and eighteen essays by Scottish-born naturalist John Muir (1838-1914), a key figure in the creation of the American national parks system. RC 58485

Muir, John. The story of my boyhood and youth. Muir's extraordinary abilities enabled him to escape from the rural poverty of his Wisconsin boyhood to become a distinguished naturalist. RC 12877

Muir, John. Travels in Alaska. Last book written by Wisconsin naturalist John Muir (1838-1914), who recounts three trips to Alaska between 1879 and 1890. RC 58721

Muir, John. The wilderness world of John Muir. Selections from journals and publications of the Scottish-born conservationist, who emigrated to Wisconsin at age eleven. RC 58404

Murray, Catherine T. Recipes Of A Lifetime: A Collection From Readers. Cherished recipes submitted by the readers of the Wisconsin State Journal. RCW 356

Nailen, R.L. Beertown blazes; a century of Milwaukee firefighting. The story of the Milwaukee Fire Department from 1871-1971. Not a complete history, but an account of the more colorful episodes in that time--the city's great fires, its firefighters, and their relationship to the life of the city itself. RCW 5241

Nelson, Richard K. The island within. Banta-Award-winning narrative of life among Alaska's Koyukon Indians. RCW 135

Nesaule, Agate. A woman in amber: healing the trauma of war and exile. A UW-Madison professor tells of her tortured childhood in war-torn Latvia during World War II, and its traumatic aftermath. American Book Award 1996. RCW 606

Nesbit, Robert C. Urbanization and industrialization, 1873-1893: History of Wisconsin; 3. A vivid portrait of Wisconsin's urban and industrial growth from 1873 to 1893. RCW 270

Nesbit, Robert C. Wisconsin; a history. A well-regarded, thorough history of the Badger State. RCW 1037

Niedecker, Lorine. The granite pail: the selected poems of Lorine Niedecker. Niedecker's work blends language and nature with a sense of zest and joy. BR 06884

Niven, Penelope. Carl Sandburg: a biography. Poet and biographer Sandburg worked as a newspaper reporter in Milwaukee. The unflagging support of his wife Paula, a suffragette, bolstered him even when Socialist party activities put both their new marriage and his writing on hold. RC 34376

Nolan, Alan T. The Iron Brigade: a military history. A regimental history of the U. S. Army's 28th Infantry Division (Wisconsin's Iron Brigade) during the War Between the States. RCW 1585

Norquist, Ernest O. Our Paradise: A GI's War Diary. Memoirs of a Milwaukee GI who was a prisoner of war in the Philippines during World War II. RCW 4015

Norris, Mary. Six from the heart: by two from the heartland. Kenoshan Mary Norris and Lake Geneva vet Dr. Ralph Smith tell stories of life in the Upper Midwest. RCW 4031

North, Henry Ringling. The Circus Kings; Our Ringling Family Story. Biography of the 5 Ringling brothers of Baraboo, Wisconsin, by their nephew, current owner of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus--the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! RCW 1040

North, Sterling. Raccoons are the brightest people. An informal compilation of hints on raising and training raccoons, stories gleaned from correspondence, and a plea for the conservation of America's disappearing wildlife. BR 00307

O'Brien, Michael. Vince: a personal memoir of Vince Lombardi. Recollections of the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. RC 27250

O'Brien, Pat. The wind at my back; the life and times of Pat O'Brien, by himself. Autobiography of the Milwaukee-born actor. RCW 3617

Olson, Sigurd F. Of time and place. Collection of essays by the late naturalist and wilderness guide of 60 years in the Lake Superior country. RC 58735

Olson, Sigurd F. Open horizons. Wisconsin naturalist shares his enthusiasm about North America's open spaces. RCW 1042

Olson, Sigurd F. Reflections from the North Country. An ecologist and wilderness interpreter offers a collection of essays on his experiences on rivers, lakes, and primitive terrain from northern Wisconsin to the Arctic Circle. RC 58735

Olson, Sigurd F. The singing wilderness. A book of discovery that re-creates the sights and sounds of the Quetico-Superior country and explores the permanent values of a great wilderness area. RCW 1225

Oppenheim, Joanne. The elementary school handbook: making the most of your child's education. A consumer guide to parenting a school-age child. BR 08521/RC 32252

Oppenheim, Joanne. Raising a confident child: the Bank Street year-by-year guide. How to develop your child's social skills. RC 22813

Ourade, Patricia. The Menominee Indians: a history. A respected history of this Wisconsin tribe. RCW 5271

Peck, George W. Peck's Bad Boy and his Pa. Humorous short newspaper sketches about the author's mischievous Wisconsin boyhood. RCW 127

Peckenpaugh, Angela J. Letters from Lee's army. The Milwaukee poet edited the letters of her great-grandfather, John Hampden Chamberlayne (1838-1882), which he wrote home from the Army of Northern Virginia, during the War Between the States. RCW 1056

Peckenpaugh, Angela J. Remembering rivers. A series of the Milwaukee writer's poems about rivers, characterized by a mystical sense of connection as a woman to nature. RCW 1057

Peirce, Neal R. The Great Lakes States of America: people, politic, and power in the five Great Lakes States. A detailed look at the people, politics, economics, and industry of the five Great Lakes states--Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. RC 16716

Pernin, Peter. The Great Peshtigo Fire: an eyewitness account. Over 1100 people lost their lives in this 19th century disaster. RCW 306

Perry, Michael. Population, 485: meeting your neighbors one siren at a time. A volunteer firefighter from New Auburn, Wisconsin, describes local social life and customs as observed on fire calls. RCW 569

Peters, Margot. Bernard Shaw and the actresses. The noted playwright's relationships with British actresses. Banta Award 1981. RCW 132

Peters, Margot. Design for living: Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne: a biography. Recounts the tempestuous lives of the famous acting team who captured the hearts of American theatergoers from 1919 to 1959. RC 58567

Peters, Margot. The house of Barrymore. Biography centers on the most famous Barrymores: Ethel, Lionel, and John. RC 32826

Peters, Margot. May Sarton: a biography. A brilliant portrait of one of America's major literary figures. RCW 237

Peters, Margot. Mrs. Pat: the life of Mrs. Patrick Campbell. Biography of the great Edwardian actress and correspondent of George Bernard Shaw. Banta Award 1984. RCW 145

Peters, Margot. Unquiet soul: a biography of Charlotte Brontë. Explores the world of the 19th-century novelist and the friends who supported her in a Victorian society that was not ready for her radicalism. RC 09782

Peters, Nell. Nell's story: a woman from Eagle River. Growing up in the north woods in mid-20th century. RCW 321

Peters, Robert L. Crunching gravel: growing up in the thirties. A Wisconsin poet reminisces. RC 31726

Peterson, Jane Marie. Between Memory and Reality: Family and Community in Rural Wisconsin. A sociological study of rural life in the towns of Pigeon and Lincoln, Wisconsin, as well as the rest of Trempealeau County, from 1870 to 1970. RCW 292

Polleys, A. D. Stories Of Pioneer Days In The Black River Valley. Popular history of Black River Falls and surrounding Jackson County, Wisconsin. RCW 1026

Porter, Darrell. Snap me perfect!: the Darrell Porter story. Autobiography of the Milwaukee Brewer All-Star catcher, who was MVP of the 1982 World Series with St. Louis. RCW 494

Probst, Richard Ezra. Archie's Way: A Memoir Of Craftsmanship And Friendship. Richard Ezra Probst writes an affectionate memoir of his friend Archie Raasch [1905-1997], carpenter and machinist of Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Banta Award finalist. RCW 310

Proxmire, Ellen. One foot in Washington; the perilous life of a Senator's wife. Growing up in Washington, D.C. and serving as executive secretary for Wisconsin's Democratic Party, the wife of Wisconsin's Senator William Proxmire details the many duties of a Senator and his family. RCW 431

Proxmire, William. Uncle Sam--the last of the bigtime spenders. The Senator from Wisconsin discusses U.S. government spending policy vs. the public interest. RC 13874

Prucha, Francis P. The great father: the United States government and the American Indians, I. A survey of the scope of American Indian policy from the 1780s to 1880. RCW 5294

Prucha, Francis P. The great father: the United States government and the American Indians, II. A survey of the scope of American Indian policy from the 1880s to 1980. RC 26134

Prucha, Francis P. The Indians in American society: from the revolutionary war to the present. Fr. Prucha traces the historic themes of white paternalism and Indian dependency through the decades up to the present day. RCW 5279

Pyron, Darden Asbury. Liberace: an American boy. Portrays the life of Milwaukee musical prodigy Wladziu Valentino Liberace (1919-1987), assessing his influence on American culture. RC 51916

Quimby, George I. Indian life in the Upper Great Lakes, 11,000 B.C. to A.D. 1800. An overview of Native American life in the Upper Great Lakes region stretching from prehistoric times to 1800 A.D. RCW 5014

Quinn, Brenda W. Caring for Milwaukee: the Daughters of Charity at St. Mary's Hospital. A history of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and their contribution to health care in Milwaukee. RCW 185

Radin, Paul. The autobiography of a Winnebago Indian: life, ways, acculturation, and the peyote cult. Radin's biography of Crashing Thunder, a late 19th century Winnebago Indian, gives a picture of life on the reservation before 1920. RCW 5286

Ralph, LeAnn R. Christmas in Dairyland: true stories from a Wisconsin Farm. Includes family memories, recipes for family holiday favorites such as lefse, julekake and fattigman, as well as instructions for making candles out of old crayons. RCW 577

Raney, William F. Wisconsin: a story of progress. A readable summary of the growth of Wisconsin from the arrival of the first European visitor in 1634 through 1940. RCW 5265

Rath, Jay. A Leader of Cheeseheads. Comedy from Wisconsin Public Radio. RCW 4006

Rath, Jay. The W-Files: True Reports of Wisconsin's Unexplained Phenomena. This brief account of Wisconsin's curiosities and wonders includes Joe Simonton's "Pancakes from space". RCW 285

Rath, Sara L. The complete cow. From ancient myths to a breed encyclopedia to a whimsical look at the fun pop culture surrounding famous cows, this book has it all. RCW 330

Rath, Sara L. Dancing with a cowboy. Wisconsin poet reads her work for Wisconsin Public Radio. RCW 4004

Rath, Sara L. Remembering the wilderness: poems. This volume of Rath's poetry won the Banta Award for best book by a Wisconsin author in 1983. RCW 134

Ratigan, William. Great Lakes shipwrecks & survivals. History of maritime disasters on each of the North American inland seas: Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, Superior, and Ontario. RC 47621

Reedy, George E. Lyndon B. Johnson, a memoir. A colleague's recollection of the former senator and president. BR 05270

Reedy, George E. The U.S. Senate: paralysis or a search for consensus? Insightful discussion and commentary on the inner workings of the U.S. Senate. RC 25327

Reeves, Thomas C. Gentleman boss: the life of Chester Alan Arthur. Biography of the 21st President of the U.S. RC 15760

Reeves, Thomas C. The life and times of Joe McCarthy: a biography. An objective, in-depth biography of the former Wisconsin Senator. RC 18081

Reeves, Thomas C. A question of character: a life of John F. Kennedy. The author, a history professor specializing in twentieth-century American politics and religion, sheds new light on discrepancies between the public life and private behavior of Kennedy. RC 33026

Rehnquist, William H. All the laws but one: civil liberties in wartime. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expostulates on how civil liberties are curbed during times of war. RC 48639

Rehnquist, William H. Grand inquests: the historic impeachments of Justice Samuel Chase and President Andrew Johnson. Account of the nineteenth-century impeachment of a justice and a president by the Chief Justice. RC 38303

Rehnquist, William H. The Supreme Court: how it was, how it is. The Chief Justice offers an overview of the Court. RC 27628

Reynolds, Lynn H. Reynolds, Maple And History: Fit For Kings. An epic history of the Reynolds family and of the maple syrup industry in Wisconsin. RCW 255

Ritzenthaler, Robert E. Prehistoric Indians of Wisconsin. This popular science handbook covers Wisconsin Native American archaeology and ethnology. RCW 5270

Ritzenthaler, Robert E. Woodland Indians of the western Great Lakes. Describes the history and culture of Wisconsin's Native Americans. RCW 104

Robishaw, Susan J. Homesteading Adventures: A Guide For Doers And Dreamers. A practical "how-to" manual for the novice or the experienced, for the casual or committed, for anyone interested in that elusive "simple life". RCW 284

Rogers, Charles B. "Reminiscences Of A Country Lawyer". Autobiography of a pioneer attorney in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. RCW 358

Rogers, Katharine M. L. Frank Baum, creator of Oz: a biography. Biography of celebrated children's author Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919). RC 58766

Russell, Lou. Wisconsin Lore and Legends. Legends, folklore, & anecdotal history of Wisconsin. RCW 1041

Ryden, Hope. God's dog. Firsthand account of the author's adventures studying the elusive coyote in Yellowstone National Park. BR 02835

Sabien, Randy. Randy Sabien's Original Wisconsin Music. Music by Wisconsin folk artists, from the Wisconsin Public Radio show. RCW 4009

Sandburg, Carl A. Abraham Lincoln, the prairie years. Sandburg's rich, Pulitzer-winning biography covering 1809-1860. BRA 15243/RC 15989

Sandburg, Carl A. Abraham Lincoln, the war years. Sequel: covers 1861-1865. BRA 14278/BRA 14417/RC 15990

Sandburg, Carl A. Always the young stranger. Sandburg's autobiography of his early years. RC 20626

Sandburg, Carl A. Always the young stranger. An abridged edition, read by Sandburg himself. RCW 5257

Sandburg, Carl A. Breathing tokens. Collection of previously unpublished poems includes nocturnes, sketches, portraits, dune reflections, and mountain echoes. BRA 15157

Sandburg, Carl A. Carl Sandburg reading "Fog" and other poems. The great poet reads 29 of his personal favorites. RD 5611

Sandburg, Carl A. Carl Sandburg: selected poems. Representative poems selected from the published collections of Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet, Carl Sandburg (1878-1967). Contains most of the Chicago Poems published in 1916, including the "groundbreaking" poems first published in Poetry. BR 13903/RC 54500

Sandburg, Carl A. The complete poems of Carl Sandburg. All of poems by the 20th century poet. BRA 14851

Sandburg, Carl A. Ever the winds of chance. The unfinished memoirs of the renowned American poet. RC 20791

Sandburg, Carl A. Fables, foibles, and foobles. A collection of nonsensical pieces taken from Sandburg's lectures, poetry, stories, and novel. BR 07608/RC 28627

Sandburg, Carl A. Harvest poems, 1910-1960. 13 previously unpublished poems. BR 00661

Sandburg, Carl A. Honey and salt. A collection of 75 poems, published when Sandburg was 85, which expound upon the themes which engaged him for over half a century--love, life and death. RC 28412

Sandburg, Carl A. The Lincoln album: readings. Excerpts from Sandburg's writings about Abraham Lincoln, read by himself. RCW 5259

Sandburg, Carl A. The People, Yes. Seventy-seven poems published on the American poet's eighty-fifth birthday. BRA 09411/RC 31535

Sandburg, Carl A. Selected poems of Carl Sandburg. Poems by the 20th-century American poet who often concerned himself with themes of love, friendship, and urban life. BRA 03160

Satz, Ronald N. Chippewa treaty rights: the reserved rights of Wisconsin's Chippewa Indians in historical perspective. A historical analysis of the Wisconsin Chippewa treaty documents and the period context in which they were signed. RCW 5278

Schaap, Dick. Green Bay Replay: The Packers' Return To Glory. Recounts the Superbowl triumphs of the Green Bay Packers in the 1990s. RCW 228

Schultz, Gwen M. Ice Age lost. Covers every conceivable question the general reader might ask about glaciers. RC 14256

Schurz, Carl. Intimate Letters of Carl Schurz, 1841-1869. Letters written by the Wisconsin social pioneer from age 12 to age 40. RCW 332

Scott, Beth. Haunted Heartland. Discusses ghosts of the Middle West. RCW 1052

Scott, Beth. Haunted Wisconsin. It is said that Wisconsin may have more ghosts per square mile than any other state! RCW 5242

Secrest, Meryle. Frank Lloyd Wright. Portrait of the controversial "dean" of 20th-century American architecture. RC 35765

Seidel, Peter. Invisible walls: why we ignore the damage we inflict on the planet--and ourselves. Environmental psychology. RCW 212

Seldes, George. Witness to a century: encounters with the noted, the notorious, and the three SOBs. Accounts of meetings with Trotsky, Isadora Duncan, Mussolini, Lenin, Hemingway, H.G. Wells, and numerous other luminaries by the author his critics call the grand old man of muckraking journalism. Some strong language. RC 26873

Shaughnessy, Mary Alice. Les Paul: an American original. A biography of the Waukesha bandleader. RC 39699

Siegel, Robert. The NPR interviews, 1994. Collection of interviews that originally were aired on National Public Radio. RC 41180

Sleeper-Smith, Susan. Indian Women and French Men: Rethinking Cultural Encounter in the Western Great Lakes. Illuminates the key role of Native American women who married French fur traders as cultural mediators between Native and French societies during the Colonial period. RCW 508

Smith, Alice E. From exploration to statehood: History of Wisconsin; 1. A thorough look at Wisconsin from the earliest explorers to admission to the United States in 1848. RCW 269

Smith, Ethel S. A furrow deep and true. Recollections of a quiet, happy childhood spent in a Wisconsin farming community at the end of the 19th century. BRA 535/RCW 5003

Smith, Rowland P.("Red"). Red Smith on baseball: the game's greatest writer on the game's greatest years. Five decades--from the 1940s to the 1980s--of baseball columns by the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who was called "The Shakespeare of the Press Box." RC 50569

Smith, Rowland P.("Red"). The Red Smith reader. Omnibus of the late Pulitzer-prizewinner's sports columns. BR 05167/RC 18268

Spindler, George Dearborn. Dreamers with power: the Menominee. A study of the final phases of adaptation of the Menomini Indians of Wisconsin to the results of the confrontation between their way of life and the ways of the Euro-Americans. RCW 673

Stark, William F. Ghost towns of Wisconsin. 14 fascinating stories about Wisconsin towns that once flourished, but now are ghost towns. RCW 5018

Starr, Bart. Starr: my life in football. Autobiography of the football player who became coach of the Green Bay Packers. RC 27668

Stephenson, Isaac. Recollections of a long life, 1829-1915. Three years before his death the pioneering Wisconsin lumberman and legislator penned his autobiography. RCW 338

Still, Bayrd. Milwaukee: history of a city. The story of the evolution of a wilderness trading post into a great Midwestern metropolis. RCW 5248

Stone, Katherine M. The Unsinkable Stone. A Wisconsin author with cerebral palsy tells her story. RCW 375

Stonehouse, Frederick. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. A detailed look at the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior in November, 1975. RCW 5013

Sumwalt, John E. Lectionary stories. Cycle B: 40 tellable stories for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. Wisconsin Methodist minister Sumwalt collects his teaching stories. RCW 5272

Taber, Gladys B. Especially Father. An affectionate family memoir. RC 15635

Taber, Gladys B. Harvest of yesterdays. Taber re-creates her small-town life in Wisconsin, and her marriage to music instructor Frank Taber. RC 10178

Taber, Gladys B. Spring harvest. A romantic novel about the lives of students and faculty members at a small co-educational college in Wisconsin in the spring of 1914. RCW 602

Taylor, Marilyn L. Exit only: twenty-poems. This collection by a UW-Milwaukee professor & Milwaukee Poet Laureate won the Anamnesis Press Award for Poetry. RCW 613

Taylor-Carlson, Cari. The food lover's guide to Milwaukee. Guidebook to Milwaukee's restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, ethnic markets, and coffeehouses. RCW 550

Thelen, David Paul. Robert M. La Follette And The Insurgent Spirit. The author of earlier works on La Follette and Wisconsin politics, Thelen expertly traces the career of Robert Marion "Fighting Bob" La Follette [1855-1925], giving us a man to measure a movement-Progressivism. RCW 603

Thomas, Bob. Liberace: the true story. A biography of "Mr. Showmanship", the charming Milwaukee-born pianist who concealed his homosexuality until his 1982 palimony suit. RC 27255

Thomas, J.F. Thomas's MidWest Rail-Trails Guide. A travel guide to railroad corridors converted to recreational trails. RCW 195

Thomas, Lately. When even angels wept; the Senator Joseph McCarthy affair--a story without a hero. A review of the life of the controversial Wisconsin senator. RC 06698

Thompson, William F. Continuity and Change, 1940-1965: The History of Wisconsin; 6. Covers Wisconsin's history from World War II to Vietnam. RCW 273

Thorson, Scott. Behind the candelabra: my life with Liberace. In this dual biography, Thorson gives a detailed account of his life with Liberace until the Milwaukee-born pianist's death from AIDS. RC 28885

Toland, John W. Adolf Hitler. Comprehensive biography that reveals the dictator as man, politician, and military leader. RC 14750

Toland, John W. But not in shame; the six months after Pearl Harbor. Suspenseful account of the tragic defeats the United States endured at Wake Island, the Philippines, and in the Java Sea during World War II. RC 11905

Toland, John W. Captured by history: one man's vision of our tumultuous century. Memoir of a historian who witnessed some of the twentieth century's significant events and interviewed many of its central figures. Recounts his adventures riding the rails as a hobo during the depression and his years in uniform during World War II. Violence. RC 44876

Toland, John W. Infamy: Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Investigates the possibility that prior knowledge of the forth-coming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor may have been suppressed by President Roosevelt and other high-ranking officials for political purposes. RC 17722

Toland, John W. The rising sun: the decline and fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936-1945. Chronicles well-known military actions of World War II. RC 44604

Trask, Kerry A. Fire within: a Civil War narrative from Wisconsin. Letters and journals by Wisconsin people at war and at home. RCW 324

Uecker, Bob. Catcher in the wry. Wisconsin sports broadcaster relates baseball anecdotes. RCW 210

Van Stappen, Michael. Northern Passages: Reflections From Lake Superior Country. An affectionate look at northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Banta Award finalist. RCW 311

Veblen, Thorstein. The theory of the leisure class: an economic study of institutions. A classic of American economic theory. RC 33666

Verwyst, Chrysostom. Life and Labors of Rt. Rev. Frederic Baraga, first bishop of Marquette, Mich., to which are added short sketches of the lives and labors of other Indian missionaries of the Northwest. Biography of Frederic Baraga, 1797-1868, Roman Catholic missionary to the Ojibwa people. RCW 489

Verwyst, Chrysostom. Reminiscences Of A Pioneer Missionary. Memoir of a Franciscan priest who worked among the Chippewa in St. Croix County during the second half of the 19th century. RCW 343

Visser, Kristin. Wisconsin trivia. The ultimate quiz book on the great state of Wisconsin. RCW 120

Vizenor, Gerald R. The people named the Chippewa: narrative histories. Essays discussing the last century of the Chippewa or Anishinaabeg people from the Great Lakes area of Wisconsin and Minnesota. RC 35286

Vizenor, Gerald R. Touchwood: a collection of Ojibway prose. A collection of 19th and 20th century Ojibway prose. RCW 5804

Vizenor, Gerald R. Wordarrows: Indians and whites in the new fur trade. Seventeen narratives use actual events and people as well as composite profiles to portray Native American experiences during the 1960s and 1970s. RC 35023

Vukelich, George. North Country Notebook, Vol. 1. Selections from the popular Wisconsin Public Radio show. RCW 4007.

Vukelich, George. North Country Notebook, Vol. 2. More selections from the popular Wisconsin Public Radio show. RCW 4008

Walsh, John E. The bones of St. Peter: a first full account of the search for the Apostle's body. Describes the archeological exploration begun in 1939 in Rome to unearth the lost remains of St. Peter. RC 18965

Walsh, John E. Darkling I listen: the last days and death of John Keats. Chronicle of the last hundred days of John Keats's life, when the 25-year-old English poet fought, and then succumbed to, consumption. RC 52079

Walsh, John E. The execution of Major Andre. Revisionist account dispels the legends about the bravery and sophistication of the British officer who conspired with American general Benedict Arnold to take West Point in September 1780. RC 55190

Walsh, John E. Midnight dreary: the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe. An investigative account of Edgar Allan Poe's final days. BR 12717

Walsh, John E. Night on fire: the first complete account of John Paul Jones's greatest battle. Complete account of John Paul Jones's victory over the British man'o'war Serapis. RC 16212

Walsh, John E. One day at Kitty Hawk: the untold story of the Wright brothers and the airplane. Dramatic account of the airplane's invention and development reveals that Wilbur was the aeronautical genius and Orville was his junior assistant. Contends that Orville's role was exaggerated because he outlived Wilbur by 36 years. RC 09832

Walsh, John E. Unraveling Piltdown: the science fraud of the century and its solution. Recounts the infamous scientific fraud known as "Piltdown" and suggests its perpetrator. RC 43891

Washington, R. O. Strengths in the Black Community. A study of Milwaukee's black community. RCW 5011

Weatherford, Jack M. Indian givers: how the Indians of the Americas transformed the world. The discovery and conquest of the New World changed the Old World forever. The author shows how the gold and silver mined by the American Indians financed the rise of modern Europe. The Indians' knowledge of pharmacology was far superior to that of the Europeans, and their social organization was truly democratic. RC 31100

Weatherford, Jack M. Native roots: how the Indians enriched America. Describes how Native American practices have shaped what now is modern America. RC 37165

Weatherford, Jack M. Tribes on the Hill. An anthropologist takes a look at the ceremonies, rituals, and traditions of the U.S. Congress and draws a parallel between Congress and primitive tribes in their ways of getting and holding power, gaining seniority, selecting assistants, establishing taboos and pecking orders, and beating back the competition. RC 18956

Wells, Robert W. Daylight in the swamp. A history of lumbering in the Old Northwest--Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. RC 12514

Wells, Robert W. Fire at Peshtigo. On October 8, 1871, the same day as the tragic Chicago fire, the Wisconsin woods near Peshtigo went up in flames--one of the most disastrous fires in American history. RCW 5005

Wells, Robert W. This is Milwaukee. A guidebook to historic Milwaukee upon the city's 150th anniversary. BRW 2118/RCW 377

Werner, Craig H. A Change Is Gonna Come: Music, Race & The Soul Of America. Emphasizing how musicians of all races draw on gospel, jazz and the blues, Werner celebrates how cultural tradition can embrace us all. Banta Award finalist for Outstanding Achievement by a Wisconsin Author. RCW 372

Wescott, Glenway. A calendar of saints for unbelievers. Short, impudent biographies of saints whose days are observed throughout the year. BRA 16473

Wescott, Glenway. Continual lessons: the journals of Glenway Wescott, 1937-1955. Autobiography of the Wisconsin writer. RC 34549

Wescott, Glenway. Images of truth; remembrances and criticism. Essays about the work and personalities of six fiction writers whom Wescott has known and whose writing he admires. BRA 01400

West, Richard. Congo. Sir Richard Francis Burton, Pierre de Brazza, Joseph Conrad, Albert Schweitzer, and many others were lured by the romance of French Equatorial Africa, and the author communicates the sense of adventure they knew. RC 06388

West, Richard. Daniel Defoe: the life and strange, surprising adventures. Biography of the British author of Robinson Crusoe (RC 27138, BR 9250). Portrays Defoe in the context of his times--England in the late 1600s and early 1700s. RC 49585

White, Reggie. Reggie White in the trenches: the autobiography. Green Bay Packer Reggie White talks about his football career and his religious ministry. RCW 1023

White, Richard. The Middle Ground: Indians, Empire, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815. "The middle ground" was both a geographic area and an amorphous concept where conflicting European and Indian cultures were forced to co-exist through constant adaptation and compromise. RCW 506

Whiteman, Roberta. Star quilt. Poetry by a Wisconsin Oneida from Green Bay, now a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin. RCW 5288

Whyte, Bertha. Wisconsin heritage. Reminiscences of Wisconsin. RCW 5247

Widen, Larry. Milwaukee's movie palaces. A well-researched history of Milwaukee's movie theatres, from the first nickelodeons to the palaces of the 1920s. RCW 3002

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Custer, and other poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Compilation of poetry by the popular 19th-century Wisconsin poet. RCW 128

Wilder, Thornton. The long Christmas dinner: a play in one act. A one-act play which covers 90 years of Christmas dinners in the Bayard household. RC 16191

Wilder, Thornton. Our town: a play in three acts. Daily life in a typical American town, Grover's Corners, New Hampshire. RC 12934

Wilder, Thornton. Three plays: Our town, The skin of our teeth, The matchmaker. Three famous American plays by a Wisconsin playwright. BR 169

Willard, Frances E. How I learned to ride the bicycle: reflections of an influential 19th century woman. This book by the founder of the WCTU was a bestseller in 1895. RC 33443

Williams, William A. America confronts a revolutionary world, 1776-1976. UW-Madison professor maintains the US has become a counter-revolutionary society. RC 11944

Wisconsin Public Radio. The First 75 Years Of Radio On Wisconsin Public Radio. A retrospective of Wisconsin Public Radio's first 75 years, with excerpts from many favorite shows. RCW 4001

Wisconsin Public Radio. Simply Folk Sampler I. A sampling of folk music from "Simply Folk", the weekly radio program on Wisconsin Public Radio. RCW 5104

Wisconsin Public Radio. Simply Folk Sampler II. Another sampling of folk music from "Simply Folk", the weekly radio program on Wisconsin Public Radio. RCW 5108

Wisconsin Trails Magazine. Yarns of Wisconsin. Reminiscences, anecdotes, adventure tales--a patchwork quilt from another era. RCW 5002

Wolfe, Linnie Marsh. Son of the wilderness: the life of John Muir. Biography of Scottish-born conservationist and nature writer John Muir (1838-1914). Depicts Muir's early childhood, 1849 move to America, University of Wisconsin studies, wilderness travels recorded in his writings, and efforts to preserve forestland and create national parks. Pulitzer Prize. RC 58081

Wood, Clifford. North Country Moments: a Collaboration in Writings and Sketches. Observations of nature in the Great Lakes region in poetry and prose. RCW 578

Wright, Frank Lloyd. The natural house. Discussion of the theoretical and practical development of Wright's ideas on suitable housing for the family in a democracy. RCW 1226

Wright, Frank Lloyd. A Testament. This book is an attempt to describe the principle which the author feels brings man to construct his world in harmony with nature. BR 421

Wyman, Mark. The Wisconsin frontier. A history of America's trans-Appalachian frontier describes the years before Wisconsin's statehood, when it was called the Northwest Territory. Banta Award finalist. RCW 312

Xan, Erna Oleson. Wisconsin, My Home: The Story Of Thurine Oleson, As Told To Her Daughter. Wisconsin pioneer Thurine Olseon, 1866-1936, related her experiences of life in a frontier Wisconsin farming community to her daughter. RCW 461

Yates, Brock. Outlaw machine: Harley-Davidson and the search for the American soul. History of the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer's first 95 years. RC 50469

Zipes, Jack D. Spells of enchantment: the wondrous fairy tales of Western culture. Critical anthology of stories that shaped western culture through the oral tradition. RCW 246

Zochert, Donald. Laura: the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is the biography of the woman whose Little House books have been the delight of almost three generations. RCW 5007

Zubrensky, Ruth. Report On Past Discrimination Against African-Americans In Milwaukee. A history of discrimination against African-Americans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from 1835 to 1999, by a member of the city's Equal Rights Commission. RCW 374


Children's Fiction

Archer, Marion F. Sarah Jane. In 1852, Sarah Jane and her younger brother Jonathan leave an English orphanage to join their father in Wisconsin. There they are astonished to be greeted by a new mother. Grades 5-8. RD 07086

Artis, Vicki K. Pajama Walking. Bessie spends the night at her friend Clara's house. Grades K-3. RC 18706

Balian, Lorna. Amelia's Nine Lives. Nine of Nora's friends and relatives bring her replacement cats after she loses her beloved Amelia, but there still is one surprise in store. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 140

Balian, Lorna. The Aminal. Patrick catches a small "aminal" in his lunch bag. As one friend tells another during recess, the "aminal" grows in size, hunger, and fierceness until the fearful friends decide that they must rescue Patrick. Grades K-3. BRW 146 / RC 07547

Balian, Lorna. Bah! Humbug. Two children set a trap for Santa Claus, but only one of them manages to see him. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 147

Balian, Lorna. Humbug potion, an A B Cipher. A homely witch is delighted to find a secret recipe for beauty, but it is written in a code that the reader must help her decipher by learning the letters of the alphabet. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 148

Balian, Lorna. Humbug Rabbit. Father Rabbit's reply of "Humbug" to the idea that he is the Easter Bunny doesn't spoil Easter for his children or Granny's grandchildren. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 149

Balian, Lorna. I Love You, Mary Jane. A small boy reminds all his friends to bring a gift to Mary Jane's birthday party. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 154

Balian, Lorna. Mother's Mothers' Day. Hazel the mouse goes to visit her mother on Mother's Day, but finds she has gone to visit her mother. Print-braille for preschool to grade 2. BRW 150

Balian, Lorna. The Socksnatchers. Whenever a sock disappears in the Perkins household, no one suspects the Socksnatchers who live in the cellar. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 151

Balian, Lorna. The Sweet Touch. Peggy's genuine plastic good ring conjures up a tiny genie who is only a beginner, and doesn't know how to put a stop to the wish he granted. Print-braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 152

Balian, Lorna. A Sweetheart for Valentine. When a large baby in a large basket is left on the steps of the St. Valentine village hall, the villagers decide that she will belong to all of them, and they name her Valentine. Print-braille for kindergarten-grade 3. BRW 153

Bauer, Joan. Backwater. Sixteen-year-old Ivy Breedlove feels out of place in her family of opinionated attorneys. While helping an elderly relative compile a family history, Ivy sees similarities between herself and a reclusive aunt who lives in the Adirondacks. Ivy sets out to find her mysterious aunt. For junior and senior high readers. BR 12539/RC 51739

Bauer, Joan. Hope was here. Sixteen-year-old Hope and her aunt Addie, a professional waitress/cook team, move to Wisconsin to help G.T. Stoop run his restaurant. Soon they become involved in removing the corrupt mayor from office, and Hope finds the father she needs. For junior and senior high readers. Newbery Honor. Bestseller. BR 12927/RC 54218

Bauer, Joan. Rules of the road. Sixteen-year-old Jenna loves selling shoes for the Chicago Gladstone Shoe Store. But when her drunken father arrives in town, Jenna jumps at the opportunity to drive ornery Mrs. Gladstone to Texas. Jenna and the elderly woman fret over the future of the store chain, now in Gladstone's son's unscrupulous hands. For junior and senior high readers. BRW 56/BR 11821

Bauer, Joan. Squashed. Ellie Morgan, sixteen, has two goals in life: to win the Rock River (Iowa) Pumpkin Weigh-In and to lose twenty pounds. For grades 6-9 and older readers. BRW 57/RC 36479

Bauer, Joan. Stand tall. Tree, at age twelve, is more than six feet tall. He copes with his parents' recent divorce and his failure as an athlete by helping his grandfather, a Vietnam veteran who recently had his leg amputated. Tree befriends Sophie, a new girl in town, and weathers a flood. For grades 5-8. RC 55610

Bauer, Joan. Sticks. Ten-year-old Mickey wants to win the youth tournament at his grandmother's pool hall. He has his talent inherited from his late dad plus the help of math wiz Arlen, who coaches him on shot angles. But he needs more to beat obnoxious thirteen-year-old Buck. When a long-lost billiards-expert friend of his dad's arrives in town, Mickey is overjoyed, but his mom is not. For grades 3-6. BRW 58/RC 45165

Bauer, Joan. Thwonk. High school senior A.J. McCreary has a lot of problems. After four failed relationships, she now has a crush on unattainable Peter Terris, her father forbids her to pursue a career as a photographer, and she is running out of time to take a perfect photo for the Valentine issue of the school paper. Then A.J. receives a visit from a tiny, irritating cupid complete with arrows that go "thwonk." For junior and senior high and older readers. BRW 59/BR 10227

Bauer, Marion Dane. Am I blue?: coming out from the silence. Sixteen stories delving into various aspects of homosexuality. In "Winnie and Tommy," Tommy must finally tell his close friend Winnie that he is gay. "Holding," portrays a teenage boy reluctantly admitting that his father's significant other is a guy. "Dancing Backwards" is the story of two girls' school roommates who eventually understand they love each other. For junior and senior high and older readers. RC 41466

Bauer, Marion Dane. A dream of queens and castles. In England with her mother for a year, dreamy Diana meets an eccentric old man and shares his use of the royal family as a means of escape. Grades 6-9. RCW 3451

Bauer, Marion Dane. Face to face: a novel. Picked on at school by bullies, 13-year-old Michael confronts his fears during a trip to Colorado to see his father, a whitewater rafting guide whom Michael hasn't seen in 8 years. Grades 6-9. RCW 3858

Bauer, Marion Dane. Like mother, like daughter. Leslie has trouble relating to her mother and turns instead to the school's new journalism advisor. When the mesmerized Leslie, eager for attention, focuses on an article about an inept math teacher, a crisis occurs that puts a different perspective on things. Grades 6-9. BR 6497/RCW 3443

Bauer, Marion Dane. On my honor. Joel's best friend Tony goads him into a bike trek to the bluffs at the state park. To Joel's dismay, his father consents. Halfway there, Tony becomes fascinated with the dangerous Vermillion River, and convinces Joel to swim despite warnings not to go near the river. The boys race, and Tony disappears in the water. With his father's help, Joel comes to grip with his guilt and sorrow, and understands the power of choice. Grades 5-8. BR 6959/RC 26123

Bauer, Marion Dane. A question of trust. Furious with his mother for moving out, Brad, 12, refuses to answer her calls or let his little brother Charlie speak with her either--in hope of forcing her to return. The boys take in a stray cat and watch her give birth, suspect her of eating a kitten, and try to drive her away. Grades 5-8. RC 38686

Bauer, Marion Dane. Rain of fire. Steve is very proud of his big brother Matthew, who fought in World War II, and wants to know all about Matthew's heroic actions. But when Matthew refuses to talk about his experiences, Steve makes up stories to tell his friends. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 22623

Bauer, Marion Dane. Runt. Runt, the smallest wolf cub in the litter, has to prove his usefulness to his father, King, and the rest of the pack. But Runt can't seem to do anything right--until one day he warns his father of trouble. For grades 3-6. RC 56009

Bauer, Marion Dane. Shelter from the wind. After her father remarries, Stacey runs away in search of her real mother, but she only gets as far as the cabin of a wizened old woman who lives alone in the desert. Strong language. Grades 5-8. RD 11033/RCW 3497

Bauer, Marion Dane. A taste of smoke. Thirteen-year-old Caitlin goes camping with her college-aged sister, Pam. Before they enter the park, they stop off at a museum to learn about the Hinckley fire that destroyed a whole town about a century earlier. But when Pam's boyfriend shows up at the campsite, Caitlin feels left out until she meets Frank, the ghost of one of the boys who died in the fire. And before he disappears, he gives Caitlin a gentle kiss. For grades 5-8. RC 40637

Bauer, Marion Dane. Touch the moon. Counting on the horse her father said she could have for her eleventh birthday, Jennifer is bitterly disappointed to receive instead a promise of riding lessons and a china horse that he treasured as a boy. But the china figure becomes a beautiful palomino stallion that only she can see. Moonseeker, difficult and terribly afraid of being confined, can also talk, and they set out on an adventure. For grades 3-6. RC 34836

Bauer, Marion Dane. Turtle dreams. Young Turtle's great-great-great-grandmother warns her that she must gather dreams to prepare for winter. So Turtle asks an otter, a squirrel, and a bird what they dream about and gets a different answer from each one. For grades 2-4. BR 13125

Baum, L. Frank. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. Dorothy returns to Oz to aid the Wizard. Grades 3-6. RC 26288

Baum, L. Frank. The emerald city of Oz. The powerful Nome King, Roquat the Red, resolves to destroy the Land of Oz, enslave Princess Ozma and the people of Oz, and recover his magic belt. Dorothy, Aunt Em, and Uncle Henry arrive in the Emerald City just as he is about to invade it. For grades 4-7. RC 26287

Baum, L. Frank. Glinda of Oz: in which are related the exciting experiences of Prince Ozma of Oz, and Dorothy, in their hazardous journey to the home of the Flatheads, and to the Magic Isle of the Skeezers, and how they were rescued from dire peril by the sorcery of Glinda the Good. Dorothy and Ozma search for the missing Good Witch. Grades 3-6. RC 32728

Baum, L. Frank. Little Wizard stories of Oz. Short stories introduce the magical inhabitants of the marvelous land of Oz. Grades 3-6. BR 06538/RC 24449

Baum, L. Frank. The magic of Oz: a faithful record of the remarkable adventures of Dorothy and Trot and the Wizard of Oz, together with the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger and Cap'n Bill, in their successful search for a magical and beautiful birthday present for Princess Ozma of Oz. Princess Ozma decrees that only Glinda the Good and the Wizard may practice magic in Oz, but the former Nome King objects. Grades 3-6. RC 32281

Baum, L. Frank. El maravilloso Mago de Oz. A Spanish language retelling of Dorothy's arrival in Oz. Grades 3-6. RC 29963

Baum, L. Frank. Our landlady. Humorous stories about Baum's life in South Dakota. RC 43370

Baum, L. Frank. Ozma of Oz. On a voyage to Australia with Uncle Henry, Dorothy is shipwrecked in Oz with Billina, a talking hen. Grades 3-6. RC 32280

Baum, L. Frank. The patchwork girl of Oz. Ojo the Munchkin boy joins the Patchwork Girl and the Glass Cat on an adventure. Grades 3-6. RC 32282

Baum, L. Frank. The road to Oz: in which is related how Dorothy Gale of Kansas, the Shaggy Man, Button Bright, and Polychrome, the Rainbow's daughter met on an enchanted road and followed it all the way to the marvelous land of Oz. Dorothy and the Shaggy Man, in search of the road to Butterfield, suddenly find themselves in Oz! Grades 3-6. RC 34766

Baum, L. Frank. The Tin Woodman of Oz: a faithful story of the astonishing adventure undertaken by the Tin Woodman, assisted by Woot the Wanderer, the Scarecrow of Oz, and Polychrome, the Rainbow's daughter. The Tin Woodman searches for the pretty Munchkin girl he loved before the Witch of the East turned him to tin. Grades 3-6. RC 33057

Baum, L. Frank. The Wizard of Oz. A radio play about Dorothy's arrival in Oz. RCW 4960

Baum, L. Frank. The Wizard of Oz and The land of Oz. How Dorothy first arrived in Oz, and how she found the lost princess, Ozma. Grades 3-6. RC 15141

Berg, Elizabeth. Durable goods. Katie is twelve, anxiously awaiting breasts, trying to impress boys, missing her dead mother, and fearing the wrath of her army colonel father. She confides to her patronizing older friend that she hopes her sister Diane's boyfriend Dickie will run away with her instead. When their father announces the family is moving to yet another base, Katie gets swept up in Diane's rebellion. Some strong language. Junior & senior high readers. RC 37047

Berg, Elizabeth. Joy school. In this sequel to Durable Goods (RC 37047), Katie has moved to a new town with her still aloof father. As she turns thirteen, Katie learns many lessons. Taylor Sinn, a pretty delinquent, may not be as good a friend as Cynthia, a wallflower. Katie thinks she is in love, but Jimmy is ten years older and married. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. RC 45179

Berg, Elizabeth. True to form. 1961. Thirteen-year-old Katie Nash, from Durable Goods (RC 37047) and Joy School (RC 45179), has trouble fitting in and misses her old friends when she moves from Texas to Missouri with her widowed father. But a trip back home forces her to reevaluate her own discontent. For junior and senior high and older readers. RC 55811

Birdseye, Tom. Look out, Jack! The giant is back! Taking up where "Jack and the Beanstalk" left off, the felled giant's big brother comes after Jack, but once again Jack's quick mind gets him out of trouble in the nick of time. Kindergarten-grade 3. BRW 187

Bock, Lee. Oh, Crumps! Ay, Caramba! The misadventures of a sleepy farmer as he agonizes over a mixed-up list of the coming day's chores. How will he ever milk the fence, repair the cow, mow the silo and climb the hay before morning comes? Bilingual English/Spanish Print/Braille for kindergarten-grade 3. BRW 167

Bornstein, Ruth. Butterflies and lizards, Beryl and me. In 1934, eleven-year-old Charlotte and her mother move to tiny Valley Junction, Missouri, where Charlotte befriends an eccentric old woman in spite of her mother's and others' warnings. Grades 3-6. RCW 564

Bottner, Barbara. Big boss! Little boss! Two short stories about sisters--Penny and Lizzie. Grades k-3. BR 04654/RC 13126

Bottner, Barbara. Dumb old Casey is a fat tree! Is Casey too fat to dance as a tree in the recital? Grades 2-4. RC 19553

Bottner, Barbara. Hurricane Music. Hurricane Gladys blows away Aunt Margaret's clarinet. Grades k-3. RC 42616

Bottner, Barbara. Nothing in Common. Melissa mourns the death of her best friend, who also happened to be Sara's mother. Junior & senior high readers. RC 28801

Brink, Carol Ryrie. Andy Buckram's tin men. Inventive Andy builds four robots to help with farm work and babysitting. The robots operate by switches and batteries until an electrical storm produces startling results. Grades 4-6. BR 3214

Brink, Carol Ryrie. The Bad Times Of Irma Baumlein. To impress classmates in her new school, Irma Baumlein brags that she owns the biggest doll in the world. Grades 3-5. RD 6586/BRW 2037

Brink, Carol Ryrie. Caddie Woodlawn. Life is difficult for the Woodlawn family after they leave New England for the Wisconsin frontier in the 1860s, but 11-year-old Caddie loves the challenge of adjusting to pioneer life and making friends with the nearby Indians. Grades 4-7. BR 7669/RC 22917

Brink, Carol Ryrie. Family grandstand. The lively doings of a Wisconsin university professor's family. The Ridgeways' adventures continue in "Family Sabbatical" [RCW 452]. RCW 451

Brink, Carol Ryrie. Family sabbatical. Professor Ridgeway & family travel from Wisconsin to Paris, where the children learn to speak French and climb the Eiffel Tower. RCW 452

Brink, Carol Ryrie. Magical Melons: More Stories About Caddie Woodlawn. Fourteen tales relating the further adventures of 10-year-old Caddie and her six siblings living on the Wisconsin frontier in the 1860s. For grades 4-7. BRW 49/RCW 239

Brink, Carol Ryrie. Winter cottage. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Sparkes family appropriate a summer cottage in the Wisconsin woods, where they spend the winter and welcome all visitors, including a runaway youth and 2 strangers. RCW 450

Brooks, Bruce. The moves make the man: a novel. Jerome, the "Jayfox," a brilliant black student and top-notch basketball player, reaches out to an emotionally troubled white boy. As Jerome attempts to help the boy through basketball, a special friendship develops between the two. Strong language and some scenes of racial bigotry. For junior and senior high readers. RC 23531

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy and Mr. Camphor. Freddy, the industrious little pig, takes a summer job caring for someone's estate, and, of course, runs into all types of problems. For grades 3-6. BRA 3595

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy and the baseball team from Mars. Freddy the pig searches for a kidnapped Martian. Grades 3-6. BRA 4635/RC 17044

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy and the perilous adventure. Freddy help advertise the circus by ballooning. Grades 3-6. BR 07034/RC 26515

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy goes camping. Freddy investigates ghosts at a summer hotel. Grades 3-6. BR 07073/RC 27774

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy goes to Florida. Freddy the pig goes to Florida for the winter. Grades 3-6. RC 23577

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy the detective. Freddy sets up his own detective agency after reading Sherlock Holmes. Grades 3-6. BR 04779/RC 26285/RD 5514

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy the pilot. Freddy the pig learns to fly so he can solve a case. Grades 3-6. BRA 04445/RC 27320

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy the politician. Freddy and his barnyard friends establish the first animal republic. Grades 3-6. BRA 04125/RC 27319

Buell, Ellen L. A family treasury of Little Golden Books: 46 best-loved stories. Collection of stories about animals and pets, firemen and policemen, and happy families from forty-six Little Golden Books published between 1942 and 1957. For grades K-3. RC 56060

Buss, Fran Leeper. Journey of the sparrows. A Salvadoran refugee family begins a new life in Chicago. Junior and senior high and older interested readers. RC 39970

Butler, Beverly. Captive thunder. A teen's summer as a Head Start aide. Grades 6-9. BRW 7005

Butler, Beverly. Feather in the wind. A romance set in Wisconsin during 1832's Black Hawk War. Grades 6-9. BRW 101

Butler, Beverly. Ghost Cat. Annabel spends an eerie summer on a farm with relatives she has never met before. She comes upon a mysterious white cat that no one else sees, uncovers old family secrets, and stirs up the ghost in an abandoned house. Grades 6-9. RC 24627

Butler, Beverly. Gift of Gold. While hoping that some of her vision may be restored, Cathy Wheeler fights the opposition of a new department chairman who insists that speech therapy is an unrealistic profession for a blind student. Grades 6-9. BRW 7004/RD 07004

Butler, Beverly. Light a single candle. Cathy's life changes drastically when she loses her sight at fourteen. It takes courage and alertness to explore an uncharted world, but adjusting to blindness is often easier for Cathy than handling the reactions of the people around her. Grades 6-9. BR 05986/RC 22637

Butler, Beverly. Song of the voyageur. A missing fortune and a girl's rebellion against hardship in Wisconsin in 1830 are the themes of this novel. For junior and senior high readers. RCW 429

Cameron, Ann. Colibri. Tzunun, a twelve-year-old Mayan girl kidnapped at age four by a man she calls "Uncle," wanders the Guatemalan countryside with him being pressured to beg, lie, and steal. Dependent and afraid to escape, Tzunun contemplates her individuality and morality with the encouragement of a fortune-teller. Some violence. For grades 6-9. RC 57425

Cameron, Ann. Gloria rising. The sequel to Gloria's Way (RC 50553) starts in a supermarket where fourth-grader Gloria meets Dr. Grace Street, a famous astronaut who encourages her to believe in herself. Gloria finds it hard to apply this advice as she copes with a difficult teacher and a class bully. For grades 2-4. RC 54652

Cameron, Ann. Gloria's Way. Gloria Jones sometimes thinks everything has to be done her way. But in these six short stories Gloria, with the help of her friends Huey, Julian, and Latisha, finds there can be many ways to do some things. Gloria learns about friendships, fractions, and making promises. For grades 2-4. RC 50553

Cameron, Ann. Julian, dream doctor. Julian wants to give his dad a special gift for his birthday. Grades 2-4. BR 08240/RC 31512

Cameron, Ann. Julian, secret agent. Julian, his little brother Huey and their friend Gloria become "crimebusters". For grades 2-4. BR 07824/RC 29894

Cameron, Ann. Julian's glorious summer. Julian tells a series of incredible stories to cover up his fear of learning to ride a bike. Grades K-4. BR 07447/RC 27536

Cameron, Ann. More stories Julian tells. An African-American child recounts five events in his life. Grades K-4. BR 06945/RC 26051

Cameron, Ann. The most beautiful place in the world. Juan lives with his grandmother in a contemporary Guatemalan mountain town. Grades 2-6. RC 31581

Cameron, Ann. The secret life of Amanda K. Woods. Just before Amanda's only friend, Lyle, moves away, the two eleven-year-olds use a technique from a comic book to exchange hands in order to remain close. Amanda uses her new right hand and some advice from her "perfect" older sister to guide her through the awkward, friendless time that follows. For grades 4-7. BR 11698

Cameron, Ann. The stories Huey tells. Julian's little brother tells his own stories. Grades 2-4. RC 44733

Cameron, Ann. The stories Julian tells. Six humorous episodic stories featuring an African-American family. Grades K-4. BR 07029/RC 26478

Carter, Alden R. Between a rock and a hard place. A few years ago Mark's brother and a friend took the same canoe trip that Mark's father and uncle completed long ago. Now Mark and his cousin Randy are going, and they are both unhappy with the idea. But as the trip turns nightmarish, the two boys find strength in their new friendship. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. RC 42881

Carter, Alden R. Bull catcher. Bull Larsen's primary love has always been baseball. Living with his grandparents in Wisconsin, he has single-mindedly aimed for a career in the major leagues. As his high school days near an end, Bull has to face many decisions involving his future. Some strong language. For senior high readers. RC 56438

Carter, Alden R. Crescent Moon. Living in the logging area of northern Wisconsin during the early 1900s, thirteen-year-old Jeremy helps his uncle carve a statue of a Chippewa maiden as a tribute to the vanishing culture of her people. For grades 6-9. RC 52107

Carter, Alden R. Growing season. Rick is unhappy about his parents' decision to move to a farm in the middle of his senior year. But when he meets Lorie, he begins to change his mind. Grades 7-12. BR 06416

Carter, Alden R. Sheila's dying. Jerry is a basketball player who plans to break up with outgoing, bubbly Sheila. Then Sheila learns that she has terminal cancer, and Jerry knows he must stick with her until the end. Grades 9-12 and older readers. RC 28959

Carter, Alden R. Up country. Living in the basement to escape his alcoholic mother and her "dates", 16-year-old Carl yearns for a better life. Grades 7-12. RC 32933/BRW 128

Carter, Alden R. Wart, son of Toad. Steve's dad is giving him a hard time about grades, but it's hard adjusting to high school when your father is the most unpopular biology teacher around. Grades 7-12. RC 24968

Clymer, Eleanor. The big pile of dirt. All the tenants gripe when the kids play in the halls or on the steps or in the court, so everybody on the block is happy the day that a dump truck drops a big pile of dirt on the empty lot. For grades 3-5. BR 01152

Clymer, Eleanor. Chipmunk in the forest. When a young Indian boy fails his first hunting lesson because he is afraid of the forest, his father tells him to take care of his little brother. Then his little brother gets lost in the snowy woods and the boy must find him. For grades 2-4. BR 00233

Clymer, Eleanor. The get-away car. Maggie's grandmother has a knack for helping people. Grades 3-6. RC 17834

Clymer, Eleanor. Horatio goes to the country. Horatio the cat hates the country, until he explores a meadow on a moonlit night. Grades k-3. RC 17827

Clymer, Eleanor. The horse in the attic. Caroline discovers a mysterious painting of a horse, which she tries to identify. Grades 4-7. RC 23269

Clymer, Eleanor. The house on the mountain. Some African-American children wonder if their mother grew up in the little mountainside house. Grades 3-6. RC 06173

Clymer, Eleanor. How I went shopping and what I got. When she feels her family is taking advantage of her, a girl shows her anger by sneaking out on a shopping trip with two friends. For grades 4-6. BR 02131

Clymer, Eleanor. Luke was there. Julius's father and stepfather disappeared, so Luke doesn't trust anyone while his mother is hospitalized. Grades 3-6. BRA 13333/RC 07548

Clymer, Eleanor. Me and the eggman. A boy runs away to live on the egg delivery man's farm. Grades 3-6. RC 06092

Clymer, Eleanor. My brother Stevie. An unmanageable younger brother makes life difficult for his sister until a sympathetic school teacher befriends and helps them both. For grades 3-5. BR 00723

Clymer, Eleanor. Santiago's silver mine. Though Santiago and Andreas hope to find a lost fortune in silver, the treasure which they finally do discover is much more valuable and exciting than silver. For grades 3-6. BR 02627

Clymer, Eleanor. A search for two bad mice. Sarah does not want to go to England because she does not want to leave Leo, the family cat, behind. Once there, she threatens to ruin the family's trip until Barbara, her older sister, finds a way for her to meet Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb, her two favorite Beatrix Potter characters. For grades 2-4. BR 07358

Clymer, Eleanor. The tiny little house. Two girls find a neglected little house wedged between tall buildings and begin work to reclaim it. For grades 2-4. BR 00049

Cole, Brock. Alpha and the dirty baby. Alpha drives out devil imps and rescues her parents. Grades k-3. RC 36451

Cole, Brock. Buttons. When an old man eats so much that his britches burst and his buttons pop into the fire, his three daughters think up different plans for replacing them. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3. BR 13070/KIT 131

Cole, Brock. Celine. Celine misses her absent father, is neglected by her stepmother, and befriends the boy next door. Junior and senior readers. RC 31517

Cole, Brock. The facts speak for themselves. At thirteen Linda calmly and dispassionately reveals to a social worker how adults, especially her mother, have failed her. Linda gives this account of her life after she witnesses the murder of her seducer by her mother's former lover. Some descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. For junior and senior high and older readers. BR 11594/RCW 367

Cole, Brock. The Goats. As a camp prank, two naked teens are abandoned on an island, where they must survive. Junior and senior high readers. BR 07672/RC 29197

Cushman, Jean. We help Mommy. Martha and Bobby help their mother with a variety of household chores. Print/Braille for preschool-grade 2. BRW 1882

Delton, Judy. Angel in charge. When Angel's mother decides she needs a vacation, and leaves for Canada, Angel, ten, and Rags, four, are left with Mom's somewhat dizzy friend Alyce. When Alyce breaks her leg, Angel takes charge of the household herself. For grades 3-6. RC 29587

Delton, Judy. Angel's mother's baby. Angel, now in 5th grade, believes with her new stepfather she now has the perfect family--until she learns her mother is having a baby! All will be ruined! For grades 3-6. RC 32475

Delton, Judy. Angel's mother's boyfriend. Angel and Rags discover that their mother's boyfriend is a professional clown. For grades 3-6. RC 29100

Delton, Judy. Angel's mother's wedding. Angel is worried that her mother is not giving enough thought to the impending nuptials, while misadventures surround them. For grades 3-6. RC 29648

Delton, Judy. Back yard Angel. Despite having to spend the summer watching her four-year-old brother, Rags, ten-year-old Angel manages a few adventures. For grades 3-6. RC 29586

Delton, Judy. The elephant in Duck's garden. Duck has an elephant in his garden, and he cannot decide how to remove it. For grades K-2. RC 25700

Delton, Judy. Kitty from the start. Kitty is the new girl in Sister Charlene's third grade class in St. Anthony's School in the 1940s. For grades 3-6. RC 26552

Delton, Judy. Kitty in high school. Despite meeting new friends, Kitty learns the values of old friendships. For grades 3-6. RC 26555

Delton, Judy. Kitty in the middle. Kitty's adventures in fourth grade. For grades 3-6. RC 26553

Delton, Judy. Kitty in the summer. Kitty gets to stay in the rectory with her aunt, the priests' housekeeper, and plans to win a puppy at the church bazaar. For grades 3-6. RC 26554

Delton, Judy. Rabbit goes to night school. Rabbit takes a magic class at night school. For grades K-2. RC 28196

Delton, Judy. Two good friends. The shortcomings of Duck and Bear irritate each other until the friends decide to pool their talents. For grades K-2. BR 02691

Demuth, Patricia B. In trouble with teacher. Third-grader Montgomery is having a horrible day. He knows he is going to flunk his spelling test and his new teacher will get mad at him. He wishes Mrs. Wix was like his nice second grade teacher, Miss Pink, who loved his great stories and didn't care that Montgomery had problems with spelling and reading. For grades 2-4. BR 10888

Demuth, Patricia B. Max, the bad-talking parrot. Mrs. Goosebump misunderstands Max, but a burglary solves the problem. Preschool-grade 2. RC 28058

Derleth, August W. Empire of fur; trading in the Lake Superior region. YA novel of a young French Canadian exploring potential trapping sites. Grades 6-9. BRA 08344

Derleth, August W. The Ghost of Blackhawk Island. In 1923, two teenage boys in southwest Wisconsin investigate mysterious happenings on Blackhawk Island. Grades 6-9. RCW 5295

Derleth, August W. The moon tenders. A young adult novel of piracy on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. Grades 6-9. RCW 5246

Derleth, August W. Shield of the valiant. A young adult novel of the Viking settlement of North America. Grades 6-9. RCW 5256

Derleth, August W. Tent show summer. A young adult novel of life with a small traveling circus in rural Wisconsin. Grades 6-9. RCW 5251

Derleth, August W. Three straw men. A World War I wristwatch helps identify a skeleton found by two rural Wisconsin teens. Grades 6-9. RCW 5252

De Weese, Gene. Major Corby and the unidentified flapping object. Fourteen-year-old Russ Nelson is picked up by a UFO near Milwaukee and asked to return with five pounds of lead within eleven hours. If he fails, the ship will vaporize eastern Wisconsin. For grades 5-8. RC 16283

Dorros, Arthur. Abuela. While riding on a bus with her grandmother, a little girl imagines that they are carried up into the sky and fly over New York City. Preschool-grade 2. KIT 68

Dorros, Arthur. Alligator shoes. Alvin, the alligator, likes watching people. Mostly he sees feet, and all the different types of shoes they wear. So one day Alvin decided to buy himself a pair of shoes. But he cannot decide on which pair to buy. Easy reading for grades 2-4. BR 08485

Ellis, Melvin R. Caribou crossing; a novel. Two buddies overcome impossible odds to build their long-imagined fishing lodge, only to have it almost destroyed by success. Grades 5-8. RC 07708

Ellis, Melvin R. Flight of the white wolf. After his pet wolf is goaded into killing a teasing dog, a boy races to lead his pet to the protection of a wildlife preserve before the panicked authorities find and destroy him. For grades 5-8. BRW 2187

Ellis, Melvin R. No man for murder. A clean-cut teenager is accused of murdering the man who brutalized his coon-hound. Grades 6-9. RD 07040

Ellis, Melvin R. The wild runners. A coy-dog--half hound, half woods wolf, has no place in his native wild society, nor can he adjust to the domestic life of being a pet. For grades 4-7. BRA 13106

Enright, Elizabeth. The four-story mistake. Sequel to The Saturdays: the Melendys move to the country. Grades 4-7. RD 10003

Enright, Elizabeth. Gone-away lake. On the edge of a swamp, four children find a row of half-ruined summer houses and two lonely old recluses who live in them. Grades 4-7. RC 10042

Enright, Elizabeth. Return to Gone-Away. The Blake family spends a busy summer fixing up an old house called the Villa Caprice, and the children share in the excitement of looking for a treasure believed to be hidden somewhere in it. For grades 4-7. BRA 06163

Enright, Elizabeth. The Saturdays. The four motherless Melendy children evolve a scheme for pooling their money and finding some real Saturday excitement. Grades 4-7. BRW 311

Enright, Elizabeth. Spiderweb for two, a Melendy maze. When the older Melendy children go away to boarding school, Randy and Oliver are lonely until they find a "clue" in the mailbox which sends them on a year-long treasure hunt. Grades 4-7. BRW 312

Enright, Elizabeth. Thimble summer. One scorching day in the middle of a drought, Garnet Linden finds a silver thimble she believes to be magic, and wishes for rain, which falls that night. Grades 4-7. BRW 313/RC 23207

Erdrich, Louise. The birchbark house. 1840s. In Omakayas's seventh spring, she helps her Ojibwa family build a summer home on an island in Lake Superior. That winter during a smallpox outbreak, Omakayas shows her devotion to her family and learns about her heritage. For grades 4-7. RC 48991

Ernst, Kathleen. Trouble at Fort La Pointe. In 1732 twelve-year-old Suzette, an Ojibwe French girl living along Lake Superior, hopes her father wins the trapping contest so that he can quit being a voyageur--pelt collector for the French fur-trading companies--and stay home. When he is accused of stealing, Suzette investigates to find the real thief. For grades 4-7. RC 55774

Erwin, Betty K. Who is Victoria? A strange girl in old-fashioned clothes arrives in town one wild March day. Grades 4-6. RC 08914

Estes, Rose. Indiana Jones and the lost treasure of Sheba: Find your fate adventure; 2. A do-it-yourself adventure which the reader creates by making choices at crucial points in an incredible journey to the depths of Ethiopia with Indiana Jones. Grades 5-8. BR 5889

Ets, Marie Hall. Gilberto and the wind. A small boy discovers the wind is a playmate of many moods. Grades K-2. RC 11511

Ets, Marie Hall. In the forest. A small boy with a large imagination goes for a walk with a wild lion, two elephant babies, two brown bears, three kangaroos, two little monkeys, a stork, and a rabbit. For grades K-3. BRA 01577

Ets, Marie Hall. Just Me. A little boy enjoys imitating the walk of one animal after another, but runs as only he can to meet his father for a boat ride at the end of the day. Grades K-2. BR 03798

Ets, Marie Hall. Mr. Penny's race horse. Mr. Penny acquires a race horse, but doesn't know how to care for him. Grades K-3. BRW 58198

Ets, Marie Hall. Mr. Penny's circus. Two circus animals teach tricks to Mr. Penny's farm animals. Grades K-3. RCW 1010

Ets, Marie Hall. Nine days to Christmas. Ceci, a little Mexican girl, is excited because she is old enough to buy a pinata for the village Christmas party. Grades K-3. BR 05922/RC 22909

Ets, Marie Hall. Play with me. A little girl searches for playmates. Preschool-Gr.2. BR 04681

Eunson, Dale. The day they gave babies away: the classic Christmas story. Hours before Mamie Eunson died of typhoid she gave her final instructions to her eldest child, 12-year-old Robbie. Since their father had died of diphtheria three months earlier, Robbie his mother said, was to be responsible for finding good homes for his brothers and sisters. For grades 5-8 and older readers. RCW 984

Ferry, Charles. O Zebron Falls! A small town high school senior faces a future clouded by World War II. For junior & senior high readers. BRA 16123/RC 16309

Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. While exploring her new home, Coraline goes through a doorway that shouldn't be there into a dangerous world where she has a disturbingly different set of parents. Since this other mother kidnaps Coraline's real parents, it is up to Coraline to rescue them and return to her world safely. For grades 4-7. BR 14469/RC 54845

Gault, William C. The big stick. Ice hockey becomes a way of life for Rusty Rodd at the age of ten. Though he has plenty of talent, his greatest handicap is the redheaded temper he must learn to control to become a pro. For grades 6-9. BR 03195

Gault, William C. Gasoline cowboy. Rex Smally pursues the American Motorcycle Association championship. Grades 4-7. RC 08327

Gault, William C. The Last lap. Johnny decides to race stock cars instead of mining coal. Grades 5-8. RC 06483

Gault, William C. Quarterback gamble. After progressing from quarterback on the Badger Junction High School team to key man on the Deerfield College squad, Jug Elroy gambles on his ability to make it on a professional team. For grades 6-9. BR 01805

Gault, William C. Stubborn Sam. In this novel, Sam Bogosian explains how he progressed from baseball fandom to the major leagues. He reminisces about early sandlot games, the minor leagues, and his later place on the pennant-winning team. For grades 4-7. BR 01419

Gault, William C. Trouble at second. The success of the New York Titans depends on the team's cohesiveness, which is threatened by a Chicano rookie with a gigantic chip on his shoulder. For grades 6-9. RC 08619

Gault, William C. The underground skipper. A veteran manager wonders if a bush-leaguer has what it takes. Grades 6-9. RC 09310

Gault, William C. Wild Willie, wide receiver. On the road to the Superbowl, a coach who plays to win and his star receiver who plays because he loves the game find that they have a lot to learn about football--and each other. For grades 6-9. BR 03575

George, Lindsay B. William and Boomer. William doesn't understand why he can't swim like Boomer, the wild goose. Preschool-grade 2. KIT 48

George, William T. Beaver at Long Pond. As the other animals fall asleep, Beaver begins searching for food. K-3. KIT 49

George, William T. Box Turtle at Long Pond. A box turtle is followed through a typical day, including searching for food and an encounter with a raccoon. K-3. KIT 50

George, William T. Fishing at Long Pond. Katie and her grandfather are in for a delightful day of fishing at Long Pond. Preschool-2. BR 08954

Gilson, Jamie. 4B goes wild. As a reward for good behavior, Mr. Star's 4th-grade class receives a 3-day trip to Camp Trotter in Wisconsin. Grades 4-7. BR 05983/RC 21434

Gorog, Judith. In a creepy, creepy place and other scary stories. A collection of scary stories with unpredictable events and bizarre characters for grades 4-7. RCW 249

Gorog, Judith. In a messy, messy room, and other scary stories. A collection of scary stories with humorous or unexpected endings for grades 4-7. RCW 248

Gorog, Judith. No swimming in Dark Pond and other chilling tales. 13 darkly humorous tales for grades 5-8. RCW 250

Gorog, Judith. Please do not touch: a collection of stories. 10 spooky stories for grades 4-7. RCW 220

Gorog, Judith. A taste for quiet and other disquieting tales. 12 darkly humorous short stories, ranging from horror to fairy tale, for grades 6-9. RCW 247

Green, Phyllis. Eating ice cream with a werewolf. A wacky babysitter and her book of magic keep Brad and his little sister guessing the entire week their parents are away on a trip. Grades 4-7. BR 05827/RC 21777

Green, Phyllis. The fastest quitter in town. Although known as the fastest quitter on the baseball team, Johnny finally proves he can stick to a job when his great-grandfather needs his help. Grades K-3. BR 02386

Green, Phyllis. Gloomy Louie. Despite his .000 batting average and his family's impending move to Phoenix, Louie begins to develop self-confidence when he saves a neighbor from her burning house. Grades K-3. BR 07359

Green, Phyllis. Nantucket summer. While babysitting for the Cramers for the summer, 13-year-old A.D. meets her first boyfriend and sees a ghost. Grades 5-8. RC 08450

Gunn, Robin Jones. A heart full of hope: Christy Miller; 6. Sixteen-year-old Christy is swept off her feet by Rick, a handsome Christian boy who wants to go steady with her. Her friendship with Todd makes her decision a difficult one. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14331/RC 55017

Gunn, Robin Jones. Island dreamer: Christy Miller; 5. Christy travels to Hawaii for her 16th birthday where she practices her driving on the island roads. Her friend Paula from Wisconsin joins the family, but Christy's new faith in God at first confuses her. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14330/RC 55016

Gunn, Robin Jones. A promise is forever: Christy Miller; 12. Eighteen-year-old college student Christy Miller travels to England on a missionary trip with her church youth group. When she is sent on to Spain, Christy is reunited with her former boyfriend Todd, and they realize that they are still in love. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14437/RC 55023

Gunn, Robin Jones. Seventeen wishes: Christy Miller; 9. Christy Miller volunteers for a week as a camp counselor--but the girls are much wilder than she expects. She is relieved when one girl becomes a fervent Christian. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14434/RC 55020

Gunn, Robin Jones. Starry night: Christy Miller; 8. Sixteen-year-old Christy Miller feels insecure with her friends-especially with the guys. She is annoyed with her parents' Christmas plans, until she finds peace with the Lord one beautiful evening. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14433/RC 55019

Gunn, Robin Jones. Summer promise: Christy Miller; 1. Fourteen-year-old Christy Miller, a farm girl from Wisconsin, is spending the summer in California with her wealthy aunt and uncle. But dealing with the fast beach crowd leads to moral dilemmas that are only resolved when she meets a group of Christian teens. For junior and senior high readers. BR 13127/RC 50281

Gunn, Robin Jones. Surprise endings: Christy Miller; 4. Sophomore Christy Miller hopes to make the cheerleading squad at her new school, but she faces a jealous classmate, financial problems, and complications between the two guys she's interested in. Based on her faith in God, she makes a surprising decision. For junior and senior high readers. BR 13126/RC 50284

Gunn, Robin Jones. Sweet dreams: Christy Miller; 11. Christy Miller and her friend Katie are glad to be finally graduating from high school. Christy is secure in her future with Todd while Katie, influenced by her boyfriend, is falling away from her faith. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14436/RC 55022

Gunn, Robin Jones. A time to cherish: Christy Miller; 10. Seventeen-year-old Christy Miller is happy now that Todd has made a commitment to her. Then best friend Katie gets involved with the wrong boy, and pal Doug becomes more withdrawn. Christy asks God to set things straight. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14435/RC 55021

Gunn, Robin Jones. True friends: Christy Miller; 7. Sixteen-year-old Christy and her friend Katie head to the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. Christy becomes part of the fast crowd. But Katie warns her of trouble and Christy remembers her religious values. Christy is also frustrated because she hasn't heard from Todd. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14432/RC

Gunn, Robin Jones. A whisper and a wish: Christy Miller; 2. When her family relocates to California, 15-year-old Christy Miller faces new dreams and disappointments as she decides what price she's willing to pay for making new friends. Her newfound religious faith sustains her in tough times. For junior and senior high readers. BR 13118/RC 50282

Gunn, Robin Jones. Yours forever: Christy Miller; 3. Fifteen-year-old Christy Miller expects her friend Todd to reciprocate her romantic feelings when she sees him during Christmas vacation. But after many misunderstandings with friends and family, she begins to grasp the implications of "forever" in the context of her faith. For junior and senior high readers. BR 13132/RC 50283

Haas, Dorothy F. The bears upstairs. The oddest-looking characters Wendy has ever seen turn out to be bears disguised in human clothing. Wendy befriends them and helps them find food, evade detection, and communicate with space bears from planet Brun. Grades 3-6. RC 17838

Haas, Dorothy F. Poppy and the outdoors cat. Poppy is heartbroken when her mother flatly refuses to let her keep the little kitten she has rescued from a trashcan. 0nly her father can come up with a solution to satisfy both Poppy and her mother. Grades 2-4. RC 18366

Haas, Dorothy F. The secret life of Dilly McBean. Orphaned Dilly McBean's magnetic powers make him the target of a mad scientist. Grades 5-8. RC 28768

Haas, Dorothy F. Tink in a tangle. Tink blames her red hair for all her problems. Grades 2-4. RC 23210

Hall, Lynn. Danger dog. 13-year-old David watches his lawyer father defend the owner of Max, an attack dog, against a deliveryman's suit. Grades 6-9. RC 27910

Hall, Lynn. Danza! Paulo, who loves the Paso Fino stud colt from birth, weans and trains him until a brief oversight almost kills the promising champion. Grades 5-8. RC 19866

Hall, Lynn. Half the battle. Two brothers, one blind, enter a dangerous 100-mile horseback race that has been widely publicized throughout New Mexico. Grades 7-12. BRW 5513/RC 20428

Hall, Lynn. Just one friend. Burdened by reading difficulties and mental slowness, Dory, a sensitive LD student is terrified when she is mainstreamed into regular high school. Grades 7-12. RC 24648

Hall, Lynn. The siege of Silent Henry. A 16-year-old, bent on profit, tries to trick the only person in town who knows where wild ginseng grows. Grades 7-12. RC 07421

Hall, Lynn. The soul of the silver dog. Cory trains a blind Bedlington terrier for agility competition. Grades 6-9. RC 37893

Hall, Lynn. Sticks and stones. A newcomer to tiny Buck Creek finally realizes that the hostility of his teachers and classmates stems from his friendship with a homosexual. Grades 7-12. RC 06763

Hall, Lynn. Tin Can Tucker. 16-year-old Ann Tucker runs away from her Missouri foster home to make a way on the rodeo circuit. Grades 6-9. RC 21696

Hall, Lynn. Uphill all the way. 17-year-old Callie Kiffin grows out of her naivety when she realizes she cannot win the uphill battle to help a young drifter stay out of trouble. RC 24500

Hautman, Pete. Hole in the sky. By 2036, a deadly flu wipes out most of Earth's population. Ceej Kane lives with his uncle and sister at the Grand Canyon until they both disappear. Ceej, his friend Tim, and Bella, a Hopi girl, search for them--and for a portal to another world. For senior high readers. RC 53176

Hautman, Pete. Stone cold. Life is good for 16-year-old Dennis Doyle--he has a profitable landscaping business, a loyal girlfriend, and bright prospects. Then he develops a talent for high-stakes poker, begins to drift away from his family and friends, and eventually finds himself risking the biggest stake of all--his own future. For senior high readers. RC 49638

Hautman, Pete. Sweetblood. As 16-year-old Lucy's diabetes spirals out of control, she becomes obsessed with a vampire chat room on the Web. Theorizing that vampires are somehow related to untreated diabetics, Lucy struggles with her illness, her family, and school problems before she accepts her condition. Some strong language. For senior high readers. RC 56722

Heide, Florence P. Banana blitz. Jonah Krock, television and candy-bar addict, has run out of money and candy bars. He thinks he can win some easy money for himself from the American Banana Institute just for watching their commercials on TV. Instead of solving his problems, however, the scheme creates new ones. Grades 4-7. RC 20171

Heide, Florence P. Banana twist. A comedy of errors about Jonah's attempts to avoid a new neighbor who thinks he has a banana fixation. Grades 4-7. RC 15415

Heide, Florence P. The day of Ahmed's secret. A young Egyptian describes the city of Cairo as he goes about the crowded streets delivering fuel to his customers. Grades 2-4. BR 08985

Heide, Florence P. The hidden box mystery. The police ask the Spotlight Club to watch out for a sneak thief in their neighborhood. Grades 3-6. BR 02538/RC 09421

Heide, Florence P. The House of Wisdom. When the caliph sends him on an expedition in search of books for the House of Wisdom, Ishaq enjoys his journey. But his greatest discovery is the power of the written word. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 2-4. BR 13001

Heide, Florence P. Mystery of the melting snowman. A strange who smashes all the neighborhood snowmen and an iron dog hidden in one launch the Spotlight Club on a winter adventure. Grades 3-6. BR 03157

Heide, Florence P. The mystery of the missing suitcase. The Spotlight Club is on the case when Jeff picks up a bank robber's suitcase at the bus station. Grades 3-6. RC 08585

Heide, Florence P. Secret dreamer, secret dreams. The inner world of a mentally handicapped girl who cannot read, write or speak. Grades 7-12. RC 16419

Heide, Florence P. The shrinking of Treehorn. One day Treehorn notices he is shrinking. When adults don't notice, he saves himself with help from a cereal box game. Grades 2-5. RC 42734

Heide, Florence P. Tales for the perfect child. Seven naughty tricks that only a perfect child could think up and then not get caught. Grades 2-4. BR 06633

Heide, Florence P. Time's up! Noah, bored to death in his new town, learns the girl next door has a ten-speed bike. Grades 4-7. RC 21318

Heide, Florence P. Tío Armando. When Lucita's great-uncle Armando comes to live with them, he teaches her many truths about life. For grades K-3. Print/Braille. BRW 65

Heide, Florence P. Treehorn's treasure. The leaves on the maple tree in Treehorn's back yard turn into dollar bills for one day. Grades 3-6. RC 18779

Heide, Florence P. Treehorn's wish. On his birthday, Treehorn finds a bottle complete with genie. Grades 3-6. RC 24662

Henkes, Kevin. The birthday room. When twelve-year-old Ben visits his uncle in Oregon for the first time in ten years, he becomes caught up in the strained relationship between his mother and her brother. Ben also becomes interested in the girl next door and in making his future as an artist. For grades 5-8. RC 49749

Henkes, Kevin. Chester's way. Chester has his own ways of doing things, with which his best friend Wilson agrees. Then Lily moves to the neighborhood! Grades K-3. RC 31330

Henkes, Kevin. Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum loves her name until her first day at school, when the other kids laugh at it. Preschool-grade 2. BRA 18848/RC 37939

Henkes, Kevin. Grandpa & Bo. Bo visits his grandpa in the country for the summer, where they have a wonderful time talking, laughing, and watching for a shooting star. Grades K-2. BR 07139

Henkes, Kevin. Julius, the baby of the world. Before Julius was born, Lily was the best big sister in the world. But now he's here! Grades P-2. BRA 18972/RC 32672

Henkes, Kevin. Lilly's purple plastic purse. Lilly loves school, and her teacher, Mr. Slinger--until the day she takes her musical purple plastic purse for show-and-tell. Grades K-3. BRA 18973/RC 45212

Henkes, Kevin. Olive's ocean. After Olive's death, twelve-year-old Martha reads an excerpt from Olive's journal and mourns her barely known classmate. BR 15265

Henkes, Kevin. Owen. Owen's blanket means the world to him. Preschool-grade 2. BR 9913/K 75/BRW 106

Henkes, Kevin. Protecting Marie. Fanny resents her father for giving away her dog, but comes to understand him. Grades 5-8. RC 42025

Henkes, Kevin. Sun & Spoon. 10-year-old Spoon learns to cope with his Gram's death. Grades 4-7. BR 11400/RC 47597

Henkes, Kevin. A weekend with Wendell. Wendell visits Sophie for the weekend while his parents are away. Grades K-3. RC 28343

Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly worried. Wemberly worries about everything--big things, little things, and even in-between things. She worries all day long. Her biggest worry is about going to school for the first time. But Wemberly gets a surprise when she arrives for the first day. For preschool-grade 2. RC 50855

Henkes, Kevin. Words of stone. Timid Blaze and brash Joselle form a tentative friendship until he catches her in a lie. Grades 4-7. RC 36970

Hennessy, B.G. The dinosaur who lived in my backyard. A young boy muses on what his neighborhood was like in the age of the dinosaurs. Preschool-grade 2. RC 33063

Henry, Marguerite. Always Reddy. The faithfulness and courage of a hunting dog is proven when she goes to live at City Hall. For grades 2-4. BRA 06634

Henry, Marguerite. Benjamin West and his cat Grimalkin. A colonial cat tells of a small boy who wanted to become an artist. Grades 2-4. BRW 103

Henry, Marguerite. Black Gold. The story of the only Kentucky Derby winner raised by a Native American. Grades 3-6. RC 10282

Henry, Marguerite. Born to trot. Twinned stories--of Rosalind, the first filly to win the Hambletonian, and of Hambletonian, the founding sire of the American Standardbred breed of horse. Grades 3-6. BR 03206/RC 15691

Henry, Marguerite. Brighty of the Grand Canyon. The story of a Grand Canyon burro. Grades 3-6. BRW 517/RC 40762

Henry, Marguerite. Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley. Molly's old mare birth's a beautiful mule. Grades 3-6. RC 44027

Henry, Marguerite. Cinnabar, the one o'clock fox: a story. The story of an elusive fox that lived in the woods near Mount Vernon when George Washington hunted there. For grades 4-7. BRA 07057

Henry, Marguerite. Justin Morgan had a horse. The story of Figure, the horse who founded a breed all by himself. Grades 3-6. BRW 518/RC 10772

Henry, Marguerite. King of the wind. The story of the Godolphin Arabian. Grades 3-6. BRW 519/RC 16570

Henry, Marguerite. The little fellow. The story of a foal. Grades 2-4. BR 03191

Henry, Marguerite. Misty of Chincoteague. The story of a wild pony. Grades 3-6. BR 12918/BRW 520/RC 25353

Henry, Marguerite. Robert Fulton, boy craftsman. How the inventor of the first steamboat spent his childhood and prepared for his adult achievements. A fictional treatment. For grades 3-6. BRA 06479

Henry, Marguerite. San Domingo, the medicine hat stallion. In pre-Civil War Wyoming, a teenager's life is complicated when his strangely hostile father trades the boy's beloved horse to the Pony Express. BRX 0006

Henry, Marguerite. Sea Star, orphan of Chincoteague. The story of an orphan pony foal. Grades 3-6. BRA 08382/RC 11535

Henry, Marguerite. Stormy, Misty's foal. Misty has a foal. Grades 3-6. BRW 521/RC 15203

Hermann, Harriet. Jenny's magic wand. Blind Jenny is transferring to a public school. Preschool-grade 2. RC 28266

Herzog, Mary. Joani earns her wings: a Christmas story. The Christmas story of a novice angel. For grades 2-4. RCW 290

Hirsch, Karen. Ellen Anders on her own. 11-year-old Ellen gains insight after reading her dead mother's diary. Grades 3-6. RC 41233

Hodgell, P.C. Dark of the gods. Contains God Stalk and its sequel Dark of the Moon. Junior & senior high and older readers. RC 52635

Hodgell, P.C. Dark of the Moon. Jame Talissen--possessing the strange powers of her ancient race, the Kencyr--suffers amnesia and exhaustion after fleeing her enemies. She arrives in the mazed city Tai-tastigon, searching for her brother Tori to give him their father's sword and ring. Junior & senior high and older readers. BRW 55/RCW 277

Hodgell, P.C. God stalk. Jaime, a young Kencyr, is the heroine of this brilliant young adult allegorical fantasy by a professor at UW-Eau Claire. Junior & senior high and older readers. BR 23397/RCW 137

Hodgell, P.C. Seeker's mask. Before Jame has time to reconnect with her brother Tori, she winds up in the Women's Halls at Gothregor. She doesn't conform well to their constrictions and soon is off on another perilous adventure. Sequel to Dark of the Gods (RC 52635). Junior & senior high and older readers. RC 52636

Holabird, Katharine. Angelina's Christmas. Angelina, her cousin Henry, and the rest of the Mouseling family share Christmas cheer with a lonely, retired postman. Grades K-2. BR 06435/RC 23630

Holabird, Katharine. Angelina's Halloween. When Angelina the mouse goes trick-or-treating, her sister Polly gives her an unexpected scare. For preschool-grade 2. RCW 404

Hovde, Jeanne. Winter of the White-Tail Buck. A young boy hopes to help his family's financial situation by bagging a huge white-tailed deer. Grades 6-9. RCW 1524

Howard, Arthur. Hoodwinked. A young witch searches for a creepy pet. Preschool-grade 2. BRW 191

Howard, Elizabeth F. Chita's Christmas tree. An African-American father and daughter take a buggy ride into the turn-of-the-century Baltimore countryside to find a Christmas tree. Preschool-grade 2. RC 32775

Howard, Elizabeth F. Papa tells Chita a story. An African-American father tells his daughter about his service in the Spanish-American war. Preschool-grade 2. RC 45245

Hyde, Dayton O. Island of the loons. A young boy is held captive on an island in Lake Superior. Grades 6-9. RC 24616

Jackson, Jacqueline D. The ghost boat. On the night of a moon eclipse, some children spot a derelict boat they think belongs to the ghost of a drowned fisherman. Grades 4-6. RC 10402

Jackson, Jacqueline D. Missing Melinda. While two sisters are tree-climbing, their antique doll disappears. During the search, one of the sisters vanishes too. Grades 3-6. BR 01191

Johnson, Lois W. The runaway clown. While touring Wisconsin with a circus in 1907, Kate and her stepbrother Anders uncover a mystery. Grades 3-6. RCW 1025

Joosse, Barbara M. Alien brain fryout: a Wild Willie mystery. When the neighborhood bully starts following Willie, Lucy, and Kyle around and acting goofy, they suspect that he has been abducted by aliens, until Scarface the parrot presents another possibility. For grades 2-4. RC 52490

Joosse, Barbara M. Ghost trap: a Wild Willie mystery. Willie is thrilled that his old best friend, Kyle, is moving back into the neighborhood. Willie's new best friend, Lucy, is not as happy. But the three band together to investigate Kyle's mysterious house. For grades 2-4. RC 52510

Joosse, Barbara M. Lewis and papa: adventure on the Santa Fe Trail. While accompanying his father on the wagon train along the Santa Fe trail, Lewis discovers what it is to be a man. Kindergarten-grade 3. Print/braille. BRW 83/RCW 359

Joosse, Barbara M. The losers fight back: a wild Willie mystery. Lucy and Willie are upset when big bully Chuckie calls the Bruisers--their soccer team--the losers. With advice from his detective partner King Kyle, Wild Willie and Lucy figure out how to make their team winners. For grades 2-4. RC 52476

Joosse, Barbara M. The morning chair. Bram and his family leave their small brick house in Holland and travel to a new life in New York City. Kindergarten-grade 3. RC 43247

Joosse, Barbara M. Wild Willie and King Kyle-Detectives. Best friends and neighbors Willie and Kyle are upset when Kyle has to move to Ohio but cheer up when they play detective agency. Their first case has Willie spying on the girl who moves into Kyle's old house. For grades 2-4. RC 54524

Jordan, Hope Dahle. The fortune cake. A broken window, a strangely painted rock, and a vengeful escaped murderer change Jenny's summer dream into a nightmare. Grades 6-9. RC 06267

Kahl, Virginia. Whose cat is that? A homeless small white cat wanders into a friendly village where she finds 7 "homes". Grades K-3. RC 14124

Kherdian, David. Asking the river: a novel. Semi-autobiographical novel about an Armenian-American boy growing up in Racine, Wisconsin. For grades 5-8. RCW 348

Kherdian, David. Bridger: the story of a mountain man. Jim Bridger, trapper and explorer, graphically relates his adventures from the time he leaves St. Louis at the age of eighteen to travel up the Missouri River and become a mountaineer, until his discovery in 1824 of the Great Salt Lake. Grades 6-9. BR 07030

Kherdian, David. The mystery of the diamond in the wood. While illegally hunting squirrels, Sam and Howie find some diamond rings in a hollow tree, and decide to catch the thief. Grades 5-8. BR 05710/RC 21661

Kherdian, David. A song for Uncle Harry. Pete remembers the wonderful times he had growing up with his Uncle Harry, a disabled veteran of World War I. Grades 4-7. RC 31543

Kjelgaard, Jim. Big Red. Seventeen-year-old Danny Pickett takes a shine to a big red Irish setter on a nearby ranch. Naming the dog "Red," he uses him to help hunt a dangerous bear who's been killing livestock. Prequel to Irish Red (RC 49526, BR 12531). For grades 4-7. BR 12530/RC 49525

Kjelgaard, Jim. Chip, the dam builder. When disaster strikes the beaver colony, Chip, the wise leader, starts out in search of a new home. Grades 4-7. RCW 274

Kjelgaard, Jim. Irish Red. Though he seems hopeless as a pup, the runty offspring of Big Red--a champion Irish Setter--finally shows that he can follow in his father's footsteps. For grades 4-7. Sequel to Big Red (RC 49525). BR 12531/RC 49526

Kjelgaard, Jim. Outlaw Red. Sean, a champion show dog and the son of Big Red (RC 49525), does not like being shut up in a kennel. He longs for the freedom of the wilderness. But when that chance comes, Sean must learn to survive on his own. For grades 5-8. RC 42838

Kjelgaard, Jim. Snow dog. Chiri, a husky puppy, must survive in the wild after wolves slay his mother and littermates. Grades 4-7. RC 42731

Kjelgaard, Jim. The Spell of the White Sturgeon. A thrilling fishing story set on Lake Superior for ages 5-8. RCW 616

Kjelgaard, Jim. Stormy. Allan rescues a Labrador retriever that has fallen through the late November pack ice. Grades 5-8. RC 42584

Kjelgaard, Jim. Trading Jeff and his dog. Jeff Tarrant, an itinerant peddler, finds a dog and a home in the Appalachian mountains. Grades 5-8. RCW 275

Kjelgaard, Jim. Wild trek. The story of trapper Link Stevens and his fearless snow dog, Chiri. The two are stranded in the perilous Caribou Mountains and are forced to rely on their instincts for survival. For grades 6-9. RCW 790

Korman, Gordon. Son of the mob. Seventeen-year-old Vince Luca's father is the head of the local crime organization. Problems arise when Vince falls in love with Kendra Bightly, an FBI agent's daughter. And it's Kendra's father who's wiretapping Vince's house. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14671

Kraus, Robert. Leo the late bloomer. Leo the tiger can't read, or write, or draw, or eat neatly. But just as his mother always believed, one day Leo blooms! Grades K-2. BR 13068/RC 06303

Kraus, Robert. Milton the early riser. Milton the panda bear wakes up early one morning. When he gets lonely without anybody else to play with, he does everything he can think of to wake up his parents and the other animals. For grades K-3. BR 02469

Kraus, Robert. Spider's first day at school. It was the first day back after summer vacation, and Spider was worried. Grades K-2. RC 30902

Lawrence, Mildred. Drums in my heart. When Eliot Talbot breaks his engagement with Val's beautiful sister, Val is afraid that her relationship with Eliot's brother Rob may suffer. For junior and senior high readers. BR 01712

Lawrence, Mildred. Touchmark. An orphaned girl in colonial Boston longs to be apprenticed to a pewterer despite the conventions of the time. Grades 5-8. RC 09996

Lawrence, Mildred. Walk a rocky road. An impoverished Appalachian girl wants to attend college. Grades 6-9. RC 06199

Le Sueur, Meridel. Sparrow Hawk. This book brings to life the story of two boys, Sparrow Hawk and Huck, who experience the joy of discovery and the tragedy of swift, mindless change on the western frontier during the Black Hawk war. Grades 4-7. RCW 5715

Lesser, Carolyn. What a wonderful day to be a cow! Each month is special to some animal on the farm. Preschool-grade 2. RC 44674

Lorelli, Michael K. Traveling again, Dad? A family's pet hamster describes how everyone feels when Dad has to go away on a business trip. Print-braille for kindergarten-grade 3. BRW 1998

Lovelace, Maud H. Betsy in spite of herself. Betsy and Tacy, now sophomores, are popular members of the "crowd" at school. Betsy decides that she should become more sophisticated if she is to be Phil's girlfriend, and goes to visit Tib in Milwaukee for two weeks to change her personality. Sequel to "Heaven to Betsy." For grades 5-8. RC 27078

Lowery, Janet S. The poky little puppy. A puppy who is always late coming home one night finds there is no dessert for him. K-3. BRW 1968

MacBride, Roger L. Little house on Rocky Ridge. In 1894, following several years of fires and drought, Laura and Almanzo Wilder decide to leave their farm in South Dakota and travel to Missouri where they hope the land will be better. For grades 3-6. BR 10160/RC 40671

Mackel, Kathy. Can of worms. Bullied and unhappy at school, 13-year-old Mike, who has always thought that he might be an alien, sends a distress call into space asking to be rescued from the ignorance and cruelty of his life on Earth. Grades 4-7. BRW 184

Martin, C.L.G. The dragon nanny. An elderly lady is put in charge of baby dragons. Grade k-3. RC 32454

Martin, Jacqueline B. Washing the willow tree loon. When a loon is covered with oil in a polluted Wisconsin bay, volunteers arrive to help. Grades K-3. RC 44710

Masters, Susan R. Summer song. Etta May's long gone mother reappears in her life. Grades 4-7. RC 42737

McCall, Edith S. Message from the mountains. In 1826 Missouri, teens Jim Matthews and Kit Carson plan to run off on the Santa Fe trail. Grades 5-8. RC 28775

McInerney, Judith W. Judge Benjamin, superdog. Judge Benjamin, a large St. Bernard with an equally large sense of humor, rescues his human family from one disaster after another. Grades 4-7. RC 23249

McInerney, Judith W. Judge Benjamin, the superdog secret. A 200-lb. St. Bernard stows away in his family's camper for their three-week vacation. Grades 4-7. RC 23250

McKenzie, Ellen K. A bowl of mischief. Ranji ignores a holy man's wisdom until after Phufadia dies. Grades 5-8. RC 41467

McKenzie, Ellen K. Stargone John. From the first day Liza's little brother, John, joins her in the one-room schoolhouse, he is in trouble. Their teacher whacks him for being "stargone"--unresponsive to his lessons. In desperation Liza takes him to her retired teacher, who is now blind. Soon John begins amazing his classmates. For grades 3-6. BR 11396

McKenzie, Ellen K. Under the bridge. Ritchie and Rosie miss their vanished mother. Grades 4-7. RC 41049

Merriam, Eve. The Christmas box. On Christmas morning, Mother leaves the bed unmade and Father leaves the cap off the toothpaste as all rush downstairs to see the gifts under the tree--but all they find is one long, thin box! Grades K-3. BR 06139

Merriam, Eve. Mommies at work. Glimpses of all kinds of mothers doing all kinds of work. Grades K-3. RC 06771

Moore, Lorrie. The forgotten helper: a Christmas story. One Christmas, Santa's grouchiest elf is left behind at the house of a very bad little girl. He must now find a way to improve her behavior so Santa will return the following Christmas and take him back to the North Pole. For grades 3-6. RC 52596

Mori, Kyoko. One bird. After her mother abandons them, 15-year-old Megumi tries to understand her father's need for his mistress. Junior & Senior high readers. BRW 107/RCW 1006

Mori, Kyoko. Shizuko's daughter. After her mother's suicide when she is twelve years old, Yuki spends years living with her distant father and his resentful new wife, cut off from her mother's family, and relying on her own inner strength to cope with the tragedy. BRW 5/RC 42155/RCW 1004

Murphy, Jim. The journal of James Edmond Pease, a Civil War Union soldier. In 1863, a sixteen-year-old orphan and misfit joins up with G Company of the New York Volunteers. For grades 5-8. RC 53440

Murphy, Jim. The last dinosaur. This story, set at the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, depicts what life may have been like for the last dinosaurs on earth. For grades 3-6 and older readers. BR 08924

Murphy, Jim. Night terrors. Five horror stories surrounded by episodes from the odd career of the narrator, known as Digger because he digs graves. For grades 6-9 and older readers. RC 40015

North, Sterling. The Wolfling. Twelve-year-old boy on a Wisconsin farm in the 1870s is helped by a Swedish neighbor to train a wolf cub. Grades 7-12. BRA 14513/RCW 4088

O'Dell, Scott. The amethyst ring. A Spanish seminarian sees the fall of the Mayas with the coming of Cortes. Grades 7-12. RC 24574

O'Dell, Scott. The black pearl. Despite the dangers, a 16-year-old is determined to return a valuable black pearl to the sea. Grades 7-12. BR 00764

O'Dell, Scott. Black star, bright dawn. A young Eskimo girl faces the challenge of the Iditarod. Grades 5-8. RC 30425

O'Dell, Scott. The captive. A young Spanish seminarian is held captive in the 16th century by the Mayans, who think him a god. Grades 7-12. BR 04988/RC 17140

O'Dell, Scott. Child of fire. A tough, foolhardy Mexican-American youth fights bulls, rival gang members and union scabs with equal abandon. Grades 7-12. RC 08215

O'Dell, Scott. The dark canoe. A 16-year-old cabin boy aboard his older brothers' ship narrates his experiences during the search for a wrecked whaling ship off the California coast. Grades 9-12. BR 00950

O'Dell, Scott. The feathered serpent. A young Spanish seminarian whom the Mayans believe their god Kukulcan witnesses the coming of Cortes and the fall of Tenochtitlan. Grades 7-12. RC 24573

O'Dell, Scott. Island of the Blue Dolphins. Accidentally abandoned on a California coastal island by her tribe, a young Native American girl must survive for eighteen years. Grades 6-9. BR 06230/RC 22397

O'Dell, Scott. Kathleen, please come home. After her mother accidentally causes her boyfriend's death, Kathleen runs away with her rebellious girlfriend to Baja. Grades 7-12. RC 13329

O'Dell, Scott. My name is not Angelica. Fictional account of the Virgin Island slave revolt of 1733-34. For grades 5-8. Hans Christian Andersen Award. RC 33660

O'Dell, Scott. The road to Damietta. Obsessed by Francis of Assisi, a young girl follows him on crusade. Grades 7-12. RC 24793

O'Dell, Scott. Sarah Bishop. After her family is killed by British troops, Sarah flees to the wilderness with a musket for protection. Grades 6-9. BR 05156/RC 18158

O'Dell, Scott. Sing down the moon. A novel of the Navaho death march in 1864. Grades 6-9. RC 25275

O'Dell, Scott. Streams to the river, river to the sea: a novel of Sacagawea. An autobiographical retelling of the life of Lewis and Clark's scout. Grades 5-8. RC 26090

O'Dell, Scott. Thunder Rolling in the Mountains. Chief Joseph's daughter tells of the defeat of the Nez Perce revolt. Grades 5-8. RC 38901

O'Dell, Scott. The 290. The story of a Confederate blockade runner for grades 6-9. RC 10627

O'Dell, Scott. Zia. Zia rescues her aunt, Karana, from the "Island of the Blue Dolphins". Grades 6-9. RC 44035

Olson, Arielle N. Noah's cats and the devil's fire. Noah's cats drive the devil, disguised as a mouse, from the Ark. Preschool-grade 2. RC 39070

Oppenheim, Joanne. You can't catch me! A pesky black fly taunts all the animals, boasting that they can't catch him, until he taunts one animal too many. Preschool-grade 2. RC 26262

Otis, James. Toby Tyler; or, Ten weeks with a circus. Toby Tyler runs away from home with the lemonade man to join the circus, and then works very hard to run away from the circus and go home again. In between, he makes many good friends, including the Living Skeleton and Mr. Stubbs, the monkey. For grades 4-7. BRA 06132/RC 12108

Otis, James. Walt Disney's Toby Tyler. Toby Tyler runs away from home with the lemonade man to join the circus, and then works very hard to run away from the circus and go home again. In between, he makes many good friends, including the Living Skeleton and Mr. Stubbs, the monkey. BRW 1737

Pellowski, Anne. Betsy's up-and-down year. The further adventures of Betsy on her family's Wisconsin farm, depicting her struggles with sibling rivalry, an encounter with a rattlesnake, a birthday party, and coping with the death of her grandfather. Sequel to Willow Wind Farm: Betsy's Story (RC 46644). For grades 3-6. RCW 4976

Pellowski, Anne. First farm in the valley: Anna's story. Saga of six-year-old Anna and her Polish-American family, pioneer settlers in Wisconsin in the 1870s. Grades 3-6. RC 24583

Pellowski, Anne. Stairstep Farm: Anna Rose's story. Depicts the life of a youngster of Polish descent growing up on a Wisconsin farm in the Great Depression of the 1930s with many lively brothers and sisters and loving parents. Anna Rose dreams beyond her chores to the day she can start school. For grades 3-6. RCW 4981

Pellowski, Anne. Willow Wind farm: Betsy's story. Follows a year in the life of 7-year-old Betsy and her large family on their Wisconsin farm. Grades 3-6. RCW 4980/RC 46644

Pellowski, Anne. Winding Valley farm: Annie's story. Six-year-old Annie loves living on a Wisconsin farm with her large Polish-American family. Her only fear is that her father will sell out and move them all to town where there is nothing to do. Companion to First Farm in the Valley: Anna's Story (RC 24583). For grades 3-6. RCW 4982/RC 46640

Pfitsch, Patricia C. The deeper song. The daughter of King Solomon's high priest wants to write down the scriptures. Grades 5-8. RCW 318

Pfitsch, Patricia C. Keeper of the light. The daughter of the Port Henry lighthouse keeper fights a Lake Superior storm. Grades 5-8. RC 46595

Qualey, Marsha. Come in from the cold. In 1969, 17-year-old Maud's activist sister is killed in a bombing. She finds solace with Jeff, a senior at another Minnesota high school, whose brother died in Vietnam. Junior & senior high readers. RC 43049

Qualey, Marsha. Hometown. Sixteen-year-old Border's father dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, and now with the Gulf War heating up and patriotism surging, Border must bear the brunt of their hometown's animosity toward his father. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. BR 10799

Qualey, Marsha. Revolutions of the heart. Racism and Indian treaty rights are at the center of this YA novel set in Northern Wisconsin. For junior and senior high readers. RC 39933

Qualey, Marsha. Thin ice. Arden's parents died in a plane crash when she was 6, and her brother, Scott, dropped out of college to raise her. Now Arden is 17 and Scott has disappeared, presumably drowned in a snowmobile accident. But Arden has reason to believe Scott has run away, and she's determined to find him. For junior and senior high readers. BR 11573

Raskin, Ellen. Figgs & phantoms. Preposterous fantasy chronicling the adventures of the Figg family after they leave show business and settle in the town of Pineapple. For grades 5-8. BRA 13769

Raskin, Ellen. The tattooed potato and other clues. In a humorous detective spoof, 17-year-old Dickory Dock answers an ad for an artist's assistant and finds herself embroiled in a web of mysteries. Grades 5-8. RC 10582

Raskin, Ellen. The Westing game. The mysterious death of an eccentric millionaire brings together an unlikely assortment of heirs who must uncover the circumstances of his death before they may claim their inheritance. Grades 5-8. BR 6285/RC 58350

Rawls, Wilson. Summer of the monkeys. 14-year-old Jay finds a tree full of escaped circus monkeys along the river. Grades 5-8. RC 12258

Rawls, Wilson. Where the red fern grows: the story of two dogs and a boy. 10-year-old Billy yearns for a pair of coonhounds. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 32449

Reiss, Kathryn. Riddle of the prairie bride. In 1878, twelve-year-old Ida Kate and her widowed father welcome a mail-order bride and her baby to their Kansas homestead. But Ida Kate soon suspects that the bride is not the same woman with whom Papa had corresponded. For grades 5-8. RC 53429

Ryder, Joanne. My Father's hands. A young girl enjoys examining the small creatures that her father finds in the garden and brings to her cupped in his hands. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool-grade 2. 1994. BR 15006

Ryder, Joanne. The night flight. A child's flight dream. Grades 2-4. RC 25753

Ryder, Joanne. A wet and sandy day. A young girl enjoys everything about her day at the beach--including the rain. Grades K-2. RC 10636

Sandburg, Carl A. The Huckabuck family and how they raised popcorn in Nebraska and quit and came back. When Pony Pony Huckabuck finds a Chinese silver slipper buckle in a squash, her parents say it is a sign their luck will change one way or another. That very night a fire starts popping the popcorn harvest on their farm. One of the Rootabaga Stories (RC 25522). PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3. BR 12050

Sandburg, Carl A. More Rootabagas: Stories by Carl Sandburg. As noted in the foreword, Sandburg, searching for bedtime stories for his three daughters, lamented the lack of fairy tales native to the United States. So, the famous poet wrote his own, which he described as "tales with American fooling in them." Companion to Rootabaga Stories (RC 25522). For grades 4-7 and older readers.

Sandburg, Carl A. Rootabaga Stories. Nonsense tales about the American Middle West. Grades 4-7. BRA 08375/RC 25522

Sargent, Susan. My favorite place. A small blind girl enjoys a day at the beach. Grades k-3. BR 05925/RC 22912

Shannon, George. Climbing Kansas mountains. Sam and his dad spend Saturday together. Grades K-3. BRW 3

Shannon, George. Dance away. Rabbit loves to dance all the time, and makes his friends dance with him until they avoid him. When Fox catches his friends for supper, Rabbit dances them to safety. Grades k-2. BR 07135

Shannon, George. Lizard's song. Bear heard Lizard's song and wanted it, but couldn't seem to remember it, so Lizard taught him to sing his own song. Grades k-2. BR 07115

Shannon, George. Unlived affections. A teenage boy discovers his father was a homosexual. Some strong language. For high school and older readers. BR 08241

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Changes for Kaya: a story of courage. In this sequel to Kaya Shows the Way (RC 56109, BR 14756), Kaya faces danger from a sudden mountain fire while searching for Steps High, the horse stolen from her. For grades 2-4. BR 14757/RC 56108

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Changes for Kirsten: a winter story. Swedish pioneer family's cabin burns. Grades 2-4. BR 10876/RC 43756

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Happy birthday, Kirsten! A springtime story. Kirsten's pioneer family and friends create a friendship quilt for her birthday. Grades 2-4. BR 10874/RC 47354

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kaya and Lone Dog: a friendship story. In this sequel to Kaya's Hero (RC 56111, BR 14754), Kaya still grieves over her friend's death and misses her stolen horse and kidnapped sister. She tries to earn the trust of a lone and starving dog who is about to have puppies. For grades 2-4. BR 14755/RC 56110

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kaya shows the way: a sister story. When Kaya and her family go to fish for red salmon again, her hope is to be reunited with her blind younger sister, Speaking Rain, who was kidnapped some time before. Sequel to Kaya and Lone Dog (RC 56110, BR 14755). For grades 2-4. BR 14756/RC 56109

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kaya's escape: a survival story. Fall 1764. After Kaya and her blind sister, Speaking Rain, are kidnapped from their Nez Perce village by enemy horse raiders, she tries to find a way to escape back home. Sequel to Meet Kaya (RC 55342, BR 14539). For grades 2-4. BR 14607/RC 56107

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kaya's hero: a story of giving. 1764. Kaya greatly admires a courageous and kind young woman, Swan Circling, who is newly married and living in her Nez Perce village. Kaya wants to be worthy of her respect. Sequel to Kaya's Escape! (RC 56107, BR 14607). For grades 2-4. BR 14754/RC 56111

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kirsten learns a lesson: a school story. Swedish pioneer Kirsten attends her first day of school in America. Grades 2-4. BR 10872 / RC 43752

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kirsten saves the day: a summer story. Kirsten endangers herself trying to harvest honey from a bee tree by herself. Grades 2-4. BR 10875/RC 43755

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Kirsten's surprise: a Christmas story. Kirsten and her family bring their Swedish Christmas heritage to their new land. Grades 2-4. BR 10873/RC 43753

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Meet Kaya: an American girl. In 1764, when Kaya and her family reunite with other Nez Perce Indians to fish for the red salmon, she learns that bragging, even about her swift horse, can lead to trouble. Grades 2-4. BR 14539/RC 55342

Shaw, Janet Beeler. Meet Kirsten, an American girl. Nine-year-old Kirsten sails to America alone from Sweden in 1854. Grades 2-4. BR 10871/RC 43751

Sinykin, Sheri C. The Shorty Society. 3 short 7th-graders plan revenge on their tormentors. Grades 4-7. RC 45645

Smith, Dean W. Men in black: the green saliva blues. Jay and Elle of the secret Men in Black organization charged with defending Earth against aliens are locked in a battle with the Zahurians, a race of plants that has invaded the planet to devour animal and human flesh. Some violence and some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. RC 51835

Speerstra, Karen. The Earthshapers. Yellow Moon, a young girl of the Mound Builder culture, living by the Mississippi River in 900 A.D., watches the construction of Effigy Mounds. Grades 4-7. RCW 181

Stone, Bruce. Half Nelson, full Nelson. When Nelson's parents separate, he decides to kidnap his little sister in hope of reuniting the family. Grades 7-12. RC 24967

Tapp, Kathy K. The Scorpio ghosts and the Black Hole Gang. Renovation of a historic one-room school in a Wisconsin cornfield is interrupted by the appearance of a phantom bookmobile and two ghostly librarians. Grades 3-6. RC 27916

Temple, Frances. The Beduins' gazelle. In 1302, Halima becomes lost in a sandstorm and is found by rival Beduins. Hearing of her capture, Atiyah races across the North African desert to save her. For junior and senior high readers. RC 48021

Temple, Frances. Grab hands and run. 12-year-old Felipe and his family must flee for their lives to Canada from the political turmoil in El Salvador. Grades 6-9. BRW 16894/RC 36866

Temple, Frances. The Ramsay scallop. After Father Gregory sends them on a chaste pilgrimage to Spain in 1299, Elenor and Thomas come to know themselves and each other. For junior and senior high readers. RC 39908

Temple, Frances. Taste of salt: a story of modern Haiti. Djo, a 17-year-old bodyguard of Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide, tells his story from his hospital bed where he is recuperating from a beating from the "Tonton Macoutes"--thugs of deposed dictator Duvalier. For junior and senior high readers. RC 37094

Temple, Frances. Tiger soup: an Anansi story from Jamaica. How hungry Anansi the spider tricks Tiger out of the sweet soup he has just made, and how the little monkeys end up living in trees. For preschool-grade 2. RC 39838

Temple, Frances. Tonight, by sea: a novel. In Haiti, Paulie's uncle is secretly building a boat so they can cross the sea to seek a better life. The boat, Chache Lavi (Seek Life), is almost finished when tragedy strikes. For grades 5-8. RC 41398

Terris, Susan. The latchkey kids. After her father's mental illness causes her mother's return to work, "latchkey kid" Callie gets into trouble. Grades 4-7. RC 25104

Terris, Susan. The pencil families. After she discovers a dead body and a gold pencil, Emily's life becomes even more suspenseful than the stories she had created about her drawings--her "pencil families". Grades 5-8. BR 03393

Thomas, Jane R. Courage at Indian Deep. Cass is alone with his dog in the middle of a blizzard when he sees a distress signal from a foundering ship in gale-swept Lake Superior. For grades 4-7. RC 22708

Tolan, Stephanie S. The face in the mirror. Teenager Jared Kingsley's actress mother sends him to live with his father, a famous director, whom he has never known. There Jared discovers his innate acting ability--and a sinister ghost. For grades 5-8. RC 49754

Tolan, Stephanie S. Flight of the raven. Continues the story of Elijah, an African American boy with telepathic powers, introduced in Welcome to the Ark (BR 11564). Taken in by an environmental terrorist group, Elijah connects with Amber, the leader's daughter, and confronts a bio-weapons threat. For junior and senior high readers. BR 14182

Tolan, Stephanie S. A good courage. When Tie-Dye's flower-child mother pledges them both to a religious cult, the 14-year-old must find the courage to survive. Grades 7-12. RC 31111

Tolan, Stephanie S. The great Skinner enterprise. The Skinners start an odd-job business. Grades 6-9. RC 29836

Tolan, Stephanie S. The great Skinner getaway. The Skinners tour America. Grades 6-9. RC 29837

Tolan, Stephanie S. The great Skinner homestead. The Skinners become homesteaders. Grades 6-9. RC 31208

Tolan, Stephanie S. The great Skinner strike. Mrs. Skinner goes on strike. Grades 6-9. RC 29835

Tolan, Stephanie S. Ordinary miracles. Tired of being his twin brother Matthew's shadow, eighth-grader Mark Filkins is excited about meeting a Nobel Prize-winning genetic engineer who challenges some of the boy's fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Grades 5-8. RC 49721

Tolan, Stephanie S. Save Halloween! 6th-grader Johnna must decide whether celebrating Halloween goes against her conscience. Grades 3-6. RC 40364

Tolan, Stephanie S. Surviving the Applewhites. Kicked out of several public schools, Jake winds up being home schooled with an eccentric family of artists at the Applewhite's Creative Academy. For grades 5-8. RC 55806

Tolan, Stephanie S. Welcome to the Ark. In a future chaotic world, four highly intelligent teenagers communicate telepathically with other youth around the globe in an experimental program for troubled children. For junior and senior high readers. BR 11564

Tolan, Stephanie S. Who's there? After their parents are killed, Drew and Evan go to live with their grandfather--in a haunted house! Grades 5-8. RC 43207

Watkins, Yoko K. My brother, my sister, and I. Memoir of a Korean refugee family in Japan just after World War II. Grades 6-9. RC 40136

Watkins, Yoko K. So far from the bamboo grove. A Japanese mother and daughter flee invading armies down the Korean peninsula in a boxcar. Grades 6-9. RC 27295

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. The adventures of Laura and Jack: Laura, book 1. Laura and her beloved bulldog, Jack, share many experiences as the Wilder family moves from Wisconsin to Kansas and later to Minnesota. For grades 2-4. BR 13983

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Animal adventures: Laura, book 3. Living on the frontier, Laura and her pioneer family have many adventures with animals such as bears, deer, Texas Longhorns, ponies, a badger, wolves, and a panther. For grades 2-4. BR 13981

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. By the shores of Silver Lake. The story of the Ingalls family as they move to North Dakota in the early days of the railroads. Grades 4-7. BR 04444 / RC 21197

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Christmas stories: Laura; book 10. Laura and her family celebrate several joyous Christmases on the western frontier. Even when there isn't much money, Christmas is a time for good things to eat, visits from friends, and gifts from the heart. For grades 2-4. BR 12961

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Farmer boy. Delightful account of farm life in upper New York State in the 1860s. Grades 4-7. RC 21019

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Farmer boy days: Laura, book 6. Nine-year-old Almanzo Wilder has plenty of chores to do as he grows up on his family's farm in New York state. He loves working with animals and dreams of having a colt of his own. For grades 2-4. BR 13978

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. The first four years. A story of the first years of married life on a homestead in the Dakota Territories in the late 1800s. Grades 4-7. BRW 2074 / RC 21351

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Hard times on the prairie: Laura, book 8. Laura and her pioneer family struggle against the hardships of living on the Kansas frontier that include a prairie fire, a grasshopper invasion, and a blizzard. For grades 2-4. BR 13976

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Laura and Mr. Edwards: Laura, book 13. Laura and her family move from Wisconsin to Kansas and make friends with a helpful neighbor, Mr. Edwards, who comes to their aid later when they settle in the Dakota Territory. For grades 2-4. BR 13280

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Laura and Nellie: Laura, book 5. Laura tries to get even with Nellie, the meanest girl in school. For grades 2-4. BR 13979

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Laura's Ma: Laura; book 11. Stories about Laura's mother, a pioneer woman, whose love and hard work could turn a frontier house into a family home. For grades 2-4. BR 12958

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Laura's Pa: Laura; book 12. Laura's father continues his quest for the ideal place to live and builds a new log house on the Kansas prairie. In "Digging a Well," Pa saves the life of Mr. Scott, who fainted in the bottom of the unfinished well. For grades 2-4. BR 12955

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little house farm days: Laura, book 7. Laura helps out on the family farms in the Big Woods and on the prairie. For grades 2-4. BR 13977

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little house friends: Laura, book 9. Laura has different adventures with the new friends she makes as her family moves on the frontier. She rides ponies on the prairie with her cousin Lena. When her father builds a house in town, Laura meets girls and boys in the school. For grades 2-4. BR 12964

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little house in the big woods. A story about the pioneering life of two young girls and their parents who live in a log cabin in the Wisconsin woods. Grades 4-7. BRW 954 / RC 50921

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little house on the prairie. A family moves westward from Wisconsin in a covered wagon and builds a cabin on the Kansas prairie, right in the middle of Indian territory. Grades 4-7. BR 04243 / RC 10929

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little house parties: Laura, book 14. Laura enjoys all kinds of gatherings. She goes to a maple syrup party at her grandpa's house in the Big Woods in Wisconsin. Later she has parties with her school friends in Plum Creek and attends her first boy/girl birthday celebration in the Dakota Territory. For grades 2-4. BR 12950

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. A little house sampler. Favorite episodes from the Little House ?books for grades 4-7. RC 31817

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little town on the prairie. Begins in 1881 with Mary, who is blind, leaving for college, and Laura beginning to work in town. Grades 4-7. BR 04237 / RC 21199

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. The long winter. The Ingalls family move from their stake on the Dakota prairie to their store in town to escape the severe winter. Grades 4-7. RC 21198

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. On the banks of Plum Creek. The pioneering Ingalls family leaves the Kansas prairie for a farm and a primitive sod hut in Minnesota, where a flood, a blizzard, and a devastating plague of grasshoppers must be battled. Grades 4-7. RC 21196

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Pioneer sisters: Laura, book 2. Laura and her family don't have many neighbors on the frontier, so her sisters, Mary and Carrie, are her best friends. Together the girls share adventures while living on the prairie. For grades 2-4. BR 13982

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. School days: Laura, book 4. Laura and her sisters share some good and bad times when they attend different schools near their various prairie homes. Grades 2-4. BR 13980

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. These happy golden years. Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder enjoy a delightful romance while Laura teaches school. Grades 4-7. BRW 958 / RC 21200

Wilkes, Maria D. Brookfield days: adapted from The Caroline years books. Caroline Quiner lives in a frame house in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin, with her mother, two sisters, and grandmother. For grades 2-4. BR 12963

Wilkes, Maria D. Brookfield friends: adapted from the Caroline years books. Living in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin, Caroline has many friends. She makes a new one when she helps a German girl named Elsa learn English. For grades 2-4. BR 12952

Wilkes, Maria D. Caroline & her sister: adapted from The Caroline years books. On the frontier in Wisconsin, six-year-old Caroline and her older sister, Martha, share wash-day chores, playing in the snow, and making a new friend on the first day of school. For grades 2-4. BR 12960

Wilkes, Maria D. Frontier family: adapted from the Caroline years books. Caroline Quiner likes working on her pioneer family's farm in Wisconsin. For grades 2-4. BR 12957

Wilkes, Maria D. Little clearing in the woods. Young Caroline Quiner, who would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother, and her family move to a new farm near Concord, Wisconsin. Grades 3-6. RCW 772

Wilkes, Maria D. Little house in Brookfield. Young Caroline Quiner and her family survive their first year without Father in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Grades 3-6. RCW 776

Wilkes, Maria D. A new little cabin: adapted from the Caroline years books. When Caroline Quiner and her family are forced to move from Brookfield further west, Caroline has mixed feelings about leaving. For grades 2-4. BR 12954

Wilson, Karma. Bear snores on. On a cold winter night many animals gather to party in the cave of a sleeping bear, who then awakes and protests that he has missed the food and the fun. Print-braille and cassette for preschool-grade 2. KIT 113

Wright, Betty Ren. Christina's ghost. While house-sitting with her Uncle Ralph in a gloomy Victorian mansion, 10-year-old Christina meets a ghost and solves a 30-year-old mystery. Grades 3-6. BR 6735/RC 31858

Wright, Betty Ren. The dollhouse murders. A dollhouse filled with ghostly light and dolls that move lead Amy to solve a grisly family mystery. Grades 5-8. BR 08243/RC 24318

Wright, Betty Ren. The ghost comes calling. Chad must find a way to put the ghost of a wronged truck driver to rest. Grades 3-6. RC 40186

Wright, Betty Ren. The ghost in Room 11. Starting fourth grade in a new town, Matt Barber tries to impress his classmates by making up some wild tales. Branded a liar, Matt has no one to turn to when he encounters the ghost of a long-ago teacher who haunts the school halls. For grades 2-4. BR 11758

Wright, Betty Ren. A ghost in the family. While visiting his friend Jeannie's eccentric Aunt Rosebud in a boarding house that may be haunted, 10-year-old Chad comes across a mystery involving a missing diamond bracelet. For grades 4-7. RCW 191

Wright, Betty Ren. A ghost in the window. Meg is contacted through dreams by a ghost who needs her help clearing his name. Grades 6-9. RC 30023

Wright, Betty Ren. The ghosts of Mercy Manor. Orphaned Gwen Maxwell, 12, helps her new foster family solve its ghost problem. Grades 5-8. RC 39002

Wright, Betty Ren. Nothing but trouble. While staying with Aunt Bert, Vannie's dog Muffy disappears! Grades 2-4. RC 43214

Wright, Betty Ren. Out of the dark. Reading Grandma's childhood diaries, Jessica learns how to lay a ghost. Grades 5-8. RC 43913

Wright, Betty Ren. The Pike River phantom. Charlie and Rachel must forestall the vengeful ghost of the "Sunbonnet Queen". Grades 4-7. RC 40159

Wright, Betty Ren. The scariest night. A jealous teenage girl consults a medium. BRW 123/RC 40345

Wright, Betty Ren. The secret window. Seventh-grader Meg believes she is crazy because her dreams come true. Grades 6-9. RC 30022

Zolotow, Charlotte. The beautiful Christmas tree. Mr. Crockett annoys his elegant neighbors by the scrawniness of the Christmas tree he plants. But just watch! Grades K-3. BR 2273

Zolotow, Charlotte. Early sorrow: ten stories of youth. Ten short stories about young people whose lives have been somehow touched by sorrow or grief. Grades 7-12. BR 7206/RC 27793

Zolotow, Charlotte. The hating book. After two friends argue, one nurses her anger until overcome by loneliness, when she decides to talk to her friend. Grades K-3. RC 45541

Zolotow, Charlotte. I know a lady. A little girl describes her favorite neighbor. Grades K-3. RC 22248

Zolotow, Charlotte. Janey. Janey has just moved away and her best friend wistfully remembers all the things they used to do together. For grades 1-3. BR 02661

Zolotow, Charlotte. Mr. Rabbit and the lovely present. A small girl seeks help from a wise rabbit in selecting a gift for her mother. Preschool-grade 2. BR 03387

Zolotow, Charlotte. My friend John. A lovely story of friendship. Grades K-3. RC 12421

Zolotow, Charlotte. The old dog. Ben's dog doesn't wake up one morning. Grades K-3. BR 10034

Zolotow, Charlotte. The poodle who barked at the wind. Once there was a family with a little black poodle. She was a noisy little dog who barked at everything. She barked at the milkman and the postman. She barked at the wind and the rain. The father who was a writer and worked at home, could not think with all that barking! One day, when the mother, son, and daughter all went out together, the little puppy grew sad and would not bark at anything. Easy reading for grades 2-4. BR 07877

Zolotow, Charlotte. The quarreling book. A disagreeable mood begun by a chain of unpleasant reactions is reversed by a playful dog who saves the day. Grades K-3. RC 51977

Zolotow, Charlotte. The seashore book. A mother's words help a little boy imagine the seashore. Grades P-2. BR 08969

Zolotow, Charlotte. Summer is ... . A simple, poetic text evokes the joys of the seasons. Preschool-grade 2. BR 05607 / RC 20307

Zolotow, Charlotte. The three funny friends. When a little girl moves to a new town her three imaginary friends help her cope with the change. But when she gets to know the little boy next door her make-believe companions disappear. For preschool-grade 2. RC 58533

Zolotow, Charlotte. A tiger called Thomas. A tiger costume helps a shy boy make new friends on Halloween. Grades K-3. BR 05066 / RC 56914

Zolotow, Charlotte. When the wind stops. A mother explains to her son that in nature an end is also a beginning as day gives way to night, winter ends and spring begins, and, after it stops falling, rain makes clouds for other storms. For grades 2-4. PRINT/BRAILLE. BRA 19088

Zolotow, Charlotte. William's doll. A little boy's wishes and needs for a doll are laughed at by his family, but understood by his grandfather. Grades K-3. BR 2214/RC43039


Children's Non-Fiction

Aaseng, Nathan K. Baseball, it's your team. Puts readers in the shoes of professional baseball owners, inviting them to make decisions about crucial decisions about crucial situations involving ten major league teams. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 24541

Aaseng, Nathan K. Baseball, you are the manager. Puts readers in the shoes of professional managers, makes decisions about do-or-die situations in ten world series games. Grades 5-8 and older fans. RC 22088

Aaseng, Nathan K. Baseball's greatest teams. The author profiles eight teams that he considers the greatest in major league baseball history. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 27787

Aaseng, Nathan K. Baseball's worst teams. The author profiles wretched performances by eight teams he has selected as the all-time worst in major-league history. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 28372

Aaseng, Nathan K. Better mousetraps: product improvements that led to success. Focuses on refiners such as George Eastman and K.C. Gillette, instead or original inventors. Grades 4-7. RC 33257

Aaseng, Nathan K. Breaking the sound barrier. A history of aviation showing how one test pilot after another gradually increased the speed of aircraft until on October 14, 1947, Chuck Yeager finally broke the sound barrier. Included in this account is information on other pilots such as Frank Whittle, Robert Goddard, Ezra Kotcher, and Lawrence Bell. For grades 6-9. BR 10342

Aaseng, Nathan K. Construction: building the impossible. Profiles seven structures of engineering genius and their builders: Imhotep's Step Pyramid, Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel, John and Washington Roebling's Brooklyn Bridge, Alexandre Gustave's Eiffel Tower, George W. Goethals's Panama Canal, Frank Crowe's Hoover Dam, and William Lamb's Empire State Building. For grades 5-8. RC 52503

Aaseng, Nathan K. The disease fighters: the Nobel Prize in medicine. Robert Koch, Bela Schick, Edward Jenner, Emil von Behring, Paul Ehrlich and other Nobel Prize winners who discovered the causes, cures and prevention of infectious and nutrient deficient diseases are presented. Grades 5-8 and older readers. BR 7856/RC 29850

Aaseng, Nathan K. Football, you are the coach. Puts readers in the shoes of professional coaches, inviting them to make decisions about do-or-die situations in ten National Football League championship games. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 22089

Aaseng, Nathan K. Football's most controversial calls. Ten controversial calls by NFL officials in crucial games are presented in lively fashion. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 26110

Aaseng, Nathan K. The fortunate fortunes. Illustrates the role of luck in the growth of well-known businesses such as Kellogg's and Wrigley's. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 33244

Aaseng, Nathan K. The inventors: Nobel prizes in chemistry, physics, and medicine. Tells the story of eight inventions or discoveries--x-rays, radio, EKG, phase contrast microscope, transistor, radiocarbon dating, lasers and the CAT-scan--that brought the Nobel prize to their developers. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 30517

Aaseng, Nathan K. Jobs vs. the environment: can we save both? Aaseng rejects the claim that environmentalists negatively impact the economy, yet also proposes ways to protect the Earth that would disrupt workers' lives least. He provides an overview of the issue from 1681 to the 1990s. For junior and senior high and older readers. BR 10709

Aaseng, Nathan K. More with less: the future world of Buckminster Fuller. A biography of the inventor, architect, and thinker known for his commitment to designing a better world in transportation, housing and conservation, and achieving more with less. Fuller's best-known invention is the geodesic dome. Junior and senior high and older readers. RC 26800

Aaseng, Nathan K. Multiple sclerosis. Combines the personal stories of movie, television, and sports figures who were diagnosed with MS--multiple sclerosis--with a medical discussion of the neurological disease. Covers symptoms, methods of detection, effects, treatments, and approaches to living with MS. For grades 6-9. RC 51076

Aaseng, Nathan K. Navajo code talkers. During World War II, nearly 4,000 Navajo Indians answered the call to serve in the U.S. military, despite the legacy of Native American genocide. Perhaps their most important contribution to the war effort was the development and use of a special code by a select corps of Marines known as the code talkers. The unbreakable communications code was based on the Navajo language, and proved invaluable in the Pacific theater. Grades 6-9. RC 36463

Aaseng, Nathan K. Poisonous creatures. Explores the diverse world of poisonous animals that employ a kind of "chemical warfare" for hunting their food or for protecting themselves from predators. Discusses venomous sea creatures, insects, snakes, and mammals, as well as antivenin research and the treatment of snakebite. For grades 5-8. RC 49050

Aaseng, Nathan K. The problem solvers. Today's problems can be tomorrow's corporations. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 33333

Aaseng, Nathan K. The Rejects. Companies such as Xerox and Lear Jets, which bounced back from rejection. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 33246

Aaseng, Nathan K. Science versus pseudoscience. The author describes pseudoscience as a doctrine, belief, or fraud that is passed off as a science. He lists ten criteria to help determine if something is a science and measures such things as astrology, extrasensory perception, creation science, and alternative medicine against them. For junior and senior high readers. BR 10449

Aaseng, Nathan K. The unsung heroes. Unsung heroes of the business world. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 33259

Aaseng, Nathan K. Women Olympic champions. Profiles the lives and struggles of seven outstanding female Olympic champions from various time periods, nations, and events: Sonja Henie, figure skating; Babe Didrikson, track and field; Fanny Blankers-Koen, running; Dawn Fraser, swimming; Lydia Skoblikova, speed-skating; Nadia Comaneci, gymnastics; and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, heptathlon. For grades 5-8. RC 54640

Aaseng, Nathan K. You are the juror. The author presents the details and evidence from eight famous cases, including those involving the Lindbergh kidnapping, Patty Hearst, and O.J. Simpson. Readers are asked to review the information and make decisions as if they were part of the jury. For grades 6-9. BR 11803

Aaseng, Nathan K. You are the President. Re-enacts eight crises and asks the reader to chose a course of action. Junior & senior high. RC 41892

Ambrose, Stephen E. The good fight: how World War II was won. Chronologically relates the key events of the Second World War (1939-1945) as well as the social and economic history of the times. For grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 53569

Ambrose, Stephen E. Ike: Abilene to Berlin; the life of Dwight D. Eisenhower from his childhood in Abilene, Kansas, through his command of the Allied forces in Europe in World War II. The life of the war hero from his boyhood in Abilene, Kansas, to his command of the Allied victory in Europe during World War II and his presidency. Grades 7-12. RC 08593

Ancona, George. Powwow. A celebration of the shared heritage of the Lakota, Ojibwa, Cheyenne, Crow, Cree, Blackfeet, Fox, and other Native peoples for grades k-3. RC 44148

Anderson, Peter. Charles Eastman: physician, reformer, and Native American leader. In 1873, at the age of fifteen, Ohiyesa was on the verge of becoming a Sioux warrior when his father, who was believed to have been killed by whites eleven years earlier, reappeared. His father encouraged him to adopt white ways, and Ohiyesa became Charles Eastman. Eastman would become a respected physician and champion of the rights of Native Americans. For grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 36974

Anderson, Peter. John Muir, wilderness prophet. A biography of the Wisconsin-born naturalist for grades 3-6. RCW 1015

Anderson, William. Laura Ingalls Wilder: a biography. A biography of the pioneer girl who lived the "Little House" stories and later captured them for posterity in her books. For grades 3-6 and older readers. RC 37298

Bachrach, Susan D. The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936. Examines the 1936 games in the historical context of Nazi beliefs and propaganda. For grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 52698

Bachrach, Susan D. Tell them we remember: the story of the Holocaust. Presents historical facts about Nazi Germany, focusing on the annihilation of more than one million children and teenagers, the majority being Jewish. For grades 5-8. RC 46509

Bauer, Marion Dane. What's your story?: a young person's guide to writing fiction. The author states that stories help one understand the world, teaching about possibilities and the achievements of those who struggled before. An award-winning novelist, Bauer describes how to write fiction and systematically discusses its various components, including plot, character, focus, dialogue, tension, and revisions. For grades 5-8 and older readers. BR 09877/RC 39912

Belton, John. Card games. Step-by-step instruction for 9 card games. Grades 4-7. RC 16642

Berliner, Don. Aviation: reaching for the sky. A history of aviation beginning with hot air balloons and ending with manned flights into space. The author traces human fascination with flying from attempts to strap on wings to efforts to break the sound barrier. He discusses the dirigible, glider, airplane, seaplane, and helicopter. For grades 5-8. RC 48236

Billings, Charlene W. The loon: voice of the wilderness. Brief description of the seasonal activities of a pair of loons for grades 3-6. RC 30531

Bonvillain, Nancy. Black Hawk, Sac rebel. A biography of Black Hawk for grades 6-9 and older readers. RC 39630

Breining, Greg. The northern forest. Explores the ecosystem of the northern forest that spreads from the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes in Canada and the United States all the way into central Alaska. For grades 5-8. RC 55160

Breitenbuche, Cathy. Bonnie Blair: Golden Streak. Biography of the Olympic skating champion. Grades 3-6. RC 39988

Briggs, Carole S. Women in space: reaching the last frontier. Profiles of women astronauts for grades 4-7. BR 12629/RC 30205

Brody, Polly. Discovering Wisconsin. A child's guide to Wisconsin for grades 2-4. BRW 2184

Buehr, Walter. Ships of the Great Lakes. The story of Great Lakes shipping, with descriptions of some of the ships that sailed there. For grades 6-7 and older readers. RCW 5017

Burchard, Marshall. Sports hero: Kareem Abdul Jabbar; the story of Lew Alcindor. A biography of this basketball superstar from his boyhood in Harlem to his election in 1972 as Most Valuable Player of the NBA. For grades 3-6. RC 06869

Burkert, Nancy Ekholm. Schneewittchen [English: Snow White and the seven dwarfs]: a tale from the Brothers Grimm. When Snow White runs away from the jealous queen, she is protected by seven dwarfs until the disguised queen gives her a poisonous apple. A young prince, however, brings Snow White out of her deep sleep with a kiss. Grades K-3. BR 7536

Burkert, Nancy Ekholm. Valentine & Orson: re-created as a folk play in verse. Classic romance cast as a folk play performed by 16th-century players in Flanders. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 33272

Burns, Diane L. Cranberries: fruit of the bogs. Explains what happens season by season on two Wisconsin cranberry farms. Also briefly describes how cranberries grow in nature and the history of farming the fruit. Includes glossary. For grades 3-6. BR 10862

Burns, Diane L. Sugaring season: making maple syrup. 10-part explanation of a maple sap harvest for grades k-3. RC 34394

Butler, Beverly. Maggie by my side. When the author's beloved guide dog dies, she decides to get another, Maggie, and tells of their training. Grades 4-7. RC 31732

Butler, Dori Hillestad. W is for Wisconsin. For each letter of the alphabet, a special aspect of Wisconsin is highlighted. Wisconsin cities beginning with each letter and the sign language letter also are provided. Preschool-grade 2. Print/braille. BRW 82

Carlson, Bernice Wells. The party book for boys and girls. Each chapter describes a different kind of party with novel ideas for invitations, decorations and favors, refreshments, and games to play. For grades 4-7. BR 01822

Carter, Alden R. I'm tougher than diabetes! Natalie explains her disorder--diabetes--and what she must do every day to keep her blood sugar at a safe level. She tells how her parents and sister help her and how supportive her classmates are. Includes a section of frequently asked questions and answers on diabetes. For grades 3-6. RC 54548

Carter, Alden R. Radio: from Marconi to the space age. A history of radio from the earliest experiments in the 1800s to current developments in satellite transmissions. Grades 6-9 and older readers. BR 07871

Chang, Ina. A separate battle: women and the Civil War. Among other profilees, Eliza Wilson was attached to the 5th Wisconsin Regiment. Grades 5-8. RC 37020

Clark, Tom. Noodlehead, and other friends of the family. Humorous stories from a Kenosha teacher for grades 3-6. RCW 171

Clark, Tom. Sparks from the story fire. Wisconsin storytellers from Kenosha and West Bend team up to offer 9 delightful tales for grades 2-4. RCW 5732

Clayton, Edward Taylor. Martin Luther King, the peaceful warrior. This simple biography, by one of Dr. King's close associates, tells about his life and about the "peaceful revolution" he sought. For grades 3-6. RD 06287

Coatsworth, Elizabeth. The Adventures of Nanabush: Ojibway Indian stories. Trickster tales for grades k-3. RCW 5714

Cobb, Vicki. Bet you can't! Science impossibilities to fool you. More than sixty tricks, each based on clearly explained scientific principles. Grades 4-7. RC 19715

Cobb, Vicki. I face the wind. Introduces the characteristics and actions of the wind through simple hands-on activities that require adult assistance. For grades K-3. RC 57724

Cobb, Vicki. Magic ... naturally! Science entertainments & amusements. Clear directions for 30 entertaining tricks using readily available supplies. Grades 5-8. RC 11587

Cobb, Vicki. Science experiments you can eat. The author believes that a good kitchen is a laboratory and that a good cook is also a scientist. She designed these experiments to help curious readers learn about nature and become better cooks at the same time. Grades 5-8. RC 50733

Cobb, Vicki. The scoop on ice cream. The story of ice cream, from milking the cows and gathering the other ingredients to showing where the customers' money goes. Includes an ice cream taste test and a recipe for homemade ice cream. For grades 2-4. BR 07184

Cobb, Vicki. The secret life of hardware: a science experiment book. Examines the inventory of a hardware store from tools and cleaners to ropes, glues, and electrical supplies. Explains how things were invented, why they work, what you can do with them, and what you can do to find out for yourself. Grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 22183

Cobb, Vicki. Why can't I live forever? and other not such dumb questions about life. Using a question-and-answer format, Cobb describes the functions that define biological life and what living things have in common. She explains chromosomes and DNA, and discusses the human life cycle. Includes definitions of scientific terms. For grades 3-6. RC 47016

Cobb, Vicki. You gotta try this! absolutely irresistible science. Presents almost fifty experiments and activities (many requiring adult supervision) that can be done at home. Learn to use orange juice to test for sensitivity to bitter taste; make a square egg; or stack a tower of ice cubes, while discovering the scientific reasons why. For grades 3-6. RC 51502

Cowcher, Helen. Antarctica.A colorful look at our smallest continent and its inhabitants. Grades K-4. Kit 46

Cowcher, Helen. Rain Forest. A vivid portrait of the world of the rain forest. Grades K-4. Kit 47/RC 30486

Cowcher, Helen. Tigress. A vivid print-braille account of a tigress in an Indian wildlife sanctuary. Gr. K-3. BR 08951/Kit 73

Daly, Maureen. Smarter and smoother: a handbook on how to be that way. An etiquette book for adolescent girls covering grooming, manners, and social customs in an informal style. For junior and senior high readers. BRA 00964

Davidson, Margaret. The Golda Meir story. A biography of the UW-Milwaukee graduate who became prime minister of Israel for grades 4-7. BR 03340

Davis, Frances A. Frank Lloyd Wright: maverick architect. Biography of Wisconsin's most famous resident. Grades 5-8. RC 44581

Demuth, Jack. City horse. Depicts Hannon, a New York City mounted police horse. Grades 3-6. BR 04156/RC 14157

Demuth, Patricia B. Joel, growing up a farm man. 13-year-old Joel lives and works on his family's farm in Illinois. Grades 4-7. RC 22127

Derleth, August W. Land of Grey Gold: Lead Mining In Wisconsin. A history for young adults of the contribution of lead mining to Wisconsin's economy. Grades 6-9. RCW 5296

Dickmann, Jean-Andrew. Early bird stories. Preschool stories from Wisconsin tellers Judy Farrow Busack, Jean-Andrew Dickmann, and Maggie Melvin. RCW 5711

Dickmann, Jean-Andrew. Storylore: a sampling of stories old and new. Contains "The Ant", "Bilingual", "First Impressions", "Folly Loppie", "The Horseblanket", "Metamorphosis", "The Mushroom Story" and "The Rice Dumpling Adventure". RCW 5701

Dickmann, Jean-Andrew. Twittertales: two Jaybirds and a Magpie. A story-telling seed-sampler from Judy Farrow-Busack, Jean-Andrew Dickmann and Maggie Melvin. RCW 5700

Doherty, Kieran. Voyageurs, lumberjacks, and farmers: pioneers of the Midwest. Discusses the exploration and settlement of the American Midwest. Describes the lives and contributions of founders such as Charles Langlade in Wisconsin. For grades 5-8. RC 57625

Donahue, Parnell. Germs make me sick; a health handbook for kids. Describes a wide variety of diseases and their treatments for grades 3-6. RC 10611

Donoval, Nancy. Brave hearts and faithful friends: tales of courage and cleverness from around the world. 5 folktales for grades 4-7 and older interested readers. RCW 4034

Donoval, Nancy. Cemetary Mary, and other spirited tales. 5 supernatural stories. RCW 4035

Donoval, Nancy. Changes of heart: tales of laughter, loss and love. Contents: "The Tears of Atum/Sekhmut", "The Fortune Teller", "Variation 8,013--The Vanishing Hitchhiker", "The Lost Key", "Morgan and the Pot'o'Brains", "The Last Five Minutes". RCW 5293

Dorros, Arthur. Ant cities. Explains how ants live and work together to build and maintain their cities. Grades k-3. RC 32473

Dorros, Arthur. Elephant families. African elephants in the wild for grades K-3. RC 42955

Doucette, Eddie. The Milwaukee Bucks and the remarkable Abdul-Jabbar. A brief history of Milwaukee's basketball team, focusing on their most famous player. Grades 5-8. RCW 231

Duvall, Jill. The Oneida: a New True Book. Oneida culture for grades 2-4. RCW 1014

Ehlert, Lois. Cuckoo: a Mexican folktale = Cucú : un cuento folklórico mexicano. A beautiful cuckoo proves her bravery when a fire starts in the farm fields. Print/braille for grades K-3. English/Spanish. BR 12006

Ehlert, Lois. Moon rope: a Peruvian folktale = Un lazo a la luna: una leyenda peruana. Spanish/english animal fable for preschool-grade 2. RC 40759

Emberley, Barbara. The story of Paul Bunyan. Retelling of the mythical Wisconsin lumberman's tall tale for grades 2-4. RC 44385

English, Billie J. The Wisconsin story. Traces the history of Wisconsin from pre-history to the 1980s. Grades 3-6. RCW 1098

Epstein, Beryl. The Great Houdini: magician extraordinary. A juvenile biography of the great Jewish magician and escape artist from Appleton, Wisconsin, for grades 4-7. BRI 04130

Epstein, Sam. Dr. Beaumont and the man with the hole in his stomach. A fascinating series of experiments performed at Green Bay's Fort Howard in 1822. Grades 4-7. RC 14304

Esbensen, Barbara J. Dance with me. Poems that celebrate the dance for grades 2-4. RC 43151

Esbensen, Barbara J. Great northern diver: the loon. Introduces the elusive loon to grades 3-6. RC 34713

Esbensen, Barbara J. Ladder to the sky: how the gift of healing came to the Ojibway Nation; a legend retold. When a grieving grandmother climbs the magic vine which connects the kingdom of the Great Spirit with earth, sickness and death descend, but so does the knowledge of healing plants. Grades 4-7. RC 36513

Esbensen, Barbara J. Tiger with wings: the great horned owl. Describes the bird's life-style for grades 2-4. RC 36389

Esbensen, Barbara J. Who shrank my grandmother's house? poems of discovery. More than twenty poems about the everyday discoveries of childhood. For grades 3-6 and older readers. BR 09475

Fielde, Adele M. Chinese fairy tales. Malcolm and Margaret Rosholt, of Rosholt, Wisconsin, edited this new edition of classic Chinese fairy tales they first encountered as journalists in Shanghai in the 1930s. Grades 4-7 and older interested readers. RCW 378

Flahive, Robert. We live and work in Wisconsin. A child's geography for grades 2-4. BRW 102

Foster, Genevieve S. Abraham Lincoln. Tells the life story of the sixteenth president from the time of his childhood in Kentucky to his guiding of the nation through the Civil War. For grades 3-6. BR 08020

Foster, Genevieve S. Abraham Lincoln's world, 1809-1865. Lincoln's life is placed in the context of the 19th century world. Grades 6-9. Newbery Honor book. RC 14602

Foster, Genevieve S. Augustus Caesar's world: a story of ideas and events from B.C. 44 to 14 A.D. The life of Augustus is placed in the context of contemporary world events. Grades 6-9. RC 35236

Foster, Genevieve S. George Washington's world. Washington's life is placed in the context of contemporary world events. Grades 6-9. Newbery Honor book. RC 15696

Foster, Genevieve S. Theodore Roosevelt, an initial biography. A picture of the timid and delicate boy who became one of the liveliest, busiest, and most forceful of our presidents. For grades 6-9. BRA 07406

Foster, Genevieve S. The world of Columbus and sons. An account of world events over a period of 88 years beginning with the birth of Columbus and ending with the death of his younger son, Ferdinand. For grades 5-8. BRA 01691

Foster, Genevieve S. The world of William Penn. Places William Penn in the context of his time. Grades 5-9. RC 07156

Foster, Joanna. Homes: shelter and living spaces. A description of several kinds of homes, including caves, yurts, log cabins, mobile homes, and geodesic domes. Grades 2-4. BRA 14399/RD 06829

Foster, Rory C. Dr. Wildlife, the crusade of a Northwoods veterinarian. Facing down state wildlife officials for whom fauna were a harvestable crop, Dr. Foster established the Northwoods Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, which treats sick and injured wildlife and provides education for its Wisconsin community. Grades 7-12. BR 06745

Fox, Mary V. Princess Diana. Biography of the former Princess of Wales for grades 6-9. RC 27777

Gellman, Marc. Always wear clean underwear! And other ways parents say "I love you". Interprets the hidden meanings behind thirty-two things parents tell their children to do--over and over again. For example, cleaning your plate means being grateful for what you have, and keeping your shoes off the couch is a way to show respect to your parents. For grades 3-6. BR 11487

Gellman, Marc. Bad stuff in the news: a guide to handling the headlines. A rabbi and a priest discuss media coverage of terrorism, child abuse, natural disasters, violence in sports, and hate crimes--and why these bad things happen. They offer advice on how to deal with fears and how to change the world for the better. For grades 5-8. RC 56155

Gellman, Marc. Does God have a big toe? Stories about stories in the Bible. A rabbi humorously retells stories from the Old Testament for grades 3-6. RC 32181

Gellman, Marc. God's mailbox: more stories about stories in the Bible. Rabbi Gellman tells 18 stories from the Pentateuch. Grades 3-6. RC 44360

Gellman, Marc. How do you spell God? Answers to the big questions from around the world. Rabbi Gellman and a Catholic priest compare Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism for grades 6-9 and older interested readers. RC 39981

Gellman, Marc. Lost & found: a kid's book for living through loss. A rabbi and a priest offer advice on dealing with different kinds of loss. These range from losing stuff (toys or gifts) to more emotional losses (friends, health, a part of the body) to the biggest losses from death. Authors provide practical suggestions for help in difficult times. For grades 3-6. RC 56334

Gherman, Beverly. Georgia O'Keeffe: the wideness and wonder of her world. Biography of the famous artist from Sun Prairie for grades 5-8 and older interested readers. RC 24513

Gibbons, Gail. Marge's diner. Everyone knows Marge. She owns the diner in her small town. Come spend the day with Marge and her workers as they order supplies, cook, and serve meals to hungry customers. For preschool-grade 2. BR 08937

Gibbons, Gail. The milk makers. How Wisconsin processes and distributes one of nature's most nutritious foods. Grades K-3. BR 06116

Gibbons, Gail. Wolves. Basic information about this endangered Wisconsin animal for grades 3-6. RC 41035

Giblin, James C. Milk: the fight for purity. History of Wisconsin's pure, nourishing milk. Grades 3-6. RC 27867

Giff, Patricia R. Laura Ingalls Wilder: growing up in the little house. Laura Ingalls Wilder was a pioneer girl, born in Wisconsin in the 1870s, who traveled across the great unsettled prairie in a covered wagon. Her childhood stories became the "Little House" books that children still read and love. For grades 2-4. RC 27852

Greene, Laura. I am an Orthodox Jew. A young Jewish-American boy explains his ancient traditions. Grades 2-4. RC 17828

Gurko, Miriam. The ladies of Seneca Falls; the birth of the woman's rights movement. View of the start of the feminist movement for junior and senior high readers. RC 10531

Gurko, Miriam. Restless spirit; the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay. Biography of the noted American poet. BRA 07104/RC 31885

Haas, Dorothy F. My First Communion. A young Catholic girl describes how members of her second grade parochial school class prepare for their First Holy Communion, the actual ceremony, and the celebration afterwards. Grades 2-4. RC 26480

Hahn, James. The metric system. Traces the history of the metric system for grades 5-8. RC 12400

Hahn, James. Recycling: re-using our world's solid wastes. Discusses personal, community, and individual contributions to the task of recycling paper, glass, metal, and other materials for grades 5-8. RC 08841

Hall, Elvajean. Jobs in marketing and distribution. Explores career possibilities in the field of marketing and distribution for grades 6-9. RC 12584

Hall, Lynn. Careers for job lovers. Includes breeding, kennel keeping, training, teaching, and healing careers. Grades 5-8. RC 12432

Heide, Florence P. Grim and ghastly goings-on. 21 poems about monsters for grades 2-4. Print/braille. BR 9905

Heide, Florence P. Oh, grow up! poems to help you survive parents, chores, school, and other afflictions. Humorous survival poems for grades 2-4. RC 43419

Henry, Marguerite. All about horses. Short background pieces on the major horse breeds in use in North America. Grades 3-6. RC 14481

Henry, Marguerite. Mustang, wild spirit of the West. The story of America's wild horse. Grades 3-6. RC 17029

Herda, D.J. Cancer. The author discusses many different aspects of the disease. For grades 6-9 and older readers. RC 35951

Herda, D.J. Christmas. Describes the traditions and history of the season in many parts of the world. Grades 3-6. RC 26087

Herda, D.J. Halloween. Describes the history and traditions of the season in many parts of the world. Grades 3-6. RC 26490

Hieb, Jane A. Visions and voices: Winnebago elders speak to the children. Interviews with elders conducted by at-risk Winnebago youth in Black River Falls, WI. Grades 5-8 and older interested readers. RCW 147

Houlehen, Robert J. Jobs in agribusiness. Recounts possible careers in agriculture for grades 7-9. RD 08416

Hunt, Bernice K. Chipmunks. An introduction to the appearance, life cycle, and habits of chipmunks. For grades K-3. RD 06522

Hunt, Bernice K. Communications satellites: message centers in space. Traces the development of the satellites that link television and telephone users at different ends of the globe. For grades 4-7. BR 03260

Hunt, Bernice K. The organic living book. Simple guide to ecological living in the city or country for grades 5-8. RC 07719

Jacobs, Herbert A. Frank Lloyd Wright: America's greatest architect. Biography of the Wisconsin architect. Grades 4-7. RCW 1039

Kahl, Jonathan D. Wet weather: rain showers and snowfall. Life on earth would not be possible without water from the sky. Grades 3-6. RC 38925

Kalbacken, Joan. The Menominee: a New True Book. Menominee culture for grades 2-4. RCW 1016

Kann, Bob. The chocolate chip cookie boy: humorous stories. Contains "The Chocolate Chip Cookie Boy", "Google", "Dincerella", "Mr. Lips and Mrs. Tongue", "The Funky Librarians". RCW 5703

Keene, Ann T. Earthkeepers: observers and protectors of nature. Profiles include John Muir and Aldo Leopold. Grades 4-7 and older interested readers. RC 44547

Kesselmann-Turkel, Judi. The grammar crammer: how to write perfect sentences. A modern stylebook for junior and senior high. RC 33126

Kherdian, David. Feathers and tails: animal fables from around the world. Collection of animal folktales for grades 2-4. RC 38034

Kherdian, David. Finding home. In this second installment of the author's biography of his mother, she arrives in the U.S. as a 15-year-old mail order bride. (Sequel to The Road from Home.) Grades 9-12. RC 19565

Kherdian, David. The road from home: the story of an Armenian girl. The biography of a young Armenian girl who survives the Turkish massacres of World War I and emigrates to the USA. Grades 9-12. Newbery Honor Book. Banta Award. RC 16607

King, Sandra. Shannon: an Ojibway dancer. A 13-year-old Ojibway girl's life is firmly rooted in her cultural heritage. Grades 2-4. BRW 1

Kirk, Rhina. Circus heroes and heroines. A history of the flash and finery of circuses and circus people. Includes tales of such circus greats an Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Jumbo, the Ringling Brothers, and Emmett Kelly. For grades 4-7. RC 06876

Krull, Kathleen. The book of rock stars: 24 musical icons that shine through history. Two dozen mini-biographies of rock music legends. For grades 3-6. RC 57423

Krull, Kathleen. Boy on Fairfield Street: how Ted Geisel grew up to become Dr. Seuss. Describes the renowned writer's childhood in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he lived near both the zoo and the library; also discusses his career. For grades 3-6. RC 58115

Krull, Kathleen. Cosechando esperanza: la historia de Cesar Chavez. Biography of the California migrant-worker hero. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 3-6. Spanish language. BRW 210

Krull, Kathleen. Harvesting hope: the story of Cesar Chavez. Biography of the California migrant-worker hero. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 3-6. BR 15027

Krull, Kathleen. A kids' guide to America's Bill of Rights: curfews, censorship, and the 100-pound giant. Examines the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution--the Bill of Rights--explaining what the additions mean, how they have been applied, and the rights they guarantee. For grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 54528

Krull, Kathleen. Lives of extraordinary women: rulers, rebels (and what the neighbors thought). Biographical sketches of twenty powerful women--queens, warriors, prime ministers, revolutionary leaders, Indian chiefs, and first ladies--and how they triumphed. Grades 3-6. RC 52047

Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the artists: masterpieces, messes (and what the neighbors thought). Portraits of nineteen artists, providing information about their childhood years and the works that made them famous. Grades 3-6. BR 11425/RC 48267

Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the athletes: thrills, spills (and what the neighbors thought). Portraits of twenty well-known athletes, filled with information about their childhood and how they handled fame and fortune. Grades 3-6. BR 11431/RC 45894

Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the musicians: good times, bad times (and what the neighbors thought). Biographies of 20 musicians for grades 3-6. BR 11474/RC 37607

Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the presidents: fame, shame, and what the neighbors thought. Unusual biographical facts about the personal lives of the presidents of the United States. Grades 3-6. BR 11927/RC 47067

Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the writers: comedies, tragedies (and what the neighbors thought). Biographies of 20 writers for grades 3-6. BR 11475/RC 41209

Krull, Kathleen. One nation, many tribes: how kids live in Milwaukee's Indian community. Portrays the lives of 2 students at the Milwaukee Indian Community School for grades 4-7. RC 45685

Krull, Kathleen. They saw the future: oracles, psychics, scientists, great thinkers, and pretty good guessers. Accounts of twelve visionaries--people who predict the future--presented in chronological order from the oracles of ancient Greece to twentieth-century figures. Grades 5-8. RC 49850

Krull, Kathleen. Wilma unlimited: how Wilma Rudolph became the world's fastest woman. Biography of Wilma Rudolph for grades 2-4. RC 43739

Lalicki, Tom. Spellbinder: the life of Harry Houdini. Life of the celebrated magician and escape artist. Born in Budapest in 1874, Houdini came to Appleton, WI, in 1878. After his debut in a backyard circus, age nine, he developed ever more complicated tricks, entertaining the world with escapes from handcuffs, packing cases, and straitjackets. For grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 52204

Lawson, Marion. Proud warrior: the story of Black Hawk. Biography of the Sac and Fox chief for grades 5-8. RCW 180

Lowery, Linda. Martin Luther King Day. An easy-to-read explanation of why we celebrate Dr. King's birthday for grades 2-4. BR 06943/RC 26069

Lowery, Linda. One more valley, one more hill: the story of Aunt Clara Brown. Biography of an intrepid woman born into the hardships of slavery in Virginia. For grades 5-8. RC 57201

Lunge-Larsen, Lise. The troll with no heart in his body and other tales of trolls from Norway. Nine Norwegian folktales featuring trolls--frightful but tiny-brained monsters who love to eat children and little animals. Grades 2-4 and older readers. RC 49812

Macy, Sue. A Whole New Ball Game: The Story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Describes the activities of the members of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, the women's professional baseball league that existed between 1943 and 1954. Three teams in the league were based in Wisconsin: the Milwaukee Chicks, the Kenosha Comets, and the Racine Belles. Grades 5-8. RCW 182

Malone, Bobbie. Back to beginnings: the early days of Dane County. A history of Dane County, Wisconsin, published for the 1998 Wisconsin Sesquicentennial. Grades 3-6 and older interested readers. BRW 86

Marsh, Carole. Hard-To-Believe-But-True! Wisconsin History, Mystery, Trivia, Legends & Lore. Trivia about Wisconsin history, mysteries, legends, lore, and more. Grades 3-6. RCW 5276

Marsh, Carole. Wisconsin pirates, bandits, bushwackers, outlaws, and scalawags. A book of villain-related state trivia for grades 3-6. RCW 5283

Marsh, Carole. Wisconsin's most devastating disasters! A book of Wisconsin disaster trivia. Grades 3-6. RCW 5284

Mayer, Hans. Just a little hug. La Crosse singer/songwriter performs 12 songs for grades 2-4. RCW 4034

Mayer, Hans. See you later, alligator. La Crosse children's performer does 11 songs for Grades 2-4. RCW 4033

Mayo, Gretchen W. Earthmaker's tales: North American Indian stories about earth happenings. The collected stories feature natural events such as earthquakes, rainbows and snowstorms. grades 6-9. RC 33687

Mayo, Gretchen W. Meet tricky Coyote! A collection of Native American legends about the cunning trickster. For grades 2-4. RCW 349

Mayo, Gretchen W. Star tales: North American Indian stories about the stars. 16 exciting tales about the night sky and constellations retold in easy language for grades K-5. RCW 5722

McLellan, Joe. Nanabosho, Soaring Eagle, And The Great Sturgeon. An Ojibway fishing story for grades K-3. BRW 2

McNulty, Faith. Peeping in the shell: a whooping crane is hatched. One tiny whooping crane chick struggles to hatch from his shell at the Baraboo International Crane Foundation. Grades 4-7. RC 30415

Merriam, Eve. Bam, bam, bam. Slam, slam, slam goes the wrecking ball. Bam, bam, bam against a stone wall. Merriam's poem provokes the noise and violence of tearing down a building so a new one can take its place. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool-grade 2. BR 09948

Merriam, Eve. Blackberry ink: poems. A collection of 24 simple nonsense verses about everyday things. Grades K-2. RC 25008

Merriam, Eve. Finding a poem. A collection of poems, with an essay on writing poetry. Grades 9-12. BR 02413

Merriam, Eve. Fresh paint: new poems. Forty-five crisply written poems on subjects ranging from fresh paint to the first snowfall. Grades 3-6. RC 26381

Merriam, Eve. It doesn't always have to rhyme. A collection of 50 humorous poems for grades 4-7. BR 1836

Merriam, Eve. The singing green: new and selected poems for all seasons. A collection of poems about a wide variety of topics. Selections include "Animalimericks," "Circus Time," "Arithmetrix," and "The Baby-sitter and the Baby." For grades 3-6 and older readers. BR 09515

Miller, Reid. Hear A Story! Sing A Song! In this activity book, the listener solves problems or performs activities related to the songs on the accompanying tape. Grades K-2. Kit 20

Miller, Reid. Hey! Hey! Hey! Folk Songs & Tales For Youngsters. Contains: "Turkey in the Straw", "One Black Eye", "Banana Slug", "B'rer Rabbit and B'rer Coon", "Ol' Groun` Hog", "Get Together", "Shake your Sillies", "Jenny and the Giant", "I'm gonna tell", "The Storyteller knows me". RCW 5704

Miller, Reid. Storytelling jubilee. Contains: "Jubilee", "Frog Family", "Grandfather's Clock", "Comin' round the mountain", "Abiyoyo". RCW 5705

Miller, Reid. The King's Secret: Magical Songs & Tales For All. Contains: "I'm gonna tell", "The King's Secret", "Waltzing with Bears", "Wishing Ring", "Best Friends". RCW 5706

Morris, Terry. Shalom, Golda. Traces Meir's life from Russia to Milwaukee to Palestine, where she became prime minister. Grades 8-12. RC 06105

Mueller, Tobin J. Danger--dinosaurs! A musical comedy about the evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs, with music and lyrics by Tobin James Mueller, performed by CenterStage Productions of Menasha, Wisconsin. Grades 3-6. Kit 57

Mueller, Tobin J. Music of the planets. A musical drama about the worlds and wonders of our Solar System, with music and lyrics by Tobin James Mueller, performed by CenterStage Productions of Menasha, Wisconsin. Grades 3-6. Kit 53

Murphy, Jim. Across America on an emigrant train. A documentary account of westward expansion for grades 5-8. RC 38715

Murphy, Jim. An American plague: the true and terrifying story of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793. Describes the horrific events in Philadelphia in 1793 when citywide illness prevented Congress from convening. For grades 6-9. RC 57418

Murphy, Jim. Blizzard: the storm that changed America. An account of the massive snow storm that shut down America's east coast in March 1888, killing hundreds. For grades 5-8. RC 52323

Murphy, Jim. The boys' war: Confederate and Union soldiers talk about the Civil War. Although precise records do not exist, 10 to 20% of the soldiers who fought in the Civil War were boys 16 and younger. Through primary sources the author presents a vivid portrait of their experiences. For grades 6-9 and older readers. Golden Kite Award. RC 34876

Murphy, Jim. Gone a-whaling: the lure of the sea and the hunt for the great whale. A history of the whaling industry from prehistoric hunters to 1990s practices. For grades 6-9. RC 46785

Murphy, Jim. The great fire. An account of the conflagration that leveled much of Chicago in 1871. For grades 5-8. A Newbery Honor Book. RC 44868

Murphy, Jim. The Indy 500. A detailed, behind-the-scenes tour takes the reader through an Indy 500 race, including the crash of one of the cars. For grades 5-8 and older readers. RC 23115

Murphy, Jim. Inside the Alamo. An overview of the struggle between the American settlers and Mexico's General Santa Anna for control of Texas. For grades 5-8. RC 57612

Murphy, Jim. The long road to Gettysburg. In July 1863, one of the most brutal battles of the Civil War--a battle that claimed 6,000 lives and left 42,000 men injured--was fought at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. For grades 6-9 and older readers. RC 36261

Murphy, Jim. Pick & shovel poet: the journeys of Pascal D'Angelo. Biography of an Italian peasant who immigrated to America at age sixteen in 1910. For grades 5-8. RC 52683

North, Sterling. Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era. An account of the author's life in a Wisconsin village in 1918 as well as a true animal story of Rascal, his pet raccoon. Grades 5-8, and older interested readers. RC 41995

O'Dell, Scott. The cruise of the Arctic Star. A lively account of O'Dell's sea voyage up the California coast. Grades 6-9. RC 07012

Olney, Ross R. Air traffic control. Shows what goes on behind the scenes in a modern airport. Grades 6-9. RC 13502

Olney, Ross R. Drama on the speedway. Heart-stopping moments of 16 great auto races. Grades 5-8. BRA 16622/RC 14197

Olney, Ross R. Modern racing cars. Describes the characteristic features of 14 Formula One racers. Grades 6-9. RC 15313

Olney, Ross R. The story of traffic control. A history of the development of traffic and traffic control from the simplicity of cavemen directing domestic animals to the chaos of the present. For grades 3-5. BR 01555

Olney, Ross R. Super-champions of auto racing. Profiles of six racing champions. Also described are various types of automobile racing such as championship, NASCAR, sprint, and drag racing. Easy reading for grades 6-9. BR 06491

Olney, Ross R. They said it couldn't be done: the stories behind ten feats of engineering that defied belief in their own times. Includes the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, Hoover Dam, and the moon landing. Grades 6-9. BRA 16805/RC 20380

Olney, Ross R. The young runner. An introduction to the joy of running for grades 4-7. RC 16285

Osborne, Mary Pope. American tall tales. Nine tales feature Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Sally Ann Thunder Whirlwind, and others. Grades 3-6. RC 35612

Osinski, Alice. The Chippewa: a New True Book. Presents a brief history of the Chippewa Indians, describing their customs and traditions, and how they are maintained in the modern world. Grades 3-6. RCW 5281

Osofsky, Audrey. Dreamcatcher. Ojibway parents hung dream nets on babies' cradleboards to catch bad dreams, while allowing good dreams to flow through to the sleeping child. Grades k-3. BR 08983

Patent, Dorothy H. The whooping crane: a comeback story. Efforts to save the endangered crane, from captive breeding programs to protected sanctuaries, are discussed. The Baraboo International Crane Foundation is featured. Grades 4-7. RC 30532

Pellowski, Anne. The Seventh princess and other fairy tales. The storyteller narrates "The 7th Princess", "The Potted Princess", "Cinderella" and "The Goose Girl". Grades 3-6. RD 5578

Pellowski, Anne. The storytelling handbook: a young people's collection of unusual tales and helpful hints on how to tell them. Suggestions on story telling for grades 3-6. BR 10748/RC 43271

Perl, Lila. It happened in America: true stories from the fifty states. Wisconsin's story focuses on the Ringling family of Baraboo, creators of the "Greatest Show on Earth"--the Ringling Brothers Circus. Grades 5-8. BR 10152/RC 40314

Plume, Ilse. The shoemaker and the elves. A vivid retelling of the Grimm tale. Kindergarten-grade 3. RC 36058

Pringle, Laurence P. Restoring our earth. Discusses environmental restorations of marshes, grasslands, and lakes in North America, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison arboretum. Grades 6-9. RC 28142

Reid, Rob. The Kid-Tested Tape, With Rob Reid: Stories And Musical Activities for Kids. Contents: "The Rappin' Rob Library Rap", "Elephant hunt", "Famous Frog Trilogy", 9 others. RCW 5702

Reid, Rob. The Rappin' Rob Rap. Children's poetry for grades 2-4. RCW 5724

Rivers, Glenn. Those who love the game: Glenn "Doc" Rivers on life in the NBA and elsewhere. Former Marquette player tells of his life. For junior and senior high readers. RC 42656

Romano, Louis G. Exploring our state, Wisconsin. A guide to the Badger State. Grade 4. BRW 178/RCW 5254

Roop, Peter. Buttons for General Washington. A 14-year-old Revolutionary spy hides his secret messages in his coat buttons. Grades 2-4. BR 07398

Roop, Peter. Seasons of the cranes. Chronicles a year in the life of a family of whooping cranes, beginning with the spring and the end of the birds' 2,700-mile journey from Texas to their nesting ground in Canada. For grades 4-7 and older readers. RC 35322

Roop, Peter. Sojourner Truth: in their own words. Biography of a woman who was born a slave in 1797 and struggled through many heartaches to become a free human being. For grades 3-6. RC 56798

Rulseh, Ted, ed. Harvest moon: a Wisconsin outdoor anthology. Evocative essays, stories, and soliloquies about Wisconsin. RCW 1090

Ryden, Hope. America's bald eagle. A look at our national symbol for grades 6-9. RC 25754

Ryden, Hope. The little deer of the Florida Keys. A look at the tiny white-tailed deer that live on the chain of islands that ends in Key West. Grades 3-6. RC 15427

Ryder, Joanne. Fireflies. The fascinating life of a firefly. Grades 2-4. RC 12673

Sandburg, Carl A. Abe Lincoln grows up. The story of Lincoln's youth. Grades 4-7. BR 01614

Sandburg, Carl A. Prairie-Town Boy: Taken From "Always The Young Stranger". Selections from the American poet's autobiography, telling of his youth in Illinois. BRA 12105

Sandburg, Carl A. Rainbows are made: poems. 70 humorous and serious poems by one of America's most famous poets. Grades 6-9. RC 21845

San Souci, Robert. Larger than life: the adventures of American legendary heroes. "Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox" is one of five stories for grades 3-6. RC 38170

Saskill, Sadarri. Shake Your "Tale" Feathers: Stories, Rhythm And Rhyme From Around the World. The multi-lingual Kenosha teller shares 6 stories in English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole for grades 2-4 and older interested readers. RCW 258

Schoor, Gene. Football's greatest coach: Vince Lombardi. Biography of the Green Bay Packer coach for grades 6-9. RC 08328

Scott, John A. Woman against slavery: the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Biography of the writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin for high school and adult readers. RC 12790

Shannon, George. Still more stories to solve: fourteen folktales from around the world. Brief folktales with mysteries to solve for grades 3-6. RC 40523

Shannon, George. Stories to solve: folktales from around the world. In each of these 14 brief folktales, there is a mystery (a riddle or problem) to solve. Grades 3-6. RC 25059

Shannon, George. True lies: 18 tales for you to judge. Problem stories for grades 3-6. RC 45366

Siebert, Diane. Heartland. A poetic tribute to the Midwest includes familiar Wisconsin scenes for grades 2-4. RC 34779

Siebert, Diane. Train song. "Out in back/railroad track/clickety-clack/ clickety-clack." Thus begins this tribute to trains, all kinds, which criss-cross the nation carrying goods and people. The lilting verse captures the cadence of the rolling cars. For preschool-grade 2 to share with older readers. BR 08913

Siebert, Diane. Truck song. A rhymed text about all kinds of trucks and their drivers as they roll through prairies and cities listening to their CBs, stopping at diners, loading and unloading their cargo. Bold, brightly colored illustrations. For grades K-2. BR 06123

Stauffer, John E. The big reward: a 12-step musical. Deaf Milwaukee-born composer Stauffer's musical promotes awareness of drug abuse programs. Junior & senior high & adults. RCW 4043

Stein, R. Conrad. America the Beautiful: Wisconsin. Discusses the geography, history, government, economy, culture, historic sites and famous people of Wisconsin. Grades 4-7. RC 34630

Stoerri, David. Hummin' Words. Songs and stories performed by the Janesville folk artist for grades 2-4. RCW 5725

Stotts, Stuart. I'm Not Scared: Scary Songs And Stories. 11 Wisconsin ghost stories and ballads, performed by the collector. For grade 3 and up. RCW 1028

Tanner, Helen H. The Ojibwa. Examines the culture, history, and changing fortunes of the Ojibwa Indians. Grades 7-12. RCW 5282

Tessendorf, K.C. Kill the tsar!: Youth and terrorism in old Russia. A fast-paced history of liberal reform, anti-Tsar activity, and terrorism in Russia from 1861 to 1881. For junior and senior high readers. RC 25571

Thomson, Peggy. Auks, rocks, and the odd dinosaur: inside stories from the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. Backstage at the museum for grades 3-6. RC 24434

Thomson, Peggy. Keepers and creatures at the National Zoo. Backstage at the Washington, DC, zoo for grades 3-6. RC 29435.

Thomson, Peggy. Museum people: collectors and keepers at the Smithsonian. Who does what behind the scenes explained for high school and adult readers. RC 19918.

Thomson, Peggy. The nine-ton cat: behind the scenes at an art museum. Explains the work of various museum staff for grades 5-8. RC 19918.

Turner, Dorothy. Milk. Basic introduction to milk sources, production, and processing. For grades 2-4. RC 33837.

Vogt, Gregory L. Deep space astronomy. Describes various celestial objects, where they are located, and how they are measured and observed from Earth and from spacecraft. Grades 5-8. RC 50251.

Vogt, Gregory L. John Glenn's return to space. Focuses on John Glenn's second flight into space in 1998 at age seventy-seven, comparing it with his first flight in 1962. For grades 4-7. RC 52682.

Vogt, Gregory L. Magellan and the radar mapping of Venus. How the long-term study of Venus by the Magellan spacecraft was planned. Grades 5-8. RC 39734.

Walker, Barbara M. The Little house cookbook: frontier foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's classic stories. Includes commentaries about Wisconsin events and conditions of the time. Grades 2-4. RC 18894.

Walsh, John E. The first book of physical fitness. A guide for younger readers interested in exercises to build up stamina, keep weight at a normal level, and increase energy. For grades 4-7. BR 00621.

Watson, Jane W. Conservation of energy. Explains the pros and cons of various energy sources. Grades 3-6. RC 17037.

Watson, Jane W. My friend the dentist / My friend the doctor. In each title a young child talks about visiting the respective medical practitioner. Grades K-2. RD 06493.

Weidhorn, Manfred. Robert E. Lee. Biography of the Confederate general for grades 6-9. RC 30305.

Weiss, Malcolm E. Seeing through the dark: blind and sighted--a vision shared. Discusses one major problem of blindness--the sighted people who fear or misunderstand it. Grades 5-8. RC 14184.

Wheeler, M. J. First came the Indians. Gives a simple description of everyday life in 6 representative Native American tribes: Creek, Iroquois, Chippewa, Sioux, Makah, and Hopi. Grades 2-4. RC 21622.

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. On the way home; the diary of a trip from South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri, in 1894. The diary describes the journey by covered wagon across the prairie frontier. Grades 6-9. RC 08811.

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. West from Home: Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder to Almanzo Wilder; San Francisco, 1915. Long letters to the author's husband reflect her excitement on a visit to San Francisco in 1915. Grades 7-12. RC 57993.

Winter, Jeanette. The Christmas tree ship. In 1912, Captain Herman Schuenemann's ship sank in a Lake Michigan storm. For 22 more years, his wife and daughters sailed the "Christmas Tree Ship". Grades k-3. RC 40471.

Woog, Adam. The importance of Harry Houdini. Biography of the Appleton magician for grades 5-8. RCW 183.

Wright, David K. Brunei. Guide to the Red Sea nation for grades 4-7. RC 38553.

Zeinert, Karen. The Salem witchcraft trials. A vivid recounting of the mass hysteria that engulfed the Massachusetts frontier settlement in 1692. Grades 6-9. RC 31335.

Zeinert, Karen. Suicide: tragic choice. Surveys the issue of suicide, including its history, causes, and psychology. Includes information about the right-to-die debate, assisted suicide, and survivors of the deceased. For junior and senior high readers. RC 50486.

Zeinert, Karen. Those remarkable women of the American Revolution. Examines the important contributions of various women, Patriot and Loyalist, to the American Revolution, on the battlefield, in the press, in the political arena, and in other areas and shows how they challenged traditional female roles. Grades 4-7. RCW 268.

Zipes, Jack D. The outspoken princess and the gentle knight: a treasury of modern fairy tales. Fantasy anthology contains 15 delightful tales for all ages. Grades 4-7 and older readers. RCW 245.

KEY: [B, BR, BRA, BRJ, BRW, BRX] = Braille, [CD] = Compact disk, [K] = Kit, [RC, RCW] = Cassette, [RD] = Rigid disc